Anxiety Disorder

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A persuasive essay to let people know what anxiety actually does

Submitted: February 25, 2015

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Submitted: February 25, 2015



Remember being absurdly nervous when you were about to give a speech in school? Your heart racing, clammy hands, and you’re unable to concentrate, making you feel like you want to rip your hair out. Now imagine this feeling tenfold, this is how 40 million adults and one out of eight children feel during an anxiety attack.

A common misconception about anxiety disorders is that isn’t a “big deal”. Mentalities such as these often cause people to influence others to substance abuse, depression, and suicide. People need to understand that 18% of the population is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and only 43.2% are actually treated. Since relatively anyone can be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, it is inevitable for someone to say “just get over it” or “it’s all in your head”. All though they are partially correct, anxiety stems from human’s “fight or flight” way of thinking that cannot be easily switched off. “Getting over it” is what diagnosed people are trying to accomplish, but it is easier said than done as most people live with anxiety for their whole life.

Isolating the problem is another misconception as it makes the problem grow and increases the steps needed to recover. Shock therapy or continuous exposure over time is a recommended way to improve an anxiety-filled lifestyle. This allows the person to begin to assimilate to the “social norm” and making the next time they are exposed that much easier. The disorder will not resolve on its own as many people believe, instead they need a large amount of time, medication, and dedication to overcome this crippling disorder.

Ways to improve the recovery of anxiety is to have people more aware of this disorder and how they could treat it. With more people having such disorders, mental illnesses should be treated with as much priority as physical illnesses. Psychologists and therapy groups are a great way to get a person back to their feet and recovering in no time, although this does not substitute the medications prescribed by doctors.

In conclusion, Anxiety is a disorder not known by many people and needs to be taken seriously. Nearly 5% of the population has an anxiety disorder and aren’t diagnosed and treated properly. Many misconceptions can deter from the real problem and cause worse effects on those who choose to isolate it.






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