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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

General Terri and her crew are under attack by The Renocs, savage snake-like monsters. If The Recnocs get through the spacestation Pegora, then Earth is doomed and the people with it.

"Fire at the Renocs, leave no survivors" said General Terri with fear in her eyes. General Terri was the prime commander at intergalactic space station Pegora. It was the last defense between the survivors of Earth and their city Sano. If the savages Renocs would get through Pegora, there was no hope for the human race.
The Renocs was savagers borned in space, they feed on the life energy of stars to survive. A single mother of the Renocs could give birth to over 200 children. They travel fast and they hunt in packs. If there's one, there's always more nearby. The biggest weakness of the Renocs is their way of combat, their snake-like body has to get close to their victims to be able to kill with their acid-venom.
Get bitten by a Renoc and your body will boil from the inside, you will be dead within seconds. But General Terri and the other soldiers on the space station Pegora was well aware of the situation and have been given a device that kills the user in 0.5 seconds flat. It was a better way of going instead of boiling inside.
"General Terri! The count on the Renocs are massive, it's three mothers and over 900 children. We don't stand a chance!" said Combat Officer Kazer. The crew could see the fear in General Terri's eyes, a fearless woman that showed fear was not a good sign. The laser shots against the mothers didn't damage the skin. General Terri commanded the crew to fire the electric bolts against the mothers. The electric current traveled through their bodies and paralyzed them.
"Focus the fire on the children, don't let them surround Pegora" said General Terri with a high, strong voice. If they could keep the Renocs from breaching into the space station there would be hope. The Renocs fought their way through the lasers, trying to surround the space station. Laser shots were being fired like crazy, the renocs started dying. Soul-less snake-like bodies were floating in space, amongst their fighting brothers and sisters that was getting closer to breaching through. Armed soldiers was standing ready with the aim on the hangar door, the weakest part of the ship. They could here the sound of the Renocs, like a swarm of mutated snakes that had the sound of bees.
Bang! Bang! Bang! The Renocs had reached the hangar door, it was soon time. The soldiers was getting ready, standing in a tactic position. You could hear the fear of the soldiers with every breath they toke. All the stories they have heard about the Renocs and now finally they are part of the story.
Bang! Bang! The Renocs smashed up the hangar door, flying in with hundreds. Overwhelming the soldiers in seconds. " AHHHHHH PLEASE HEL...." screamed a soldier before the transmission ended.
They were heard within the space station, the screams of the soldiers and civilians echoed through out the ship. General Terri knew what she needed to do, it was the only chance they got. One look from General Terri was needed for the crew to understand that they were activating "The Big Bang Project". A nuclear bomb that would kill anything within 30 miles radius, it was enough to kill all of the Renocs. General Terri opened up a audio channel to the citadel of Sano.
"This is General Terri, Prime Commander of space station Pegora. The Renocs have gotten through the breach, we are losing. Therefore we are activating "The Big Bang Project". We on Pegora may die, but we will die with honor in our hearts and knowing that we defended our planet and citadel and the human race will continue living on. May the human race live on"
One of the crew members stood up, straighten out his back and saluted General Terri. Then more of the crew members stood up and saluted her, General Terri looked around the oval command room, filled with tears in her eyes, she said one last thing " It's been an honor working with you" 
Boom! A big bang was heard from the citadel Sano, the explosion brighten up like a star. The people of Sano mourned, knowing that the crew of Pegora sacrificed their lives to protect the people of Sano. The crew members of Pegora became legends, a story that would never die.

Submitted: August 04, 2013

© Copyright 2021 AlexanderStrand. All rights reserved.

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Ronald Bunch

Nice, I liked it.

Thu, August 8th, 2013 7:27pm


Thank you, so much!

Fri, August 9th, 2013 1:37pm

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