The wicked human

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Short story about a paranormal hunter with the power of sensing demons, monsters and ghosts. The wicked human has arrived to Misty Creek. But is something really going on or is his ability starting to fool him?

The wicked man

In the night the creature walks, unable to control it's inner desires. To drink the blood of it's victims, It may be the hunter, but a hunter can be hunted.

In the village Misty Creek, a visitor has arrived. A visitor with a certain purpose to deal with. His reputation amongst his co-workers is a very good reputation. Such a good reputation that he is called "The wicked human", it's a title he was given for his natural ability to track demons, monsters and other paranormal creatures. Sometimes even his own co-worker thinks that he is none-human. This is the story of "The wicked human".

He was driving through the streets of Misty Creek, just checking out the people. Looking for anything that could be a sign of paranormal activities. But nothing so far, he could feel his stomach growling after food. It was time for dinner so he turned left into a parking spot, close by there was a dinner place that looked pretty good. He toke his gun that was special designed. It was a gun that he always had nearby and this gun was very special. It had a interesting lore around it, the gun had the power to kill Lucifer or that is what the lore says, If it's true, none knows if it's true but that's all the proof "The wicked human" needed.

He toke the gun and put it in his holster that was hidden at his waist. People would panic if they saw a man with a gun, so keeping it hidden was a perfect plan. Walking slowly to the entrance of the dinner place, being watchful about his environment. Who knew, the place could be swarming with demons? Therefore he was being careful, and had his hand close to his holster. When he drove into town, nothing seemed weird but the more he stays in the town, the weirder it gets. His ability was coming alive and he always trusts his ability. The town was too calm to be normal, something was going on and he was going to find out what it was.

The slow walking started to shift into a stealthy walk, nearing the entrance with calmness and stealth. A scream was heard inside, a man screaming from pain. He kicked up the doors and pulled his gun. Aiming with focus on the task ahead. To dive into a danger zone without knowing what he was up against was risking business. It was dark in the dinner place. He couldn't see anyone, it was empty. But where did that scream come from? His ability was going crazy, he knew they were here.

It was clear know, he was up against a Dirakian. A bloodsucking monster that had the ability to change his surroundings. He had two options, the first option was to lure the Dirakian out from hiding and the second option was to depend on his hearing to track down the Dirakian and shoot it without seeing. Luring it out would be safer but how was he going to be able to lure out a Dirakian that was aware of the dangers of being seen by a hunter? He had no other choices then to kill it without seeing, he walked slowly and silent. Closing his eyes, trying to hear everything that happened around him. The victims tried yelling when he walked past but the Dirakian put a spell of silence upon their lips. He aimed with the gun against a mirror, the Dirakian was confused. Why would he aim against a mirror?Aiming against the mirror with the knowledge that a mirror was a gateway to other worlds, he was searching for the Dirakian. The Dirakian had created his own illusion, and that illusion was maybe strong enough to be considered another world.

He just needed a small glimpse of the other world, just a glimpse of the Dirakian. Looking carefully into the mirror with his gun prepared to fire, praying in his head that it would work and the victims doesn't get hurt. The Dirakian was getting tired, unable to hold the illusion. Bang! A glimpse of the other world showed itself, he reacted fast and turned the aim against the Diarkian and shot it in the heart. The illusion fell apart, and four victims appeared. The Diarkian fell to the ground and vanished into thin air. He had succeeded, he had killed the monster. The victims was shocked, he called the police and reported of the incident, saying that he found four victims tied up in the dinner place. That was all he could said, they wouldn't be able to handle the truth. He looked at them for a second with a smile on his face before returning to his car and driving away.

He would keep driving on the road, looking for paranormal clues! He was after all a hunter, a hunter searching for the biggest challenge, killing Lucifer, the fallen angel.


Submitted: July 28, 2013

© Copyright 2021 AlexanderStrand. All rights reserved.

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Ronald Bunch

Good, I liked it. I think you could turn this into a novel if you wanted to. Nice job, keep it up.

Thu, August 8th, 2013 7:38pm


Thank you, I thought about it. But I want to write something more serious if i'm going to make a novel.

Fri, August 9th, 2013 1:36pm

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