The Princess's Wedding Night

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A Princess has her wedding night after an arranged marriage. A romantic loss of virginity story.

Submitted: January 18, 2011

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Submitted: January 18, 2011



Authors note: I posted this story before however I wished to change my pen name and have set up a new account.

Standing in her bedchamber on the morning of her wedding Princess Estelle of Westburg considered the long day ahead.

A ceremony would take place in the early afternoon whereby she would be formally married to Prince Alexander of Greenwood, a man she had met only once before.

Following the ceremony would be receiving of attending royalty and dignitaries followed by dinner and dancing in the grand ballroom of the main Palace of Greenwood.

“And following that…” thought Estelle aloud. Following that would be her wedding night.

Crossing to a large trunk in the centre of the room Estelle could not resist looking again at the beautiful lacy items contained within. Lingerie for the wedding night and the forthcoming marriage.

Lifting out a white, lace trimmed negligee Estelle held it up against herself and imagined her future husband slowly pushing it up to discover the matching white panties underneath.

Crossing to the mirror she studied herself. Glossy brown cascading hair with golden highlights framed a creamy skinned square face. Clear blue eyes lit up a bright smile with curved pink lips. A Princess fit for any royal court. She had been a much sought after bride.

For the Royal Family of Westburg marriage was a serious business Princess Estelle knew. For generations Westburg Princes and Princesses had sought marriage abroad with leading royalty with a view to creating a network of firm alliances and supporters.

Marriage to Alexander of Greenwood would be a coup for the House of Westburg and ensure continuing good relations between Westburg and Greenwood, their largest trading partner.

Hearing someone coming down the hall towards her room Estelle reluctantly placed the garment back into the trunk and gathered her thoughts.

“Your Highness how comes the last of the preparations?” enquired Mary, one of her lady-in-waiting’s.

“Well thank you Mary, I am ready to proceed to go to be dressed now.”

Standing at the altar dressed in a flowing white wedding gown, glittering crown upon her head, Estelle cast a glance at her new husband.

Tall dark and handsome may be a cliché thought Estelle but it suited Alexander to a t. Dressed in his military uniform he stood tall and proud as the Minister pronounced them man and wife.

Lifting her veil the Prince bent his head to hers and kissed her softly, chastely, on the lips, much to the cheers and applause of those in attendance.

“I look forward to being your husband, Estelle,” he whispered in her ear.

Before she had a chance to respond they set off down the aisle to greet the crowds that had gathered outside the church.

“His Highness is ready for you,” announced Edwards, Alexander’s manservant.

Taking a deep breath and drawing her robe closer around her Estelle followed Edwards to the door of Alexander’s bedchamber.

“Thank you, Edwards”

“My pleasure Your Highness” replied the servant, retreating.

Gathering her confidence Estelle pushed open the heavy oak door and stepped into her new husbands bedroom. Standing in the centre of the room surveyed the surroundings.

The room was large and well appointed with centuries old furniture that somehow managed to convey the importance of the man who occupied the room but without being too heavy or dark. Lamps turned down low threw off a soft light.

And there, lying in the large canopied bed lay Alexander.

“Don’t look so frightened wife, I don’t bite” smiled Alexander, noticing her start at his presence.

“I would hope not Your Highness, the people of Westburg would be most distressed to discover they had sent their Princess to marry a Vampire”

Alexander laughed at her unexpected response. “So the perfectly behaved little Princess can speak for herself after all.”

“If it is a church mouse you wished to marry Your Highness then you have the wrong girl” replied Estelle.

“Please, we are husband and wife let us dispense with the formal titles. Now come over here before I have to come and get you.”

Hesitating for a moment Estelle crossed the room and climbed into bed beside him.

“I meant what I said earlier. I am truly looking forward to being your husband” Alexander said, taking her hand in his. “We may have married for political reasons but that does not mean we cannot have a happy marriage.”

“That is my hope too” replied Estelle, looking into the strong handsome face of her husband.

Leaning forward Alexander brought his lips to hers, firmly pressing his mouth on hers.

“I assume you have kept yourself chaste?” Alexander asked Estelle.

“Yes, until today I had not even been kissed”

“Well I hope I live up to your expectations.” Alexander murmured into her mouth, brushing her back from her face. Bringing his mouth back down on hers he gently eased her mouth open with his tongue, seeking to explore more of her. Estelle let out a soft moan and kissed him back harder, letting his expert tongue show her a true passionate kiss, a kiss that ignited feelings inside her she didn’t know she had.

Pulling back Alexander grinned at her. “Kissing is just one of the things I am going to teach you dear wife.”

“I will be your most willing student” Estelle answered.

Sitting back Alexander took in the picture his new wife presented. Hair slighted mussed from kissing, face and lips flushed pink she was a picture of sensuality in her white silk negligee.

“This” said Alexander motioning the negligee “is beautiful. But I think you would look better with it off”.

“Only if you take your shirt off” countered Estelle.

“Deal,” said Alexander pulling his shirt over his head to reveal a muscled chest covered in dark hair.

While Alexander pulled his own shirt off Estelle had managed to shed her negligee and slip down under the covers to hide her bare top.

“Ah! Not so fast!” cried Alexander “You won’t get away that easy”. Sliding down to meet her in the bed he pulled her towards him and kissed her deeply.

As he kissed her Estelle felt his strong body press against her, the firmness of his erection hard against her thigh.

“Do you like the feel of that?” he asked her, pulling her in tighter.

“Yes…you feel so nice” Estelle replied, feeling herself grow hotter as he began to stroke the curves of her body. Glancing down Alexander took in the sight of her firm breasts, pushing Estelle’s hands away as she tried to cover them.

“You’re beautiful, let me see you.”

Distracting her with a kiss Alexander began to work her panties down, wanting her body totally naked against his. Having removed her panties Alexander quickly pushed down his briefs, freeing his aching cock.

Pulling her close again Alexander continued to kiss her as his hands found the cleft between her legs. Gently pushing them apart he began to slowly stroke her inner most place, finding the tiny nub of her clitoris and making her cry out with pleasure.

Once satisfied that she was ready for him Alexander moved his body onto hers. Hard muscle met soft curves. Parting her legs Alexander reached down to grab hold of his cock and position himself at her entrance.

“Alexander…please…I want you” Estelle cried out.

Slowly easing himself in Alexander closed his eyes in pleasure at the feel of her body. Meeting resistance he paused briefly before pushing his full length into her. Estelle gasped and clutched him tighter as he waited for her to recover.

Feeling her body relaxed he began to move in and out of her, kissing her face and neck and whispering his love for her as he did. Estelle began to rise to meet his thrusts, moaning with pleasure.

Close to the edge Alexander began to moan, his thrusts increasing until he came deep inside her.

“My god, Estelle that was amazing” he said, once he had recovered his breath. “Are you all right? Did I hurt you terribly?”

Smiling up at her handsome husband Estelle shook her head “only for a moment. It felt wonderful to be so close with you.”

Look fondly at his wife Alexander smiled in return.

“I think we are going to have a very happy marriage”.

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