The adventures of the magical UniTart.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Kaitlin told me this story, whilst trying to cheer me up (:

Submitted: June 10, 2010

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Submitted: June 10, 2010



so one day in the magical fairy princess world lives a magical unicorn poptart,he was a very fat unitart and believed he needed to lose weight.but he couldnt because he was a unitart, and everyone knows that they cant lose weight cuz theyre like freaking flavored unicorns.

and so he went off to find the little creepy lesbian witch to see if she could help him.

he walked down to her house instead of taking the fairytram because he thought he needed the exercise

when he got to the witches house, in order to get in, he had to let the witch put him in a big pot and make him sweat so she could get his unitart dust, and make it into spell juice

so as she was cooking him they were talking about his weight problem, he said he felt insecure about his weight and that hes getting unirolls

so as she was taking the unidust out of him he was getting thinner

but only to gain it back seconds later by the heat expanding his body

so then after she got all the dust she needed, he got out and they went into her magical creepy lesbian lair

she had all of her favorite WANDS layed out and hung up in the walls

haha and he asked her about them and all she said is that it was for "magica pleasure"

but anyhoo, they went up to the magical mirror in her lair and it talked!

at the same time it was extremely creepy because all it said is that you are sexy babygirl

creeped unitart out a bit..

but it still made him feel a little bit better.

but after he got so creeped out, he went and sat down on her SAILBOAT COUCH,that made him feel reallyyy good inside and out.

but anyways they were talking about the things they could do to help his weight issue

she said there really wasnt much she could do but put some hot foaming sex wax on his back and then peel it off after it dried, taking off some skin and weigh the said he was okay with it as long as it worked. so she did it. it was rainbow colored too

so she poured it allll over him when he sat in the pot(so they wouldnt spill any)

they had to set the oven at 450 so it will dry and they waited for thirty four minutes and twelve seconds

as soon asit was done she took unitart out of the oven. the mold had been dry and cracking a little bit

so she dumped him out of the pot and peeled him

she forgot to mention the side effects...

the side effects were very intense

unitart was rainbow! and sparkly and shiny!

he was fine with it so he thanked the witch and went home

yes so the next day unitart woke up and went to the market to get some healthy veggies to help his weight issue.

he was getting very confused when all the other gay unicorn poptarts started hitting on him and asked to have a so called "sausage fest"

yeah he didnt know that they were gay and he didnt know what a sausage fest was, so he went thinking it was a barbeque

when he got there they made him take off all his tart sprinkles!so they kept following around until BAM they had him cornered and bent over on a chair where they had a sausage train..but he was able to slip away after about 49 minutes and 56 seconds of it..

finally unitart went to confront the witch about this and she said there was nothing she could do. so unitart was very angry and challenged her to a popsicle duelyes a popsicle duel! he had the best blue and purple pops while she had the devious orange and red!

and so the witch attacked unitart but what she didnt know if that his coat was invincible until all the sprinkles were off

so what she did was kicked him and threw him against the wall so his sprinkles dropped like whores in a free house

yeah but he came back with vengeance!

he attacked the witch with the blue and then the purple

but the witch fought back with his dust!!!

she had used him!

she got him cornered and then finally stabbed him in the heart.

then ATE HIM!

the end!!

© Copyright 2020 AlexandraTheGreat. All rights reserved.

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