Won't Make Me Fall

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This poem is about the struggle within a young female aging through today from an 'certain' incident that occurred to her when just a child.."molestation". And her hatred to that 'particular' someone. Read on if you enjoy things like Edgar Allen Poe or of the sort :)
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Submitted: April 19, 2014

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Submitted: April 19, 2014



To thee darkness be divine

as through the steps of hell I shall wonder

down the creeks are drowned in blood

and my heart melts in pounding desire

thy soul is filled with fire and torment

from eyes I bleed tears

of pain and sickness within me

I bleed out the sacrifice of my love I held so dear

come closer and my voice is raspy to your ears

you cannot hear my feelings

for it is too hidden inside

deep as hunger

to survive the horror

of which I was risen within

too deep, this sin I'm in

rolling like thunder I growl my complaints

yet you still never believe me

when I say to thee

you were what has killed me

but I live on anyways

a ghost trapped in your shadows

following you in the back of your mind

do you know who you are?

It's a difficult situation

of love and persuasion

I've given my all

mark my words...

no matter what you do to me....

you can't and won't

make me fall.

~Alexandria Campbell

© Copyright 2018 Alexandria Campbell. All rights reserved.

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