Castle Nightmare

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a dream I had the other night and decided to expand on it. The scene is similar to cheekwood in nashville TN

I feel the cool night breeze on my face. The sky dark with stars freckling it sporadically. The smell of grass and earth floods the air and gives the sense of magic.'The ball..... what about the ball?....' I think to myself my heart racing. How am I supposed to go to my own ball in dirty jeans and an old t-shirt? I don't even have any shoes! I curl my toes, grabbing the soft dirt, feeling it cover my feet. 'I finally have this. I finally own it. I can celebrate with my very own ball but I have nothing to wear. How could I have been so stupid? I have a castle but not a gown. I turned to look up to my new home. So tall it seemed to graze the sky and so long it could go on forever. It's cream colored stones and black iron fence was elegant and strong. it was like a fantasy. It was a fairytale. And right then,I needed a fairy god mother.
Tears filled my eyes. I can't even go to my own ball. I always wanted to go to one. Now my prince, my king, was waiting for me. sitting in his black and red chair at the head of the room, slightly raised above everyone else. He was waiting with his black iron and steal crown on his head. Waiting for me to stand next to him. Waiting for me so we could dance, but i wasn't there. I ran into the forest. I couldn't think of anything else to do, just run. Run far away from the castle, far away from my fairytale. I kept running. Kept trying run from my tears but they stayed on my cheeks, wind blow and tired, emotionally and physically. I collapsed. I didn't know what to do. I looked to the sky for answers. Three stars sparkled brighter than the rest. And they got brighter. and brighter. and so bright I had to cover my eyes. 
'Stand up, Kathryn.' a soft voice said. I felt a hand, wrinkled and gentle, wrap around mine and pull me to my feet. I covered my eyes and looked before me. Three women stood there, short and round with sweet features like small noses, rosie cheeks and bright eyes. They looked like ideal grandmothers, the kind that made cookies and knitted sweaters. The first wore a simple red dress, the next a blue dress, and the last a purple dress. 'Who are you?' I asked, my mouth open in amazement. They all chuckled. 'Why, we are your fairy god mothers.' said the lady in blue. 'I am Indigo and these are my sisters, Scarlet,' the one in red smiled and waved,' and Violet.' the one in purple nodded. 'And I suppose you know who I am.' I said, a light blush on my face. 'Yes dear, we do.' said Scarlet, 'and we are here to help you''Help me? Like a Cinderella kind of thing? Give me a dress and shoes and all? fix my hair?' I laughed. No way this was happening.
'Something like that....' said Indigo.
And with a snap, I rise into the air, light covering me. I felt my clothes leave my body and silk cover it again. My once dirty hair is clean and soft, my nails weighed down with paint and shoes, light, almost weightless, wrap around my feet and a jewelry appears on my neck, wrists, and ears. After a few moments in the air and all these changes, I gently fell the the ground. I gapped at the women in front of me. I look down and see a beautiful blue dress draping over my body. 'You made all of this, think you could pop a mirror so I can see?' Indigo nodded. With another snap, a mirror appeared in front of me. I couldn't believe my eyes.
The dress. Oh the dress. A beautiful teal color with gold accents. A deep neck line and detached sleeves. Stilettoed, gold, sandals cradled my feet. Gold wrist bands and a thick gold choker brushed on my skin. My hair that was short and faintly blue, faded and in need of a cut, is now jet black and the tips bright teal with some sparkle. Nails teal with gold tips. My makeup perfect. everything perfect.
'It's amazing' I couldn't help myself and hugged Indigo. Scarlet looked thrilled, but Violet stood emotionless, cold, almost angry. I notice her features are sharper and her eyes hard. A dark vibe coming off of her. in and instant I was pulled from my thoughts and into Scarlet's embrace. 'And the shoes don't sink into the dirt!and should be very easy to walk in!' 'Amazing' I breathed. 'Now run along, you have a ball to get to!' said Indigo. 'Yes ma'am!' and with that I took off.
Up the hill, heart aglow. I ran to the door, took a breath, and laid my hand on the door.
And like that. The dress was gone. Back into my jeans and t-shirt. jewelry gone. everything. back to how I was, if not exactly, then worse. 
I ran back to those god damned fairies. heart gone from happiness to rage.'What the hell?????' I screamed as soon as I saw the fairies. Scarlet looked shocked, Violet shook her head. 'Indigo! turn around and look at me! What did you do???' I wasn't prepared for what I saw next.She turned around, her sweet face now like a witch. terrible and ugly. hunched over and a tooth hanging on her lip. 'Things are not as they seem, can't get anything for free.' She cackled and disappeared. I didn't know what to do. And I fell to the ground. I felt a hand on my cheek. I looked up to see Scarlet. 'She is right. Everything has a price. I will give you a dress even more beautiful, at a price.' I frowned. 'What do you want?' She smiled. 'Just something small.' She touched my shoulder. 'I want all your roses.' I looked at her. is that it? 'Sure. you can have the roses. whatever.' She smiled and a wind swept over me. And the transformation started again. Once it was over, a mirror appeared again and Scarlet had kept her word. The dress was even more beautiful than the last. This time scarlet, full with a sweetheart neckline and a heart locket. My hair again soft and it's longer are curled, and bright red with blonde highlights and blue tips. It looked like fire. A lot like fire. I was almost afraid to touch it. 'This is wonderful, more than wonderful, thank you.' And away I went.
Again at the doors. I laid my hands on it. Dress still there. I took a breath and started to open it. and as soon as the noise of the ball escaped the room. Poof. Gone. Again. Now I was in rags. complete rags. and smelled awful. I ran.
'AGAIN????' I collapsed. I was never getting to the ball. And like Indigo, Scarlet became hideous. 'And your roses are still mine missy. Lesson 2, careful who you trust.' and she was gone. I began to sob. Again, a hand was on my shoulder, bony, and cold. I look up to Violet. 'You're going to trick me too, aren't you?' She shook her head. 'No, I am not like my sisters. but I will give you your dress. more beautiful than the others. but not the dress I like, the dress that will fit you perfectly. But I ask for something in return.' I rolled my eyes. 'What is it?' She, for the first time, smiled and kneeled on the ground in front of me. 'I want to go with you. I want to go to the ball and live in your castle, be the godmother to your children and most importantly, be your friend.' She smiled. and I believed her. I nodded. 'Okay.' and I rose up. and the transformation began. but this felt different. something came from inside of me. and covered me. after it was over, again, the mirror appeared, and I couldn't believe it. It was perfect. It was the perfect dress.
Black with a slight fullness, but the skirt of the dress was what got me. It was awesome. Pink, blue, and neon green splatter paint. sparkling and oh so me. Studded jewelry and my hair black, pink, and blue with slight green. under my dress were heeled studded boots. Classy and punk brought together. bright eye shadow and dark lips. I felt amazing. I left like me. I hugged her. she smiled and gave a spin, her simple dress becoming more elegant, yet still simple. her dark hair fell over her shoulders and it curled at the ends. 'Lets go love' she took my hand and together we walked to the ball. I touched the door, nervous. And opened it. I walked in. my ball. MY BALL. Amazing. She smiled at me and gestured me to go to my king. My love.
I approached him. He stood tall in his black pants, black button up shirt and long black trench coat with teal accents, his hair spiked and the thin ponytail on the back of his neck slicked. His boots studded and gloves spiked. the crown on his head was black steel with blue gems. classy meets punk. He was amazing. enchanting. and when he looked at me. clearly he thought the same. He walked towards me. and pulled me into his embrace and then kissed me. 'You're late, but you look perfect.' He walked me up to the platform and placed my black steel tiara on my head, accented with pink and blue and purple gems, a paw print in the center. 
That night was perfect. we danced. we laughed. and we celebrated. not only our new home, but our new friend. our new family member. 

Submitted: November 16, 2014

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