Over People Talking Shit

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After having a really bad night, wrote this I think alot of people can relate to this especially young girls in highschool. Anyone who has had a rumour go around about them knows how this feels...

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



Why waste your time judging me? Maybe you dont reliese but you aint perfect either. So what if i cheated, that was my choice and my mistake. Its not the topic of your pathetic conversation when you have nothing better to talk about. I know ive fucked up, but thats my business not yours. Dont talk shit about me when you dont know anything but my name. Maybe if you stopped worrying about how i live my life for two seconds and actually had a decent conversation with me, you would see im not a bad person. Fuck ive made mistakes but im damn sure you have too. You may think you know me but you dont,you dont know that every single fucking day i fake a smile and hide the tears. You dont know that i cry myself to sleep most nights YOU DONT KNOW SHIT so maybe before you judge me, before you decide how i should live my life and before you take it upon yourself to make my mistakes the talk of everyone try getting to know me.

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