Strangers in Love

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People come and go in our loves, some stay longer then others, and some it is painful to see go. I recently moved states and left everything behind.... i was quiet and shy and then i know it cliche sounding but i met a guy...and well i guess i fell for him and well this is sort of the story of us

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012




I was shy and quiet, too scared to say a word
The new girl on the block, the one who just transferred 
Walking through the hallways, my steps fast but slow
Attempting not to be noticed, keeping my head down low.

He was loud and playful, he seemed to catch my eye
i didnt know then, that it would be this hard to say goodbye.
Weeks passed and we talked more and more
I fell for that smile, i fell hard for sure.

In the weeks to come, talking to him was like tradition
We kissed in a movie thetre, our eyes giving the other permission.
To fall in love was not my goal, but it was to late as we had both begun to fall
Being away from eachother was alomst painful, as mostly we were incepreable

Before i could even stop to breathe, there he was in front of me.
Holding my hand, kissing my cheek calling me his little bumble bee.
Then came the words, i feared to say, the ones that should only be said if really true
He looked me in the eyes and whispered "i love you"

Thats when i let my guard down, thats when i let him in
This thing we had going had only just begun to begin.
Rolling in the grass laughing , before our lips meet in gentle kiss
Endless conversations about nothing, these are the things ive begun to miss

The shy quiet girl, transformed into the girl with ever present smile upon her face
My once broken heart mended by a guy I hardly knew, a guy who makes my heart race
Then the jelousy came about, and the we drifted slowly apart
Next to come was the morning i shall'nt  forget, the morning he broke my heart.

To cry, is too let it all out. But for all the tears ive shed....
For all the nights of no sleep, i still cant get him out of my head.
I swore i would not fall in love, because the pain of heart break is just to real
All the emotion collapses on you, like a wave, its all such an ordeal.

I see him everyday, and everyday i wonder the same thing
Is he thinking about me, as i am thinking about him.
And even though it hurts, my heart still skips a beat when i see his face
I feel slightly nervous and my pulse begins to race.


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