The Perfect Words

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Love is more then just saying "I love you. I entitled this "The Perfect Words" because those words are the ones that are unspoken the ones that are felt.

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



Stars are shining bright tonight, their glow is full with life.

For the first time I am not affraid, affraid to show the real me.

For awhile i have been listening to the wolf cry to the moon, for awhile i have been wondering....

Thinking about the way we kiss, the way we both get lost in those moments

Thinking how your face is the one i see, when i close my eyes.

Even though your not here your kiss still lingers on my lips.

I feel your touch upon my skin, the way you run your fingertips down my arm.

i hear your heart beat no matter how far from you I am. I could fall asleep listening to it.

When Im with you, i feel as though i dont have to try.

What we have is something we dont have to make work, it just clicks.

When im not with you, your face appears around every corner.

it sounds cliche but when im not in your arms, i feel something missing.

You have broken my heart before, but somehow managed to mend it.

The pain of being away from you is killing me, your all i seem to think about.

Everytime i look at you, my heart stops beating for just one second.

I have been trying to find the right words to say to you.

But i have found is that there are no perfect words.

So instead just listen to my heart, cause it is beating fast.

Faster then it ever does, wrap your arms around me.

Look into my eyes, becuase your the only one who makes the pain dissapear.

Feel my kiss, and know that everything you see is not a lie.

Look at me and know that I, I love you.

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