The worst things are sometimes the best

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Sometimes the people who seem to make are lives a living hell are the people who are the ones who make our lives worth living..... You just got to reliese who they are.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



What to do when you want to die
I have no fucking clue
Half the time I’m making shit up
I don’t know what the hell to tell you
(A friend)

Was it so much just to ask that I don’t get hurt
that my heart stayed in one fucking piece
clearly because now I’m left in this stupid situation
I’m left on a mental decrease
(An Ex)

yeah I say trust me go ahead
look what happens I go and stab you in the bloody back
I’m such a brilliant friend
My life seems so bloody black
(Best friends)

I smile when I see you, hell I even hug you
but what you don’t know is that I fucking hate you
I envy the fact that you got to have him
yet you have not a single clue
(The ex’s girl)

You are just the thing that persists into fucking up my life
don’t you get it, that u are just pushing me further away
from the moment you married her, things changed
Now I just want to run, don’t want to be near you another day

You just continuously find ways to push me away
you seem to hate me, I don’t know what to do
Maybe I should just leave let you and dad be
But I can’t go on like this, I feel so fucking blue
(Step Mother)

But friend you make me believe in things I would usually never
you help me to see the things that i block away
you open my eyes to the truth that i dont want to hear
Without you I couldnt make it through the day

ex you make me smile, and you make me laugh
when im in tears your the one there holding me until i get through
when i need someone to talk to your by my side
you make me remember why i fell in love with you

bestfriends you guys are always there when i need you's
i know I can tell you guys everything and anything
even though i fuck up all the time you guys never stay mad
If you guys ever left me i would be left in a state that would be realy bad

ex’s girl, you make him happy which is why I love you
the fact you can make him smile means the more to me then you will ever know
for a time he meant the world for me, now you mean the world to him
so as long as he is happy then i shall never let you go

Dad although you can never understand me You are always there when I need you
We connsistantly have arguements and fights
but you raised me, you kept me safe, i love
you made me feel safe in the darkests and scariest of nights

step mum, my dad is the happiest he has been in a long time thank to you
we dont have to get along for me to know that your the best thing that has been in my dads life in awhile
We may never get along but whenever i need a mother you are there
so you are amazing you are a mother when i need one and you make my dad smile

These people can be the worst for me but somehow be the best
they fill my life with joy, love and happiness 


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