Celebrity dream lover.

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I went to bed in a good mood the other night, this dream I had , is so powerful and it continues to play on my mind.

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013



It was the 14th of April, I headed off to bed as I had school in the morning, 11.00pm I finally fell asleep, I had the bizarest dream in my intire world, you see I will not reveal the name of this celebrity but lets just say, I have never met them but I have interacted with them on numerous occasions, and they were the last thing I fell asleep about.

This is how my dream started,  there had been a shooting in the town where I live everyone was told to evacuate and leave to this shelter we would stay in until the police gave us the all clear to leave, and then she the clebrity I won't reveal her identity, we will call her Alice, walked in, I went over to speak too her, as she is not from my town, neither does she live here, I was shell shocked, I said to her how come your here? I reveled my name to her so I didn't seem such a stranger, we settled down in the shelter and startet to speak about why she was here.

Hours later we were given the all clear to leave by then we bonded, yes I bonded with my idol, I felt so lucky but it felt so normal too. We left and decided to go back to mine and relax together, we went on facebook took some silly pictures together, I was at the happiest I had ever been in my life. We sat on my bed playing the guitar and playing and singing songs  about anything and ate junk food I pretty  much thought how awesome my life was.

She stayed the night, infact didn't leave the next day either! We went out shopping and fooled about and made a show of oursleves but we didn't care because we were enjoying each others company, it was great how much we jelled, she still was my idol, but we'd actually became best friends, it was like a childs dream.

She had to go home the next day for more recording for her album work, so I took her too the station and waved her off, I never told her how I felt about her so much, it's crazy how dedicated and how much I love her. So I jumped on the next train to London, and I was off to see her and I got to her flat and she was their crying, I felt so abd so I just walked straight in she hadn't unpacked I wrapped my arms around Alice and hugged her ever so tightly but so she felt safe, she askd why I was here? I explained that I felt like I had to protect her because she meant so much to me that she was safe.

I kissed her on the forhead and told her to stop crying, and I never left her side....

My dream meant so much too me and I can't help to wish that all of this happened in the real world, I'm lucky enough to be meeting her in September, and I'm worried that my expectations of what will happen won't, I know they won't, but I felt like I needed to share this because, I couldn't get this dream out of my mind. 

Thankyou for reading.


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