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I fell for a girl, many miles from me, but I want to be the one to set her free. And if her heart was to tare I want her to know I'm always there.

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013



Why is it so hard loving her? She doesn't even know me, I know she can't figure herself out, and is alone most of the time. So I could be the one to treat her right, if I had a chance to show her what it feels like to be in love I would. You see, I have a progressing problem, I have fallen for someone who bairly knows my existance,she may be older than me, but we have interacted on a couple of occassions, she doesn't even know my name. I know so much about her though, what she has been through in life. She lives in a small village many miles away from me, we socialize over the internet, my only way to speak too her. She has been through a lot in her life, anxsiety, depression, and she has found herself very alone a lot, she still tries to figure her self out. I have no way of meeting her seems she is so far, but if I could tell her how I feel. I think it would uplift her, give her some hope and happiness in her life because a chance to be loved, so she knew what these feelings feel like. I know she wants a fairytail, I need the opitunity to create ours. I don't know if she loves me back, but anything to make her smile, hug her around her waist, take her out, watch favourite films, sing songs too her, go out on day trips packed with memories, take her to concerts, and always be by her side, as someone to trust and rely on and talk too about anything, I'd love to look into those bright blue eyes, and push the blonde hair out of her eyes and then kiss her pail pink lips, so she knows, I'm proud to love her, I'd hold her hand when we are out, so the world knows she is mine. I know her real smile, her cheek bone stucture really shows, and that dimple in her chin, I'd love to make that happen, to see those blue eyes of hers be full of life, and when I looked back at those eyes I'd see happiness within them. I want too be the one to set her free from the demons of her past, the blurred visions she has had, I'd be her eyes and guide her through, so when she fell I'd take her through. To be someone she felt safe with I'd be her gaurdian and her guide. This distance isn't stopping me from loving her, I cannot walk away, but I'll be here to hopefully see her make it someday. With or without me, I want her to be happy, and who ever can do that I'd be very proud of because no matter how close or how far, she will always stay in my heart.

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