Mia's Dream

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Mia has a tragic life, she needs to turn it around, some may say it is as tragic as Marilyn Monroe, will it end that way?

Submitted: May 05, 2013

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Submitted: May 05, 2013



Mia was just a girl to everyone else, in a world, where many go un-noticed, and forgotten. She has problems, everyone does.   At 15 she struggled to deal with her emotions, her father had died when she was four years of age. Her mother never had the time of day for her, she indeed loved her daughter, but she had to work hours on end to keep them in a humble but stable house, but she was tired, and worked for hours, so she never got too spend time with her daughter. 

She felt alone, and trapped  within her own head, she had no friends, as she became a very unsociable girl with hardly anyone too talk too, she also wasn't a popular one with the people at school, she stood out from the crowd she didn't follow the trends she was her own person, and made her own path, she worse different clothes, and listened to different music from them, its drastically knocked her confidence as it became more difficult to speak to people because she was used to hardly speaking at all.

She loved to read and write, she had been writing poetry, books, songs since the age of seven, it was her escape from realism, away from everything that she didn't have, writing was a chance, and a break but an oppotunity to what she would like, she could achieve within her writing. She was so lonely in life, that a pen and paper or a guitar would be seen as her best friend, because it was her way of being free from all the demons that has lived in her regretable past.

A teenage girl with no friends, things would only get worse, her mum became very ill from stress and she sadly passed on and was taken by the black cloud of death, Mia's life was tragic, she gave up her world, writing. Some may say he life was as tragic as Marilyn Monroe.

She was fostered, unhappy, and she started too self harm, it helped her, letting the feelings escape, it felt good for a while, letting her troubles get out as she cut, it was like winter everyday, cold lonely, her life was as bare as the tree's that peaked above the snow. She would walk the streets at night to think of ways to climb out of this life like whole she had fell into, if someone could just put everything back in place for her.

As she got through day by day, the weight of her past flattened her shoulders,  she went on her routine walk around her town   and she walked through the park she noticed a girl writing, it made her realise all that she left behind through depression, it made her safe, a place to dream, anyone can can dream, it made everything nothing harder then it seemed.

She gave up the fantasy stories, and concentrated hard on song writing, she picked up her guitar and made music she realised she had something special, so she grew the confidence to audition at local singing competitions, she never won but always came within the top 5, so she decided to aim big, and went for TV's the x factor, and got through the audition, this voice she had was so unique she got past, her life was too be changed, the audience fell in love with her, and she sang from the heart her original songs, she may not have won the competition but she got so much out of it.

She gained confidence, support and friendship, this benefitted a shy girl from a small town, too someone who has became a different person, all because of writing words down.


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