Wanting to be more than friends

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Charlie and Megan have been best of friends for 6 years, would departure break them? or make them?

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013



Let me tell you a stroy,, about a girl and a boy, He fell in love with his bestfriend, when she's around he feels nothing but joy.

Charlie O'callaghan : Charlie is 17 right now (12th November 1995) , he's from Northern Ireland, in Omagh, in a small village, he has 2 older brothers, David, 21, Mikey 19, and a younger sister who is 15. He use to live with his mum and father, He recently bought a house for him self. He is 5 ft 11, Brown Hair, and golden brown eyes, he is a good looking lad even though he doesn't think so.

Megan George: Megan is also 17 (17th November 1995) She's from Omagh in Norther Ireland, she is the only child, and lives at home. Megan has blonde wavy hair, she is very pail and has peircing blue eyes, she is 5 ft 8.

So here we begin 

On the 15th of November 2007, it was an icey day, school had just finished. And everyone was walking home, Megan and Charlie hardly knew each other, they had seen each other before, just never spoken, Megan was walking a head of Charlie when she slipped on the ice and fell back on her head, Charlie ran over to check if she was alright, she was embarrased, luckily she was okay, they started speaking, and seem to bond quite well on the way home.

The next day in school they realised how much they had in common, music, films, tv programs, They liked loads of things the same. 

Months later

They became slowly best of friends, always at each others houses, their families got to know each other, they saw each other every weekend.

The first year of school past, they spent the summer together, no one else just them two enjoying each others company.

The second school year began, along with sex education the boys and girls were seperated, they learnt about feelings and what will happen in life, it got Charlie thinking about life, about the future and what he wants with life, they were told, about love and this really got him thinking, everyword the teacher said, he realised he felt those things, 13 is a young age to be considering this, but he felt those things for Megan, but he couldn't tell her incase she found him weird, or didn't want to speak to him any more so he just wouldn't tell her  too make things easier for the sake off them.

7 months later

The summer had came, and this year they would go on holiday together, the summer was great, two holidays, and sleep overs, secrets where shared, and late night films, life was pretty great for the pair of them. Until Megan got the news that on September 8th her nan was very ill.

The 3rd year of school had began everone was more mature, Megan wasn't happy, it had been playing on her mind that her nan was ill, she had no one to talk to about how she was well thats what she thought...

Charlie had noticed she hadn't been happy of late, so he decided to go on a walk with her it was quite late and cold. They went out into the local park.

"Look we need to talk, I've notice you haven't been yourself lately, I've noticed that and I need to know if your alright?" Charlie used a soft voice, he cared about her alot so he couldn't stand seeing her upset she meant a lot too him.

"I've needed someone to talk too, and I think your the only person, well.., well my nan is very ill and, it's just been getting me down seeing her weaker every week, and I know she hasn't got long and it's painful too watch!" Megan replied to him,   as they continued walking in the park.

Charlie did something he had never done before, he hugged Megan he wrapped his arms around her waist as he held her tightly and she hugged him back harder.

"I hope she's alright, I'm sure she'll fight through, stay strong and be brave, son't let it get you down and just remember that I'm always here for you if you ever need me and nothing will change that." Charlie said he was so concerned, They carried on the hug the first hug they'd ever had.

"That made me feel so much better, and seriously why have we never hugged before?" Megan smiled, she trusted him so much, and knew he would always look after her.

Lets skip to there last year off school the last month of it, Charlie still hadn't told Megan how he felt, and they where still just as close, and prom finally came, they went together, it caused rumours that they had "finally got together"   but they hadn't they didn't dance because they didn't want to cause more controversie, but after they left on the way home, they did dance it was midnight so it was cold so Megan cheekily took Charlie's jacket he didn't mind.

He liked it secretly when she took his stuff, because he loved her and didn't care, as long as she was happy.

School had finished they are officially adults, and nothing had changed between them it's quite sweet to think what started off as an unexpected friendship, and they are still together, and nothing had parted them.

Since school had finished they had been seeing more of each other, Charlie practically lived at Megan's house, They lie together watching films all night, and in the day just go out, park, shopping, the cinema they were never apart.

One day after shopping in the city together on the 27h of October, Megan's mum had some news to tell her so she had to go home early.

Charlie didn't mind, as it gave him a chance to get her a birthday present,  he wanted it to be suprise and get her something she would love, he put alot of effort into getting presents for people as he cares.

Megan walked through the door, her mum was sat on the sofa, and she told her too come and sit down with her, Megan sat down next to her mother, confused about what she was about to say, " I'm just going to be honest with you Megan, no story, just the main point, we have too move to Paris, for my job it's a promotion and we could do with the money so it's worth it and I've taken it, we have a week left here and my manager has sorted us our house, it's where we have been before in the holidays, you'll remember it, well anyway it's happening, and you have to stay with me until you are 18."

Silence. Silence was all that could be heard. Megan didn't move, neither did she say anything. She would never get to see Charlie again was all that was on her mind,  they would be gone by the 10th of November, so they didn't have too long together, Megan ran up to her room, slammed the door and cried.

A few hours later she went round to Charlie's still not over what her mother had told her, she hugged him so tightly, there was silence between them for a few seconds " I have too move to Paris, and nothing can change that..."

November the 10th 2012

They headed off too the airport, Charlie came with them to wave her off, in the taxi, nothing was said, Megan rested her head against his shoulder.

Finally they arrived, Charlie helped Megan and her mum with her bags to the entrance.

" I guess this is goodbye then?" Charlie said as they gave each other one final hug, " I love you!" He whispered in her ear , Megan pulled back abit, " Here goes, it's better late than never, so the thing is I'm in love with you and have been for about 4 years now, and I just had too tell you." A tear streamed down his cheek. Megan hugged him back so hard he could hardly breath, " I love you too, Charlie I love you, I always have I was too scared too tell you. I can't be without you, you mean too much too me." Megan and Charlie both began to cry.

"It's time to go now!" Megan's mum said.

And that was it she was gone, one last wave at the airport, and she was gone.

Charlie's birthday had passed, his best present being a phonecall from Megan, and the shirt and Picture she got him, the picture of them over the years.

He hadn't left the house, and took a week off work, he just wanted too see her again. He rang Megan's mum on her way too work to ask if he could come over to visit for the week, but too keep it as a surprise for her birthday, he packed clothes, and her presents for her birthday as he just wanted too see her, he travelled to Liverpool so the flight would be to the right city and place closest to where she was living.

The 17th November 

Charlie finally arrived in Paris airport, after a ferry, and a plane flight, but he knew it would be worth it, arriving on her birthday would be such a nice suprise for her, finally out of the airport he got into a taxi to go too the flat where Megan and her mum where living.

After a 30 minute taxi journey passing, a park a bridge and lots of shops, he finally got to the block off flats. Charlie paid the driver, and looked the flats up and down before heading into the building, Megan's mum gave him the code so he would get in without Megan knowing, It was like the last flat on the 6th floor.

What seemed like 1000's of stairs as the lift was out of order, he finally got there the last step, the corridoor was short, but the door seemed a million miles away, he slowly aproached the door, with his suitcase trailing behind him, and a bag of presents in his other hand he knocked on the door twice and took a step back, with in 5 seconds the door was open, He dropped his bag and suitcase to the floor, Megan leaped and  gave him a long hug, he picked her up, her legs around his waist, and there arms locked around each others shoulders.

"I've missed you!" Charlie said, Megan let a little giggle out, "So am I aloud in then or sould I go back home." Charlie joked, the hug broke off and he re picked up his bag and suitcase, and brought them in, and put his suitcase in Megans room, "Happy Birthday lovely!" As they hugged another time, and gave her, perfume, jewllery, flowers and chocolate, and a jacket, one if his jackets, he was going to save this present till later on, "How come you just turned up?" Megan asked with a grin still on her face, "Well I missed you, and I wanted too see you so me and your mum kind of arranged for me too come over. And also your mum told me you hadn't been out, so I think we should sometime this week, make this a good birthday!"Charlie replied.

Megan hugged him again whilst sat on him on the sofa as they lay down together unwrapping presents and talked about feelings for a while, they decided to go out, seen as Megan hasn't been out the house for a week, so they got there coats and left the flat for the first time together.

It was pretty cold out, Charlie offered his hand out, Megan smiled and head his hand, it was warm and she felt happy inside as they walked together hand in hand to a bridge that had a little river near, they stood on the bridge looking out at the sea, Charlie stood over Megan, who had a smile on her face, He hugged her from around the waist and rested his head on her shoulder.

"Turn round and just close your eyes." Charlie said, and his arms around her waist and hers, around his upper torso, he leaned in slwoly and kissed her passionatly, a long kiss and they pulled in tighterand finally let go they both smiled whilst looking deep into each others eyes, and hugged "You really don't know how long I've waited for that to happen." Megan said, it made Charlie smile so much.

" I don't want to rush into things, but... but does this mean that were together now?" Charlie stutterd, " It does indeed on my half." Megan replied, as they approached the front door of the flat, and let them selves in as Megan's mum was out at work.

Charlie picked her up, and kissed her once, again "This is seriously the bestbirthday ever!" Megan said, they both laughed and lay down on the sofa together and watched a romantic film called "Maid in Manhatan" Megan lay down on his chest hearing every heartbeat, his arms wrapped around her, she felt safe and secure and beyond happy knowing he was her boyfriend, she trusted him, and he cared for her. 

Megans mum came home from work, "Hello! You too look close lying there." Charlie and Megan laughed. They had a meal and by then it was 11, "I'm getting tired I'm off to night  thankyou for a lovely day."Megan said hugging her mum, she turned to Charlie kissed him on the lips and hugged him " Thankyou for being hear, I loveyou!" Before he had the chance too reply Megan's mum was stunned "Are you two together?" Yep!" was their reply, she just smiled, it was so over due that this had finally happened.


Megan and her mum moved back to Ireland, as she could see how much Megan wanted to be with Charlie, They are still together and are very happy, and intend to be together, forever.

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