Chasing The Storm

Chasing The Storm

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Alexia Adams had her life mapped out she was in charge of a home for wayward teens and loved her life mentoring and sponsoring their growth into productive members of society, Alexia understood her charges because she too had a rough childhood and could relate to the children in her care like no other.

What happens when one of her teens push to far and is on the brink of being lost for good, When she is forced out of her comfort zone and into the life of a charming ladies man, to save one of her children from being lost to the system forever she is forced into an agreement with Gabriel Morgan to pay off the debt of here misguided teen. Can she withstand Gabriel's charms or does she even want to?

Gabriel is busy with his very lavish life running his gym and sleeping with as many beautiful women as he can. He has no time for much else. When a group of teens decide to pay his gym a late night visit and cause damage Gabriel finds himself in a predicament he meets Alexia Adams and she is ice cold leaving Gabriel to question if he can thaw her a bit he agrees to a contract of sorts in the hopes of getting her into bed for one night.

One night is never enough when your Chasing the storm that is Alexia Adams.
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Alexia Adams had her life mapped out she was in charge of a home for wayward teens and loved her life mentoring and sponsoring their growth into productive members of society, Alexia understood her charges because she too had a rough childhood and could relate to the children in her care like no other.

What happens when one of her teens push to far and is on the brink of being lost for good, When she is forced out of her comfort zone and into the life of a charming ladies man, to save one of her children from being lost to the system forever she is forced into an agreement with Gabriel Morgan to pay off the debt of here misguided teen. Can she withstand Gabriel's charms or does she even want to?

Gabriel is busy with his very lavish life running his gym and sleeping with as many beautiful women as he can. He has no time for much else. When a group of teens decide to pay his gym a late night visit and cause damage Gabriel finds himself in a predicament he meets Alexia Adams and she is ice cold leaving Gabriel to question if he can thaw her a bit he agrees to a contract of sorts in the hopes of getting her into bed for one night.

One night is never enough when your Chasing the storm that is Alexia Adams.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chasing The Storm

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Alexia Adams had her life mapped out she was in charge of a home for wayward teens and loved her life mentoring and sponsoring their growth into productive members of society, Alexia understood her charges because she too had a rough childhood and could relate to the children in her care like no other.

What happens when one of her teens push to far and is on the brink of being lost for good, When she is forced out of her comfort zone and into the life of a charming ladies man, to save one of her children from being lost to the system forever she is forced into an agreement with Gabriel Morgan to pay off the debt of here misguided teen. Can she withstand Gabriel's charms or does she even want to?

Gabriel is busy with his very lavish life running his gym and sleeping with as many beautiful women as he can. He has no time for much else. When a group of teens decide to pay his gym a late night visit and cause damage Gabriel finds himself in a predicament he meets Alexia Adams and she is ice cold leaving Gabriel to question if he can thaw her a bit he agrees to a contract of sorts in the hopes of getting her into bed for one night.

One night is never enough when your Chasing the storm that is Alexia Adams.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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The early morning sun shined through the small modest office at Belleview house, a home for troubled preteens and teens from all factions of society. Most of the children that stayed at Belleview were what society called ‘outcasts’ and delinquents.
“Please tell me this is just a prank” Exclaims Alexia as she stood from the desk bashing her shin off the overflowing metal bin that stood next to her desk.
Rubbing her shin swiftly cursing mildly under her breath she looked up at her colleague and best friend Joanne. They had been friends since college and university both sharing a passion for helping troubled kids. She knew from the look of sympathy and a whole lot of “Oh shit here we go again” thrown in the mix the news her best friend and colleague that this latest drama was serious.

Alexia worked her butt off to try and keep the children in her care in line. Not only offering them a stable living environment but strict yet fair boundaries. She knew from her own experience when one goes off the rail’s all the kids tend to follow suit.

“Sorry Lexie, just got the call from the owner, than man is pissed and I mean pissed” replied Joanna as she shoved her hands into her pockets side stepping around Alexia as she grabs for her jacket and bag.

Lexie, shook her head, her auburn falling loose from her tight French bun, as she searched through her handbag for her car keys. It was the last thing she needed today.

“I hope he hasn’t called the police yet, Andrew is on his last chance has it is.” Rushing out the door with Joanne hot on her heels they powered walked through the halls of Belleview House.

The police were the last people she wanted to deal with today, the local metropolitan police were regular visitors at Belleview, not surprising with most of the clientele Alexia homed.
The majority of the children that stay at the home are in need of some serious support, whether educational, emotional or whichever, and they came to stay at the Belleview House has a last resort.
The next step for most of the children that attended was either juvenile centres, prison or most times especially with new intakes, rehabilitation centres.
The local police officer’s had ran out of patience a few months back due to Andrew’s behaviour. His need for attention started when his parents had died through a tragic car accident, he had been sent to live with his only living relative his uncle, whom happened to be a Politian for the very party running the country. Due to Andrew’s uncontrollable behaviour and bad publicity he was causing his uncle had no choice but to enrol him into Belleview House boarding. Andrew has been there ever since, five long testing years.
Andrew was Alexia’s first case when she started working at Belleview, fresh out of university with high hopes of making a huge difference, Andrew was testing her theory continuously.
Her morning had already been testing. She had to refer a new teen to a rehabilitation centre that very morning, his father didn’t even have the time to fill in the necessary paper work to enrol his child at the house. When David arrived he was intoxicated and very high, after having him drugged tested and it came back positive to more than one class A drug in his system Alexia had no alternative but to refer his case. The father’s assistant did not seem too concerned when he finished and handed the paperwork over while David emptied what was left of his stomach. He had left David without even a backwards glance. Just like the majority of the kids that get dumped at Belleview House. She had manage to read his file and talk briefly with his social worker connected with David’s case and knew that he was going to be her biggest test yet.

She was just hoping she still had enough time with Andrew to make a difference, his 18TH birthday was fast approaching and she knew that one more cross on his file and he will be up before the courts or worse dead, by the hands of his so called new friends.

By what Joanne informed her with not ten minute ago left her feeling somewhat deflated.
Apart from few and far between visits Andrew received from his uncle, or one of his uncle’s personal assistances, Andrews’s closest resemblance to family was Alexia, Joanne his counsellor.

 And it wasn’t an easy relationship to initiate, Andrew had constantly pushed Alexia and her team away at every opportunity.

Alexia threw her keys over the roof of her Toyota Verso, she was too wound up to drive, the unknowing of what the outcome for Andrew’s future held in the balance of the owner of the gym where he hand been caught red handily stealing and criminal damage.

“Where we going? Is it Apollo Gym again? If it is we are screwed, Jo, Marcus won’t let him off again or be happy with a hand-out from his uncle you know that right?” The answer to all Andrew’s misdemeanours according to his uncle was to pay-outs. Pay for their silence, pay for the damage.
Joanne shook her head has she slowed down in the traffic. “Nope, gym called The Cube”
Alexia’s soft pale face froze, “Shit, shit, shit!”


Gabe Pulled into The car park of his high end fitness centre. He closed the door on his sleek black Audi and began walking towards the gym, he had only run up the street to get something to eat before returning right back to work.


 Gabe decided to get in extra early to catch up on items of business before the crowd and more importantly the ladies began to show up to workout.


 It was Friday and he had plans, finishing up and getting out was the main goal, hence the 4am arrival, turning the corner he could hear the sound of hushed voices, a bark of laughter and some other sounds he could not make out.

Gabe continued on thinking it could be drunks on their way home, closing in on the entrance three figures were cast in shadow to close to the building for his liking, he began to call out when a smash of windows stopped him in his tracks, dropping his coffee and early morning meal down the street. Rage filled his features momentarily as he regained his senses he ran towards the figures who turned in time to hear his foot falls and took off running, he chased them around the corner but they were gone.

His fists at his side he surveyed the damage spray paint covered the front door the window of the reception area lay in shambles on the floor, He stepped through the window and started to the desk where his mobile sat from earlier, he was going to call 999 to make a report when another sound came from the side near the weight room area. He stood stock still as a loan figure came from that direction hands full of items from the gym calling out his mates names.

“Hey guys come on help me out, why you still standing outside?” As he stepped to closer but not close enough to escape Gabe moved quietly in behind him.

“Maybe because they were smarter than you.” Gabe's voice boomed from behind the small frame. The figure began to run but Gabe was faster and stronger not to mention much bigger he clutched the back of the figures hoody and jerked him back holding him in place, as the figure turned around Gabe saw in the small cast of light still on over the reception area that this was a boy, no a teen. Little fucker. Gabe thought to himself before dragging the brat back to his office.

“Let me go, fucking let me go.” The cracking voice bellowed.

Gabe did not slow down and continued to drag the boy to his office.

“Shut the fuck up.” He said through gritted teeth as he unlocked his office with one hand and shoved the boy in with the other.

“Sit” The boy stood pissing Gabe off further. “Let's try that again. I said sit!” The boy jerked ever so slightly but remained standing. Gab grabbed the boy again by his hoody and seated him. The boy began to protest and Gabe sat on the edge of his desk glaring at the boy while rubbing a free hand in his hair.

“Your friends left you and you are going to have to explain this to the cops yourself. You will wait here with me you little fuck until they arrive.”

The boy’s face contorted as he cussed under his breath. The idea of the cops scared him and Gabe could see it. He picked up the phone and began to dial.

“Wait” the cracking voice of the boy bellowed from his chair, a small amount of his cockiness leaving him.

“Wait. Just ...please can you call my guardian first?” He muttered how pissed someone named Alexia would be and then gave Gabe a pleading look.

“Why the fuck would I call anyone for you? You've fuck all kinds of damage to my business!' The boy jerked in response to Gabe's booming voice, but still found his own to reply. Gabe thought he must have some fucked up brain to be so bold.

“I, I just need to talk to my guardian first please. You don't owe me but I am asking anyway.” The boy had no right to ask but he did and Gabe had no reason to comply but he did.

He blew out a heavy breath before asking what the number was. The boy gave him the number and after a few minutes a groggy voice came on the line. He explained the situation and told the lady Jo or something like that she could get the brat from the police. The women begged Gabe to wait until they arrived to call the police. Why Gabe agreed was beyond him but he also knew that this was a boy and it he had been known to cause trouble at that age himself. Gabe agreed to wait he planned to tell them they had to repair it all when they got there.

He also warned to make it quick he didn't know how long he could deal with this punk.

“Looks like we wait for your guardian kid. I hope she beats your ass and makes you work to pay for every inch of damage.”

The boy rolled his eyes and slumped in the chair. This was going to be a long wait for them both.



Joanne pulled up outside the prestigious and very high profiled gym.
“I knew I recognised the name” Cursed Joanne, “It’s that one that’s been all over the magazines lately, shoot Lex, this is going to be hard to swing, even if we get half the chance.”

Alexia climbed out the car and smoothed her hands down her grey trouser suit, nervously tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she looked up at the outstanding building.
All tinted glass windows and chrome, as well as the shattered glass that decorated the pavement outside. She knew Joanne was right, this was going to be the hardest plea she ever had to make.

“Joanne wait here for me and Andrew please, wish me luck I feel I am going to need a concentrated dose on this one.”
“You, sure you don’t want me to come in with you?” Joanne asked as she ducked her head lower so she could get a better view of the spectacular building as well as the damaged done by one of their very own residents.

“No, Andrew is my responsibility its best I do this, thanks though” Alexia replied squeezing her friends hand through the open window of her seven seater.

Turning on her heel, trying to fester some confidence she pushed the doors open to the gym, stepping around staff members who were sweeping away broken glass. She made her way to the huge reception desk that was central focus point of the foyer, and homed by a stunning blonde.

“Hmm, excuse me, could you please tell me where I can find a Mr Morgan?” She asked the wickedly stunning receptionist.
“Do you have an appointment?” she answered, Alexia immediately felt self-conscious, not only was the receptionist super model material, with her perfect blonde hair but her voice matched. Alexia wasn’t bland, but she never thought of herself as attractive and compared to the beauty before her, she felt very far from attractive.

“Hmm Mr Morgan is expecting me, my name is Alexia Adam’s, I am here with regards to Andrew Farrell” as soon as she spoke the words she prayed the floor would swallow her whole, the pleasant welcoming look had turned sour in an instant. Gone was the look of perfection, now a sour puss that looked down on Alexia as though she had personally done the crimes.

“Oh yes. I will just let him know you have arrived” Each word spoken with such venom. Alexia’s short fuse of a temper began to twitch. She waited patiently while the receptionist made her call. Alexia took a lot of crap from people, their personal judgements, how Alexia was wasting her time with the kids and should cut her losses and move on, that she should save herself the heart ache that they presumed was destined to happen, yet Alexia never once let those opinions persuade her from not only her duties, but her inner calling. She only ever lost her temper when a child, especially in her care was abused or put down for not being able to control or even understand their own emotions.

“Second exit down through that corridor over there “She informed Lexie, has a way of dismissal.
Alexia hushed a thank you and followed the directions. Her pulse racing has she witnessed more carnage and damage throughout the gym.
“Oh Andrew she said to no one.” She took a deep breath and swallowed deeply has she stood in front of the owner’s door.

She knocked the door and straightened her spine ready for the ear bashing she was expected, not the first time she’s had to do this for one of her kids, and it surely wouldn’t be the last.



Gabriel had been working at his computer making short glances at the overly bored boy, he had learned his name in that time and found out the boy belonged to a home for wealthy kids who were out of control, it was something you saw in the press when one of his clients or associates had grown tired of their terrible kids and sent them to the home. Gabe had not given much thought to it, why would he? He had no kids and no worries in regard to anyone's children. His mind wondered over the idea that these kids for all their privilege really only needed someone to care and that this acting out was some form of attention seeking, but he would be damned if he was going to allow himself or his well-established business be the recipient of angst from bad seeds. His receptionist called into his office and he picked up the phone as her sultry voice breathed out that the caretaker for this mutt was here. He thanked Amber and settled the receiver back into its cradle. He looked over to the kid his anger flaring anew.

“Looks like your “guardian”. He placed air quotes to express his distaste for someone else dealing with this kid rather than the people who created the brat, in that one the word.

“Is here to take care of you and hopefully reimburse for your fuck up.”

The boy began to fidget, Gabe assumed it was because he was nervous, good.

“She a ball buster? You look a little scared.” Gabe chuckled and that seemed to piss the kid off.

“I’m not scared of anything!” The boy yelled and wouldn't you know it that got under Gabe's skin more than the damage to his place because it meant the kid didn't have respect for anything if he would continue to be so fucking disrespectful to someone who owes him nothing. Gabe yelled back because of his frustration, his temper always just on the edge of his control.

“You little fuck! Don't yell at me! I did you a favour by calling your keeper rather than the cops so watch your shitty tone!”

At that moment the knock on the door came and Gabe strode angrily toward it yanking it open while he breathed hard trying to rein control over his short fuse. In the moment it took to register the woman on the other side, he came up short. She was lovely, small compared to his frame, beautiful eyes that were filled with concern and something else, though he could not place it. Her skin was smooth, lips full and in her own way she was stunning, a simple girl next door kind of demeanour. She eyed Gabe as he took her in, she was not his type typically but she did jolt his attention and sometimes that was enough for him.

“Mrs. Adams” he didn't see a ring but was not going to assume she was single.

She nodded and stepped into his office, he watched her pert ass stride to the brat; she squatted down to his level looking him in the eyes and not letting the boy Andrew look away. They murmured between them before she stood to look at Gabe, a little worried, a lot pissed and over the top stealing Gabe's resolve. He stood staring at her waiting for her words to fall out and hoping they sounded as sweet as he thought she looked.


Alexia’s released a breath she didn’t realise she was holding as she stepped into Mr Morgan’s office, the stern look in those crystal blue eyes of him had her pulse racing.
She had read in a magazine just other day about The Cube gym, its owner and associates but she never really bothered to read much further than a paragraph or two. Mr Morgan’s name rang a bell from the column she read and she had unprofessionally presumed that Mr Morgan was a retired sports person who decided to open up a sports facility franchise as a hobby throughout his retirement, what she never expected was an under 30’s Greek god standing before her.

Andrew’s cursing and babbling distracted her from the bewitching hold Mr Morgan’s eyes had on her, she walked towards Andrew, finding him fidgeting and shoulders hanging low.

“Miss Adam’s” Mr Morgan had said, she turned and nodded in response, unsure of herself and how this conversation was going to go.
She watched out the corner of her eye has he took his seat at the desk as she sat down next to Andrew.

“Care to explain Andrew?” She all but whispered to him. He looked down at his scuffed Nike trainers and shrugged his shoulders, Alexia sighed out loud and ran her hand through her hair, pushing her fringe off her face. She could feel Mr Morgan’s eyes on her and Andrew and god knows what he was thinking about the situation. She could only imagine his thoughts, incompetent guardian, delinquent adolescent yeah she could just imagine how this will look to him.
She turned and leaned closer to Andrew in hopes that their conversation can somewhat be more private.
“You know what this means don’t you, how am I supposed to help you Andrew? If you don’t allow me too? Tell me who else was involved?” That got the reaction she was after, the way Andrew’s head snapped up she knew that he had been involved, Kyle Gitten’s.


Not a child but a man who led vulnerable kids into a life of crime. She has been fighting against Andrew and Kyle’s friendship since last summer.


She shook her head in disappointment, another broken promise from Andrew, maybe it was time to face defeat and leave it to the hands of the courts, sure has hell nothing she was trying lately was working.

“It wasn’t him!” Andrew all but shouted, his voice breaking as the panic set in.
“Are you sure about that Andrew? Because I am sure Mr Morgan here has the best CCTV that money can buy. And I am sure Officer Worthington will be interested in the footage?”
Andrew stood up and began pacing. She could tell he was weighing up the options and the outcomes if he spoke and revealed what she already suspected.

“Never thought of you as a fucking grass Alexia. For fucks sake, you know how it is right, if you get busted you don’t fucking squeal to the fucking pigs, you gonna hand my ass over now, at least Kyle understands me!” Andrew shouted at her, leaning over her pinning her to the chair has he shouted in her face. The spray from his lips as he shouted sprayed her face. Yet she didn’t push back, she didn’t flinch.
Everything happened too quickly that Alexia barely managed to follow with her eyes. The loud scrap has Mr Morgan’s chair fly back and ricocheted off the wall behind him.



Gabriel found himself bending the boy over his desk and holding him steady. The boy fought but Gabe held him by the neck shoving the boy’s cheek so hard against his desk that he could tell the boy was in pain. As Gabe held him steady he tried to understand what had taken place. A beautiful girl next door had stepped into his office to collect the brat. She was kind in her approach and gentle with her responses yet this brat decided to disrespect her and while yelling is one thing getting in a woman’s face in a threatening manner was not going to happen while Gabe was present. He waited to see if Miss. Adams was going to defend herself but when she sat there and did nothing Gabe snapped and now found himself breathing hard pinching a kind’s neck while holding him down on the smooth surface of his desk. Papers fluttered down on the floor, Miss. Adams beautiful face confused and worried. Damn what a shitty morning.

“Are you alright.” he asked as she glared at him. What. The. Fuck. Was she really mad at him rather than the disrespectful shit this boy pulled? Gabe thought this is the issue, this is why kids are so fucked up today, and people blame the authority rather than the delinquent or poor guidance skills they possess. Gabe pulled the boy back up to face him he looked into the boy’s fearful face and spoke slowly and clearly.

“In my precedence you will respect her for the fact that she is a woman alone. You need to lower your tone and chill the fuck out. Clear?”

The boy said nothing but looked away to the wall as if to say fuck you buddy. Well fuck this. Gabe jerked the boy back to the seat next to his guardian, he could not wait to get this shit done and get them both out of his life. While she was beautiful in an unconventional way, she was also in charge of kids with issues that nobody wanted to deal with, it was noble but stupid and he had no time for either.

“I think we need to call 999 get the cops out here to deal with this kid; he isn't going to respect you or me or try to correct his errors. He would rather go down for a group of guys who ditched him at the first sign of trouble. While I get the code of silence; you think you owe them, I also know real friends never leave one another holding the proverbial bag. You don't want to talk to her.”

Gabe pointed between Miss. Adams and Andrew.

“Fine with me but you fucked my gym and someone has to pay for that. I am thinking you Miss Adams are aware of this and we are not going to get anywhere being soft with him.”

Gabe picked up the phone to dial when he heard her voice, panic all in it as she asked him to put the phone down and find another way.

Was she stupid?! There was no way, other than sending this kid to the police, there was no way he was going to turn around and become well, he was fighting it at every turn. Bad seed. Never going to change. The words danced through Gabe's mind something told to him in another life.

He glared at her, something in those eyes those sexy blue eyes of hers had him placing the phone down, why was he even bothering with talking this out any further?

“I’m listening” Was all he managed to say as he waited for her to explain her thinking. To slap that kid, to get mad, to react, something anything besides sitting there looking so fucking delicious.


Alexia shook her head as she stood, her voice stern yet shaken “Andrew go and wait outside in the car with Joanne, and if you even think of splitting, you need not worry about Mr Morgan calling the police, I will myself, understood” Andrew nodded and she could tell by the solemn look on his face he knew he had finally pushed her too far. “Oh and Andrew, all privileges, as of now have been revoked, just so you understand. And that is just the start of it”
Has he opened the door to leave she watched him swallow hard and look to Mr Morgan, “Sorry sir” was all he could say, his tone remorseful has he shut the door and left the office.
Alexia held her shaky hand up to stop Mr Morgan whom she could tell was about fly off the handle at dismissing Andrew.
“Firstly Mr Morgan, can I just say that I totally understand your frustration and anger over Andrew and his so called acquaintances, but should you ever lay a hand on him or any other child in my presence the police indeed will be called.” Her voice failed to sound as confident has she tried to muster. She was grateful for his assistance in dealing with Andrew, although Andrew had never struck her, the look in his eyes in the past assured her he was very capable.
“Now I know you are vaguely interested in my offer, and I appreciate it if you could just hold off calling the police while you hear me out, if you don’t like my suggestion then I won’t intervene with you seeking legal action.”
She watched him closely, her cheek’s blushing has she felt herself drawn to him. She could hear his teeth grind in frustration has she watched his perfectly sculptured jaw line, she could smell his cologne and it made her dizzy with anticipation.
He gestured with his hand for her to sit back down, her mouth went dry has he loosened the deep blue tie that matched his eyes, “Dear god Lexie get it together” she thought to herself has he re took her seat.
Alexia was angry at herself for her thoughts running away with her, but she found it hard to concentrate on the matter at hand when Mr Greek sex god was sat across from her, she absent minded licked her lower lip has she took him all in around 6’2 body sculptured as if from marble, his shirt tight fitted across his impressive chest and biceps, and his hair, god how she loved his just sexed up looking hair, dark and wavy crying out to have her hands run through it.
Mr Morgan smirked at her has if he could see right into her mind. She blushed harder knowing her cheeks now would be a lovely scarlet red.
She coughed to clear not only her throat but her wayward thoughts.
“My proposal Mr Morgan”
“Call me Gabe” he interrupted, a grin dancing his perfect face. The sultry sound of his voice, made her voice waver and made parts of her body that had been practically dormant for however many years awaken.
“Oh, hmm Gabe, my proposal if you would be so kind, is to insist Andrew work off the cost of the damages, here at your gym.”
The look on his face made her continue before he had chance to dismiss her idea.
“Andrew is a hard worker, and I know he seems like a child off the rails but I can assure you he isn’t. Andrew has deep rooted emotional needs, other than the rare times like today he is an A star student, he is already on a three strike deal, I don’t want his future destroyed because he can’t handle his emotion’s. I will make sure he attends every day, we can even work out a contract should he or I void it at any time that you can contact the authorities. “
She knew he voice sounded as though she was pleading, and in some respect she was practically begging. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for any of the children at Belleview House, she hadn’t failed yet with any of the children in her care and she didn’t intend to fail Andrew. Even if he couldn’t see it for himself yet, she would always fight his corner and beg if need be.


Gabe watched her flush, at first he thought it was about him as usual but then he thought that she was flushed for having the audacity to ask him for something so insane. Why would he want that little fucker anywhere near his business? He leaned back into his chair tenting his fingers in front of his lips as his elbows rested on the armrests. He closed his eyes then opened them again, she flushed deeper and he knew she was having thoughts about him, the kind he was definitely having about her, for him it was a let me get under that good girl skirt for one night thought, for her; he had no idea. His smirk let her know once more he followed her line of thinking. She looked away and he kind of liked this little cat and mouse moment.

He knew she wanted an answer and before he could give it some real thought, he agreed. She looked shocked and he didn't know how to say it wasn't for the boy because he really thought the boy was a lost cause, no this was about his sudden desire to get closer to her. Not in a relationship way because he was a love em and leave em kind of man. Relationships gave him the creeps. He shivered and she cocked her brow at him. He corrected the situation and stood, making his way to the corner of his desk and seating himself against it, he put little room between them.

“Miss. Adams I will do this but let me be honest, I don't think he is going to end up a productive member of society. I know you work with them and hope for the best but I can tell you he wants to be off the rails. If he is as smart as you say then you know very well this is about more than his poor decision making skills and this is not the last time you will try to save him.”

She pushed her chair back and moved to the door. She promised a schedule and to be at Gabe's disposal when it came to dealing with Andrew. He could care less, his gym was already almost back in shape before the meeting was over, and it was the principal of the matter. She gave him her card with her personal mobile on it, her email and business information. He in turn gave her his card and wrote his personal mobile on the back. Before she stepped out of the office Gabe leaned into the door jamb halting her.

“While I appreciate your efforts, please don't ever threaten me. That boy was becoming irate and to close for his own good; you may feel the need to protect him, But who protects you? I reacted because it's natural and I had been putting up with his shit for hours waiting on you to collect him. You want to threaten me with the police be my guest but don't forget how it would have turned out, in the end I would have walked away and you would have lost a kid.”

She began to speak but he put his hand on the small of her back, she gasped and he gave her gentle shove, when she turned to speak he smiled and closed his office door in her face.

He walked to his chair took a seat and blew out a long breath. Jesus what was he doing, this was not going to be good for anyone.


Alexia stood in shock her mouth opened in a wide o as she looked at Gabe Morgan’s office door. She couldn’t believe he ushered her out like that, that man how infuriating. The way her referred to the children she worked with as ‘them’ really got under her skin, she had no idea why his opinion meant anything to her about the children she worked with, but hearing his thoughts on Andrew dented her pride.
She was about to storm back into his office and chew him out, but the thoughts of saving Andrew and the fact she were shocked that Mr Morgan had agreed to her idea stopped her in her tracks. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth sprang to mind as she decided to deal with the next issue at hand.
Finally stepping out of the impeccable gym and away from the alluring Gabe she returned to Joanne and climbed into the car.
Andrew leaned forward his head resting on the headrest of Alexia’s seat.
“What did he say? Am I totally fucked now?” Andrew asked solemnly
Alexia blew out a frustrated breath looking towards Joanne but replying to Andrew’s questions.
“You are very lucky, he has agreed to my conditions, but to answer your latter question. Yes, yes you are severely screwed.”
“Oh man!” he moaned has he threw himself back into his seat.

“Let’s get back before anything else falls apart” Alexia indicated to Joanne.


Gabe had his bag in hand and was on his way out of the Gym noticing that the damages now two days later were non-existent. He was glad for it. The trashing of the gym on Friday had left his clients nervous, his added security had paid off in easing their minds. Monday had gone by pretty event less, Gabe took care of business as usual, watched a few women during their work outs, avoided some he had slept with and thought about fucking a few new ones as they walked by. His mind over the weekend had gone back to Alexia Adams and how he was truly intrigued by her appearance, because after all who gave a shit about her mind as long as she fucked well, he had no use for anything more. A smile crossed his lips as he made his way to the exit being stopped by his Gym manager Lucas Flannery,

“Gabe. Mate wait.” Gabe turned around half irritated and half amused, he and Lucas were actually the best of friends but he was on his way out for the night to meet a model he had meet over the weekend and planned to sink deep into later tonight.

“What.” Was all Gabe said as he came eye to eye with Lucas who stood the same height as Gabe but was in stark contrast, his skin was pale eyes dark and his hair was blond. Lucas was smiling and sat on the corner of one of the chairs near the juice bar.

“Well out with it, you know where I'm going and I have little time to waste.” Gabe waved his hand as he spoke as if to rush Lucas,

“Right, well the estimates you wanted me to get for you are in and from the looks of things your generosity with that little fucker from the home is going to put him here daily till he's old and grey.”

“Fuck” Gabe said under his breath. He didn't want that boy at the gym, he should have forced him to pay and everyone could move on. Though the thought of dealing with her again sent a little jolt to his cock, he had no interest in anything else.

Gabe kept a straight face and asked the amount.

“Looking at over a hundred thousand.” Lucas said without missing a beat.

While the money didn't bother Gabe he was now livid that this amount was something that kid would not be paying back fast enough. Maybe Miss. Adams would think it was too much money and time involved to bother going thought with it.

“Jesus. Right, well I suppose I can email her now or wait it out and enjoy the night, pretending you didn't just cause my cock to deflate for the night.”

Lucas laughed.

“No worries you will get it back up when you see Sarah it always works that way for you.”

Gabe rolled his eyes. "May as well get the fucker started tomorrow the sooner he is out of my life the better.”

As he walked away and Lucas was laughing, Gabe decide his best mate and manager was not getting out of this either. Over his shoulder on his way back to his office he called out.

“You will be dealing with him and over seeing his work.”
He heard Lucas cuss and moan but he kept walking. No to email Miss. Adams.






To: Alexia Adams
From: Gabriel Morgan

Andrew's work detail.

Good Evening Miss. Adams,

You will find an itemized break down of the damages and cost to repair them in the attachment to this email. It totals over one hundred thousand. I understand this could be a larger amount, which you would want to attach to the boy Andrew so if you would rather pay the amount than have him work it off then I am also open to that.

Please know I expect him to start tomorrow and the times can be worked out with my Gym Manger Lucas Flannery. He is who your boy will report to but all correspondence with you will go through me. I am leaving the office at this time but look forward to a reply soon.


Mr. Morgan.

Gabe sent the message then jumped as his phone chiming with a text. Sarah letting him know she was looking forward to tonight.

“So am I Sara, So am. I.” He said to himself as he made his way out the door. The trouble of Miss. Adams long forgotten. For now.


 Alexia had one of the worse weekends since she had started working at Belleview House, what with Andrew’s latest misdemeanour, Daniel her newest intake going through his first detox at rehab, she had agreed with the board of directors to take on a further ten children, girls to be exact on conditions they extended the building opening a new west wing offering better facilities to accommodate the new intake.

But the funding of course as always was an issue, and now it was down to Alexia and her team of staff to brain storm fund raising ideas. Of course extra children indeed meant more sub funding from the local government but that wouldn’t cover nearly a quarter of what they needed. The rest was down to sponsors from local businesses something which was practically hard to accomplish.
She was walking through the corridors of Belleview, the end of a school academic day and some of the students were still hanging around in no hurry to head down to the main hall for dinner.

“Tyler, a word please.” She called out to one of her students, Tyler was a thirteen year old boy, a little rough around the edges but was showing great potential and was settling in well.
“Yes Miss Adams,” He said towering over her, she smiled affectionately, Tyler was one of the many pupils at Belleview that bloomed under their conditions, away from the horrors of their home lives and the peer pressure of the street gangs in their home neighbourhoods, and he flourished and was reaping the awards from the many offers at Belleview.
“I just read your end of year report and I have to say you have done remarkable well, I have contacted your father and we have arranged that he can come up the following weekend for a visit” She saw his eyes light up, he hadn’t seen his father since he was enrolled last September, his mother had died a few years back due to cancer, and his father had been in an accident at work that left him housebound. In turn left Tyler to his own devices which lead him to Belleview.
“Oh Miss that’s awesome thank you, really thanks” She smiled watching Tyler’s enthusiasm and only wished they could have gotten around to the visit much sooner.
“No thank you Tyler, for being such a pleasure having here.” He blushed and she patted his arm.
“Now head off to grab some dinner, tomorrow is last day for school time for the holidays” He nodded and practically bounced down the corridor.
She stepped into her office and shut the door behind her, leaning back and sighing out slowly.
Tyler’s case was another inspiration to continue pushing hard, and working harder with her children, cases like Tyler’s encouraged her never to give up.
Just then a notification sound from her computer had her pulling away from the door and heading to her desk, she sat down, placing her files on her desk and clicking the mouse to bring up her emails.
Her heart did that little excited leap at seeing Gabriel Morgan’s email address in her inbox, a reaction that did not belong there.
She clicked the email heading and has she began to read her heart began racing, not the same way before but now with shear panic. How the hell was Andrew ever going to pay off that debt?
She leaned forward forehead resting on the palm of her hands eye’s squeezed shut. There was no way she could see a positive end to this.
She heard that familiar knock at the door and the smell of her regular creaming mocha as Joanne walked in.
“Oh shit, what is it now?” Joanne asked taking a seat not waiting for an invitation, not that she would, Joanne and Alexia been friends way to long for those pleasantries.
Alexia turned her monitor screen so Joanne could read the email, cringing at her friend watching her blow the long lose platinum blonde strands from her face.
“Oh fuck” Was Joanne’s only reply to the email.
“Exactly, my thoughts to a T” replied Alexia her tone defeated.
“How the hell are we going to do this Lexie? What with the new intake we have to find funding for we can’t afford this debt on top, and no way can Andrew pay that off even if he worked day and night”
“I know I know!” Exclaimed Alexia has she pushed from her desk and began pacing her small yet moderate office, she began chewing her lip, something she only did when she was nervous or anxious.
Joanne stepped up from her chair and held Lexie by her shoulders forcing her to stop in her tracks.
“Whatever you are thinking, forget it, maybe it’s time for Andrew to face the consequences for his actions this time and through the courts”
Alexia saw that look in Joanne’s eyes that look got tired years ago, that look of longing Alexia shrugged out of Joanne’s hold.
“I am not giving up on him and I am sure has hell not giving him in either, we all know what the issue here is besides pissing money, he wants to prove us right that when it matters people desert him, or abandon him elsewhere, we hand him over to the police we proving he is right, I need to do this so he knows, that’s not the case no matter how hard he pushes we will be here for him, with him.”
Joanne shook her head and looked at Alexia has if she had lost her mind.
“Jo, I have got this, just make sure there’s no more drama’s for today please”
Joanne nodded and headed for the door, before she turned and walked out she said one final thought.
“Lex, there comes a time when you have to realise you have done all that you can, make sure you recognise that and don’t let them drag you down. Some souls can’t be saved”
Alexia shook her head and returned to her desk, she didn’t believe that statement and even if that statement were true to some extent, it didn’t apply to her, as far as she was concerned each and every child in her care had to be saved one way or another.
Taking a sip from her mocha she clicked reply to Gabe’s email.
Yes she knew her reply could blow up in her face but it was her only option at present.

To: Gabriel Morgan
From: Alexia Adams
RE: Work details.

Dear Mr Morgan,
Thank you for your swift response, has you can imagine the information and quote on the damage exceeds what I had originally expected.
And I believe you agree that Andrew will not be able to work off that debt, at least not in this life time.
However I do have another proposal on how to keep both parties, reasonably happy.
I believe you have insurance that cover’s your property, and I also aware that you claims bonus and premium rates will be affected if you make a claim to cover the costs.
I propose that those costs you accumulate from making a claim is what Andrew should pay off, and the following year difference in premium rates, this way you retain your insurance at no extra cost, Andrew can work the difference .
I hope this is acceptable.
Andrew school year has now finished and will not be required to attend school till the 6th of September. He has 9 weeks free. Please attach a copy of his time table rota so I can make sure he is up and ready to attend.
Kind Regards

Alexia pressed send and prayed for a miracle, she picked up the announcer mic.
“Andrew Farrell, to Miss Adams office immediately” She called the message out twice and turned off the mic.
She leaned back in her chair cupping her Mocha, now time to deal with Andrew and pray he is a reasonable mood.



Gabriel sat down at his desk his arms and legs a little sore for the workout he got with Sarah the night before. It was a clothing off sweaty, sexual workout, his favourite kind so he was in a very pleasant mood. Gabe took a seat at his desk reading a long and parsing email from Sarah only helped to boost his mood. He thought he may just see her again, she had suction like a hoover, with an endless throat to match. His mind was going over the details of his sexual activity when he spotted an email from Miss Adams. He knew she had to have decided to call the whole thing off because there was no way they could pay for it. He had done some digging into the home for children she ran and knew they were in no way receiving the large sums of money you think rich people would donate when their children ended up there. So knowing that much he was sure he would not have to deal with her or Andrew. Though he had to admit seeing her again wouldn't be so bad if only to get her into his bed for one night. He chuckled more at himself than anything because it always came back to his carnal desires.

Gabe opened the email and read it then stared at the computer screen and read it again. His mouth was gaping open. Was she serious with this offer? “Fuck me” he said as he shoved back in his chair. His mind was racing he was never going to recoup his money he already knew that, Even if he had called the cops but now she still wanted to send the little shit over to work. What could Gabe get out of this deal? What on earth would be his take of this? He leaned back closed his eyes and blew out a long breath at that moment it hit him, he knew exactly how to either win what he wanted or end it all with this final email. He sat up and began typing away. A smirk covering his face.

To: Alexia Adams
From: Gabriel Morgan

Subject: working conditions

Miss. Adams,

I did not get where I am by making poor business deals and yours from the start has left me holding the proverbial bag in dealing with you and your wayward boy. However after much consideration I think I can work with your offer with a few stipulations of my own.

He can come and work of the smaller amount you suggest but you will have to attend his work schedule with him and remain on site to help monitor the boy, keeping him in line.

If this is something you are willing to compromise then I think we will each be giving up a great deal in order to ensure the boy is not in the system and though I will be losing on the financial end I also know you will be giving up precious time at your home while ensuring the boy does his best to repay the smaller debt. If this is agreeable please see the attached work schedule below.

I look forward to seeing you later today.



He sent the email and smiled, either she would give in; being forced to spend time at the gym, letting Gabe know if she was worth pursuing for one night or if she would back out and he could pretend they never met, either way it was a win for Gabe. He laughed knowing a good girl like her would back out because she was not going to be here away from her other needy kids for the next few weeks it would take to get the boys debt paid. Win, win to Gabe.

He wondered back out on the gym floor where Lucas was bent over a blond “helping” her with her workout. Lucas looked up winked and went back to “helping” the blond. Gabe laughed as he went to reception where the cameras that monitored the gym sat , he could have a better look at what ladies were in the gym, because after all what good is a gym if you don't take advantage of the beautiful women who work out in it.

“Hello Jessica” she smiled back at Gabe and pulled up a seat for him, he knew his receptionist wanted to fuck him but he didn't fuck his employees and she knew that to. Flirting however was aloud and he did that in spades.

He sat down and began looking over the cameras as she began talking. May be a long day after all.


Alexia slipped her short heels off her tired feet and rubbed the sole of her foot, the morning had been long and exhausting but thankfully over.

She glanced over to the many bouquets of flowers and gifts , gifts that she had given to her from class 2014 after their graduation ceremony that very morning, she smiled warmly from the heart felt messages her students had wrote to her in their cards, and how much she was going to miss them. She was so proud of class 2014 they all had changed their lives around one way or another and were heading onto a much brighter future.

Her email notification chimed and she clicked her mouse drawing up her latest email.

Gabriel Morgan had sent her an email that left her sitting there, eyes wide, mouth wide in disbelief.

The man was so arrogant and caused her no end of agitation.  “Rotten bastard” she thought to herself after reading his reply.

She was screwed, although seeing Mr Tall Dark and incredible handsome wouldn’t be a bad thing, under different circumstances.

 Andrew knew from yesterday’s meeting that he was on his very last chance. A chance she knew she couldn’t dash from him after he agreed without fuss to comply too. His uncle agreed to pay half towards the damages regardless of the agreement between Mr Morgan and herself, as long as there was no trail to his name. She had the check sitting on her desk, and thankfully Andrew wasn’t aware of his uncle’s pay-out this time. She was hoping that if he believed that his uncle was refusing to pay out for his misdemeanours that he may realise that he was literally hanging his future in the balance.

She opened up her calendar and tried to see if she could do this, really she had no choice, but the difference in costs now were down to a few thousand pounds.

Vicktor the physical education department manager, and for all intents purposes, Alexia’s friend with some benefits, walked into her office without so much as a tap at the door.

“Hello kitten,” he practically purred to her, she rolled her eyes, and he needed a date she could always tell when he started the greeting by calling her Kitten. Vicktor and Alexia had a long term agreement, any social events, charity functions they went together. Vicktor was also one of the few people she could trust, he cared a great deal for him, not love that emotion was too deep to describe the bond she had with him, but she did however care for him.

Plus it was easier for her, to have vicktor has a go to than walking the precariously line of dating.  Something she has been unable to do since her late teens.

“What’s up Vick?” She replied not taking her eyes of her computer monitor, the clicking of her mouse key the only sound while she waited for his answer. When he didn’t reply she looked up and realised that he had walked around her standing over her reading the email Gabe had sent her.

“This guy serious?” was his only question, but his tone suggested many more.

“Yes, he is.” She replied has she leaned back against her chair, Vicktors strong hands automatically going to her shoulders massaging them. She sighed with relief, the one thing she did love about Vicktor was his massages, and they were an orgasm purely for your shoulder muscles.

“Hmm I love it when you purr for me Kitten” He whispered against her ear. She shrugged from his hold, she knew he wanted more, but she just wasn’t in the right frame of mood, and it wasn’t as if the sex was so mind blowing that she couldn’t resist, talking about stats and class target goals through foreplay should be a turn off. But that was how it was between them, a quick lay to satisfy an itch.

And today she was not in need of an itch to be scratched at least not by Vicktor.

“You are seriously thinking about submitting to his demands aren’t you?” Vicktor said to mask the disappointment in the subtle rejection of sex.

“How can I not?”

Vicktor stood up straight moving from the chair and leaning against the window sill, looking at Alexia as if he were reading her like a book.

“What?” She asked annoyed by way he looked at her.

“You are going to do it aren’t you” It wasn’t a question more than a statement, apart from Joanne, vicktor was the only other person who knew Alexia so well.

“Like I said how can I not.” She ignored his scrutinizing look as she did a quick reply to Gabe’s email.


To: Mr Morgan

From: Alexia Adams.

Re: New Rotas.

Dear Mr Morgan

Following your recent email, I agree that I will be able to attend, and will be at your premises at 1:30pm with Andrew Farrell.

Kind Regards

Alexia Adams.


She pressed send and then opened up her browser and typed in the holiday company she had booked with.

“I won’t let Andrew or any child down, if I can save them and their future I will do anything. Plus I had 4 weeks holiday owed, most of the kids have either left or gone back to friends and family for the summer holidays those remain are more than in ratio with staff that aren’t on holiday. This also gives me the opportunity to work out how to raise the rest of the funding we need.”

Vicktor shook his head, pushing away from the wall.

“You have it all figured out don’t ya’ kitten, but while you’re saving the school whose saving you?”

“I am too old and set in my ways to be saved” She said closing that subject.

“Unbelievable, keep telling yaself that kitten, but we both know its bullshit”

With that he stormed out her office, she blew out a breath shaking the conversation from her mind.

She managed to cancel her holiday that she had saved for all year, the 3 week holiday to Tunisia gone, with a few simple clicks of her mouse, and so was her £1,000 deposit. She sighed has she called down to the boys dorm’s and asked for a message to Andrew Farrell to be passed on.

“Please tell Andrew, to meet me in the main entrance in 15mins. Tell him to dress down but still smart, today is his first day of many of paying off his debt”

She hung up, grabbed her tablet, bag and jacket and headed down to the main entrance.

Time to suck it up, Lexie thought to herself, and the fact that her 1st afternoon off in over 3months will yet again be wasted.

Gabriel was running on a treadmill with Lucas doing the same to his right. They were talking between breaths and laughs, their treadmills positioned perfectly behind two gorgeous figures in front of them.

“We're like two dogs chasing a bones.” Lucas chuckled. Gabe looked at the girl in front of Lucas.

“You're chasing a bone, but this dog.” He pointed a thumb to his chest.

“Is chasing a steak.” Lucas barked out a laugh as he turned his head and caught none other than Miss. Adams entering the building with Andrew, the boy Lucas knew had helped destroy the gym several days earlier. He looked back at Gabe who was lost in the motion of the female ass in front of him.

“Hey Mate.” Lucas called Gabe back to reality.

Gabe turned his head slightly to meet Lucas's eyes before looking back at her ass.

“What asshole” Gabe chuckled once more. Lucas tossed his thumb in the direction to the door where Gabe laid eyes on none other than Alexia Adams, she was dressed down in yoga pants, a tight pink t- shirt and running shoes. She looked like she would fit in here at the gym but also to help Andrew if need be. Her lush locks were up in a ponytail that swished from shoulder to shoulder as she walked. Gabe let out a low growl and noted Lucas's low laugh, No doubt Lucas thought that he was growling in frustration but Gabe knew that was not why. His mind ran straight to what was between her thighs and how good she looked in those thin pants. He put a stop to his treadmill and stepped off moving to Lucas's treadmill and hitting stop, laughing hard when Lucas stuttered off of the treadmill.

“Fuck man” Lucas let out as he regained his balance.

“What the fuck Gabe?!” Gabe laughed again tossing his hand towel on his shoulder as he started toward his office knowing he would need to go past Miss Adams.

“I told you, you're dealing with the boy, it looks like he needs you to assign him his first task.”

Lucas moaned and started toward the pair, his back to them as he walked backwards asking Gabe why.

“Why me Mate?”

“Because I said so” Gabe said in a very matter of fact tone. Gabe walked slowly toward his office making and maintaining eye contact with Miss. Adams the whole way, never saying a word just letting his eyes do the talking as he looked her up in down in appreciation. He smirked when her face grew red under his stare. Still never speaking he continued walking. He was going to leave some space between her and him and allow her to get comfortable with him. The Boy called to Gabe and Gabe's shoulders slumped He turned to look at the boy.

“What do you want me to do first?” Gabe frowned at the boy, he was still upset with him and still was not sure the boy was going to follow through or turn around. Gabe walking backwards to his office now looked at Miss. Adams smiling his best smile then laughing.

“She didn't tell you?” Andrew looked between Gabe and his guardian. She looked at Andrew then back to Gabe still red in the face. She bit her lower lip and in that moment Gabe's cock twitched. His eyebrows knitted together at the instant silly reaction to something so simple. Now frustrated he snapped.
“Lucas. Come tell the boy what you need from him.” Gabe turned around and stormed into his office slamming the door.





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