Sleeping With Lavenders

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It's 1997, Princess Diana is still alive, hurricanes and Nintendo games are all the rage. In the small but lively college town of Beumount, Georgia, lives a young teenage girl of the name Abigail.
An ambitious aspiring-to-be lawyer of only 17. AP, Honors, Mock Trial, you name it. She enjoys her status as a sweet "It" girl. However that may be, she holds a very dangerous secret within her.
Something she has tried to ignore since she was only a child. That is until one summer day she meets the person who will change her entire life...Possibly for the worst, and not to Abigail herself.
A psychological thriller and an allegorical cinematic story about the true horrors that go on in our everyday lives. Stemmed from research on Chronophilias and Sociopathic behavior studies, not a
story for everyone so TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains descriptions of sexual abuse, homicide, and suicidal references.

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Submitted: July 03, 2018

I want to take the time to write about whom this entire book will be dedicated to.

To the late Margaux Fragoso, who spoke about the deadly tiger in her life, and survived. To my fiancé Allan, who showed me the way to my wings. Finally, to my own deadly demon filled past. I will
make peace with you someday.

Our prologue introduces us to a scene far away in time from sunny 1997. The culmination of the long journey that our two main characters have built throughout the harrowful years. To understand our
foreshadowing, a deeper look must be taken by travelling back in time. To where it all started.
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