the broken

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this poem is about my ex boyfriend,Arik. after he left me i ws soo depressed and so i decided to write this..

Submitted: May 28, 2009

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Submitted: May 28, 2009





The Brokenive known you, half of my life.we went out thinking it'd be were 12 i was 13,but it wasnt so easy as u can see.We got into fightthat just made me wanna cry and cry.It always ended up quite sadcuz both of us werepretty madthe things you saidreally did hurt mebut could you see?Us being together was off and onI guess i never really listened to john.Yout told me " fuck You" n " i dont care"i always wondered wat was behind that hair.i new you had a hearti knewit was trueBut could've i really been inlove with you?we held hands, i dreamt of your smile,and just thught i could stay like this for a while8th grade came by i said goodbyeleavin you a message to you made me cryi moved on with lovejust like an uncaged dove.a year had pastand thats wen things happened so fastso i gave you a calljust around the middle of fall.thats when you said you wanted me backin your lifei said i will, knowing i cant lieyou said you changedand you were not the sameWe finally got to meet again within a yeari really wanted to shed a tearwe went out for a good 7 monthsand thats wen things started to go wrongwe were growing apartadn so was our heartsi was losing faithand soon close to loves fate.Thats wen he told me goodbye..and everytihng in my world jsut died..Why did he do this to mei wondered if he even loved me?would he care if shoed up at his door in tears?or would he shove me away leaving me with my fears?I dont know how much longer i can take,and im afraid i have lost him for goodand im losing my own faith...

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