Amy's Monkey

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sheldon finds Amy a very special gift and helps a small child along the way

Submitted: September 20, 2014

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Submitted: September 20, 2014



It was rare for Sheldon to go to any store besides the Comic Book Store; all stores were just too public and crowded. It was even more difficult to find him shopping alone- but that didn't mean he didn't do it from time to time.

On this particular afternoon, Sheldon found himself wandering in a small local shop down the road from his apartment. It wasn't like the Comic Book Store- this store was actually popular and had things besides comic books. All around him were shelves lines with items ranging from candles to journals and folded t-shirts of various bright colors. Sheldon had never seen such a disorganized mess.

There was something about the shop that drew him to it, however. Before he even walked in he noticed the quiet of the place from the outside and to him it was rather alluring, so here he was.

Looking around, Sheldon didn't see anything particular that intrigued him and sparked his attention. A camera here, a snow globe there, this place was definitely nothing close to where he usually spent his time.

Just as he was about to leave, Sheldon heard the small grunt of a little boy and his quiet whimpers. He paused in his tracks for a moment and debated on whether to figure out what the child's problem was, and eventually turned around to find the small boy at his feet, tugging gently on his pant leg.

It seemed to Sheldon that the boy couldn't speak at all – or maybe he was just shy – but nevertheless, the boy had no problem turning his whimpers into a soft wail and with a shaky hand he pointed to a shelf way out of his reach.

Sheldon's eyes almost bulged out of his head – this child had just found what he'd been searching for, and surprisingly, there were only two left in sight.

On the shelf sat two stuffed monkey side by side, each with a fitted flash t-shirt hugging it nicely. They were exact replicas of the one he had at home, and that got him excited.

The boy's smile lit up the whole room when Sheldon handed him one of the monkeys and before running off, he giggled and gestured for Sheldon to lean down so he could whisper in his ear.

"Thank you!" and Sheldon smiled at the child's enthusiasm. After he ran off, Sheldon was left alone to retrieve his own monkey from the shelf.

It was so soft, Sheldon couldn't stop turning it over in his hands. He knew Amy would love it; it was absolutely perfect for her.

Despite his distaste for gift giving, Sheldon had no problem purchasing the monkey for Amy as a present to her, and he left the shop minutes later in high spirits.

He now had an excuse to see Amy tonight and he couldn't be more excited.

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