My Sanctuary (Bleed Red)

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I wrote this late at night.

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



Let the rose bleed red
Until the color drains
What will be left?
Faded pink petals, dying quietly
Fall pretty petals, I'll take you home
To the land of nowhere
My place, my home
I try to live alone
My concious creates people
Those better left in the real world
Instead they follow me
Into my sanctuary
Leave me to myself!
I scream, I attack
The shadows of my past
Those of them that have followed me
Into my once safe haven
Now crowded with evil
They press against me
I bite, I claw
There is no room
My back is again the wall
Go away, leave me be!
This fucking place is now my enemy
Will I ever be free?
To live, to dream
I can't breathe
Evil is suffocating me
I need to find that light
The light to destroy the evil
Of my once safe haven
How will I escape?
I'm trapped here
No air, no way out
Will I die?
Is that the only way?
To stop the negativity
That eats me alive
My snctuary is no more
All the locked doors
Have opened
Now my secrets pour out
As well as my hidden feelings
Love, pain, hate, anger
They explode in the sky
Like fireworks on the fourth of July
I stare in awe
I can't help the amazement
That my once safe haven
Had been destroyed
And yet I feel more free
Than I had ever before
I thank the stars
And the light I found
They led me here
Into your arms

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