Title Unknown.

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This is just a short sneak peek at the story I am writing. It may not be much but I am hoping to get some feedback on it. Whether I should continue on with this story, etc..

Submitted: March 17, 2015

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Submitted: March 17, 2015



"I'm sick Carter. You know that. I thought you said everything was fine?"

Katherine walked towards him and put held her hands behind his neck. She gazed into those light brown eyes she loved so much. It was probably one of her favorite things about him. 

"Stop! Don't even touch me!" Carter yelled as he took a step away from her. "You think I want to be with someone who is sick?"

"Carter, it's just a disease I have to live with. I'm not dying." Katherine could feel the tears coming in her eyes. She knew telling him her secret would affect him but why did he wait this long to say something?

"Yeah, well you might as well die Katherine!" Carter turned away from her and started walking to his car, not looking back.

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