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About Elf the movie (:

Submitted: January 19, 2012

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Submitted: January 19, 2012



Alex Soncrant
Mr. A
English II
Oct. 28, 2011


Do you know where you really came from? The movie Elf was about a guy (Buddy) growing up in Santa’s work shop, thinking he’s an elf. When he was about 30 he found out he wasn’t an elf and he wanted to meet his birth father. Buddy goes to New York to find his dad and he doesn’t fit in well there, considering he’s never been out of the North Pole. But he finds his dad and a lot of interesting things happen. People that like funny and random movies should watch Elf, because of the funny scenes, the memorable quotes, the cool characters, and the background music.

First, people that like funny movies should watch Elf because of its awesome scenes. Stuff that makes scenes awesome are usually random but funny stuff that happens. “There’s an evil sound coming from under the window it sounds like EAHHCHERRRR”  (46:09). In this scene Buddy is alone at his dad’s house, scared by the heater. This is funny because he’s freaking out over the sound of a heater, which most people would not do because most people know what a heater sounds like. Also in this scene where Buddy is talking to Michel, “Gosh you’re fast. I’m glad I caught up with you. I waited five hours for you. Why’s your coat so big? So good news I saw a dog today, have you seen a dog? Probably have. How was school? Was it fun? Did you get a lot of homework? Huh? Do you have any friends? Do you have a best friend? Does he have a big coat too?” - Buddy

“Go away!” (Michel 52:22). This scene is funny because Buddy asks a bunch of questions and doesn’t give Michel a chance to answer any of the questions, and Michel doesn’t even want Buddy to be there. Because of Elf’s funny scenes, people that like funny movies should watch this movie.  

Second, people that enjoy random movies should go watch Elf because of the memorable quotes. Because its always fun when you’re watching a movie a few times and you know exactly what they’re about to say. “Buddy the elf what’s your favorite color?” (Buddy 59:48). This was the first quote I ever remembered from this movie. It’s memorable and totally random. It happened when Buddy was at work with his dad and he practically jumped on his dad to answer the person on the phone what his favorite color was. Because of the random memorable quotes people that like random movies should see Elf.

Third, awesome characters like Buddy make this movie a great movie for people that like to watch funny movies.  Buddy is the main character of this movie, and he’s pretty awesome, because of the weird stuff he does. There is scene when he feels something on the railing along the side of the street, he looks at it. It’s gum! He starts pulling off all the nasty gum and putting it in his mouth. Then he goes into the circular spinning doors, like at the airport, and runs around screaming, “AHHHHHHHH!” Then he stops, runs to the trash can, throws up, then goes and runs inside the spinning doors again (20:40). This scene shows how random the character Buddy is. He’s very entertaining. Characters like Buddy should make people that like funny movies to go watch it.

Fourth, people that like funny and random movies should watch Elf because of the awesome background music in this movie, it fits with the scenes well. Like when they play the song “Pennies from Heaven” at 19:26. This plays when Buddy is in New York running around the streets, waving at random people, grabbing fliers when he didn’t even know what they were for, and running into a coffee shop yelling, “You did it! Congratulations! Worlds best cup of coffee, great job everybody, it’s great to meet you.” He also jumps across the street like a bunny, getting all exciting because he thought he saw Santa but it was not him, eating gum off the railing on the side of the street, spinning in the spinning doors and throwing up, and then does it again. Then he annoys the flier people by taking more fliers, and then he looks up and sees the place where his dad works. The awesomeness of the song “Pennies from Heaven” worked well for this scene and makes the movie watchable. Because of the of the great background music, this should make people that like random movies want to watch Elf.

People that enjoy funny random movies should go watch Elf, because of the hilarious scenes, the quotable quotes, the cool characters, and the awesome background music. Some of the scenes in Elf are really random and funny. There are a lot of quotes in this movie that are memorable. Buddy is an awesome characters in Elf. The background music of this movie set the movie well in the scenes. So do you like funny random movies? Go watch Elf!


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