The truth about the darkness

The truth about the darkness The truth about the darkness

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Behind the world of humans are the secret societies waging a secret war. A prophecy has been reveiled that will flip the lives of 4 teenagers.
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Behind the world of humans are the secret societies waging a secret war. A prophecy has been reveiled that will flip the lives of 4 teenagers.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The truth about the darkness

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Behind the world of humans are the secret societies waging a secret war. A prophecy has been reveiled that will flip the lives of 4 teenagers.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 27, 2013




On this earth there are two worlds that live coexisting alongside each other. One world is the human’s mundane world with everyday problems, they are fragile but they are not weak. They are the god and goddesses creations which mean they are protected by us. The secret societies. The Secret societies are made up of 7 groups; The Witches, the vampires, the werewolves (weres), the Fae (humans know them as fairies), the nephel, the fallen angels (light) and the prophets. These groups are the goddess’s creations, her children but they are also her soldiers, created for the soul reason of protecting the humans. The reason the humans are so important is because they contain the pure soul and they are the goddess’s finest creation.

The witches are the guardians of nature and the human emotion and they are usually the first line of defense, using their magik to sway minds to peace and work on information that has been collected by the vampires. Because the witches look the most human they work very closely with the humans and live in their world.

 The vampires are made of the dark side of magik and not natural which is why the sun undoes the dark magik that makes them immortal, strong and fast and some have found ways around the sun with the help of witches. This happened when they formed an alliance with the witches 2000 years ago after a major war between the clans over struggle over some humans, but now there is peace. The Vampires are the first indirect lines of defense, this is because instead of being direct defense they are the “undercover” force, as you could imagine werewolves aren’t good at stealth, they are “spies” you could say.

The werewolves are one of the first lines of defense in physical warfare if the witches and vampires fail with persuasion. This is because they have little to no weaknesses, there one weakness is called “wolfs bane”, and yea they named their weakness after themselves, not a very bright bunch. This is why they are paired with the Nephel, the children of angels raised in both the angels and the society worlds; this makes them the strongest and smartest of the society, they possess the powers of their divine parents, such as mind powers, physical agility and strength. They possess many other powers, depending on who their parents are. Some nephel also have brothers and sisters in their groups and most share the same powers.

 The fae are the divine, they live in a separate world specially crafted by the goddess Diana to help them be the messengers from the humans to her world, they also work as emotion conductors and controllers in the human world they work closely with the vampires, witches and the prophets.

 The prophets are the messengers from the goddess Diana and the God Pan, they let the societies know if they are missing something or something that threatens their kin and usually people are chosen to possess gifts from the divine through the prophets.

Nobody knows why they are chosen or how they are picked out of the hundreds of other people. Once they are chosen and named by the prophets, they disappear for a period of time and then reappear to do their chosen job then they disappear again, no one knows where they go or what happens to them. Everyone assumes that they die while doing their service, but there has been no explanation or answer from either of the divine.

They protect the humans from a range of threats, this is more instinct then duty, they are born with it, but it doesn’t show itself until it is awakened by the right combination of emotion and strength. The societies save the humans from themselves, (which is harder than you think.). They save them from their own kind (They are not perfect and jealousy sometimes overcomes their drive of protection that was woven into their soul.) They protect them from a very large range of threats but the most dangerous are the dark fallen. The dark fallen are fallen angels, the same as the light but instead of repenting the mistakes they made to the god or goddess they take it out on the humans, infecting the society with greed and addiction and ultimately whipping them out. They are powerful and recruit allies from inside the societies and use them to influence the secret societies.  Throwing them off the trail, this is how the prophecy cycle was founded two or more individuals to be untouched, uninfected and almost invincible.  Almost.


I hate psychology, worst.subject.ever. And now I was stuck in it. My aim at school is what I have been told “blend in”, “finish” and the most important rule “no magic in front of humans” which was the same in all societies but surprisingly, we don’t really get along. But you see blending in is really hard especially for the wolves and the clans put a lot of pressure on us, for kids. As I walked as slow as I possibly could across the quad in the blazing sun thinking about how unfair my life is and how much I hate Texas. On my way to psychology heard rapid footsteps running up behind me,

 “GEM, GEM!!”  Someone screamed, that’s my name, Gemma White.

I turned quickly my eyes surveying the bright quad, and I saw my best friend, Tayla smiling at me as she ran towards where I was standing. Tayla is pretty short with short blonde hair and pretty blue eyes, she has a curvy body that girls (me included) envy. To top all her cuteness off she has a heart shaped face and dresses like a cabbage patch kid, little overalls, dimples and everything. People wonder why we are friends, and I wonder too at my five foot six with long auburn hair mostly tied up in a bun, people say I should show off my dollish features and grey eyes, but I just don’t really care. I don’t have a curvy body and I dress in mostly my band shirts, jeans and my amazing converses. I mean I’m not ugly by far but I’m not ultra-pretty either.

Tayla jumped up and down in front of me like an exited puppy squealing something I swear wasn’t in English. When she finally calmed down I asked her;

“Now in English, what’s going on tonight?” by this point we had stopped walking and there were kids like me complaining about the heat and still trying to be as slow as possible to class, ambling around us.

“The ritual dummy” she squealed

I almost face palmed myself.

“Crap, I totally forgot” I replied and I did I had been trying to forget all day, tonight is my 17th birthday celebration. It’s pretty much the only big day we get in the “witch world” (as Tayla calls it.)The day our magic gets fully installed and they tell me what element I represent in the circle. You know fire, water, air or earth, dark or light, and I become a full member of the witches’ secret society brining honor to my family. Yay.

The smile dropped from Tayla’s face and she stopped jumping with a stricken look on her face.

“How can you forget?! It’s, like the biggest day in your life” she replied bummed out. She hadn’t turned 17 yet and she was vicariously living through me.

“Hmmp” I replied, wishing for the first time that I was in psychology. I started walking towards the science block again.

“Oh also there is a new kid here at school, I hear he’s hot” she said catching up to me with a squeal and a wink.

“Oh cool, well I have to go to psychology” I said just wanting to run away.

“Oh fine you downer see you tonight” she yelled as she sprinted away from me in the opposite direction to class her thongs slapping against the hot concrete.

I rolled my eyes and smiled at here retreating form, she was so ecstatic like a puppy and weird but that was the reason I loved her it’s like her happiness invades me. That was the reason we were friends. I shook my head and hurried to class.

When I finally made it too psychology my teacher was in the middle of a lecture on memory and the process of remembering, or something or other. As soon as she saw me she gave me a disapproving look, which I ignored, and started giving the class a was going to be a half an hour lecture on wasting time, I mean seriously?


You may ask me if I ever wondered what it would be like to tell someone “well the real world, doesn’t apply to me” well it’s not necessarily true because it does apply to me, us and the humans co-exist even if they don’t know it. And yes it does annoy me.


The class room is on the second floor of the science building and surrounded by windows that you could see out of all the way down to the grounds below, you can see trees and the PE class, but I just like watching people walk around and watching the wagers get busted because they haven’t figured out you can see them from here yet.

The class room is pretty fitted out for a Texas public school, that’s what you get for having the society here. There are four adjoining white board and when you pull them apart there was one of those smart boards.

I scanned the room looking for my seat, recognizing all the familiar faces mostly going ew and what the hell is she wearing in my head getting the usual looks back as I walked past.

 Then I saw a face I didn’t know, he was already looking back at me and all thoughts flew from my mind, he reminded me of someone I once knew I stopped walking and went to take a step towards him the pull was so strong but I caught myself just in time and dragged myself to my seat.

“What the hell was that?!?!”  I placed my bag on the table and slide into my seat beside the window; I only sat here, mostly so I could just look out of it and wish I was out there. I tried to ignore and tried to brush the feeling off. He was plaguing my mind and I couldn’t brush that feeling I couldn’t stop thinking about him, I knew him.  He was good looking yea, but it wasn’t that it was something else, like id already met him but couldn’t remember his name. His eyes were amazing I considered for a moment if he was a were (werewolf) but I brushed the thought of knowing there were no wolves at this school. I could feel tears welling up behind my eyes  and my throat tightening behind my eyes but I willed them to stay behind my eyes and looked out the window trying to clear my mind .

 The class dragged on as I just sat there and stared at the back of his head and out the window pretending to listen to the teacher. Finally the bell rang and I leaped out of my seat sliding my bag on as I made for the door as fast as I could, without looking like a maniac. Of course being my usual self, I wasn’t looking where I was looking and ran straight into someone and landed smack on my butt. I looked up and shot a glare at the culprit.

“Oh damn, sorry” said the new kid

Oh English accent alert, I love accents I wish I had a cool one or could do impressions but I only have this lame one. I was too busy babbling in my mind to realize that he was standing there looking down at me, studying me just as I was doing to him. With a funny look on his face, He stretched his arm out trying to help me up and said

“I’m so sorry, my names Christian Marr”

I ignored his hand and got myself up. Well at least I know his name now i thought to myself, but the feeling that I knew him wouldn’t go away. Once I was on my feet and my mind had shut up, mostly I realized how tall he actually was. My uncles six foot and Christian looked like he was taller, which is pretty damn tall and it unnerved me.

“Gemma White” I said trying to act normal, when in actual fact my heart was beating so fast I could feel it in my throat and that attraction was back slamming into my body like a freight train, I mean seriously how can feel like this for someone you don’t even know? There was nothing cute and fuzzy about this feeling this was pure attraction. It scared me and all I wanted to do was shut down and walk away but I made myself stay.

“Lovely to meet you Gemma White” he replied and as he said it he gently grabbed my hand from my side and kissed my hand like a gentleman.  I looked around at the rest of my class, some were still milling around but most had just legged it out of there. Then getting my attention again he winked, turned and walked away with a cheeky smile on his face. What a bastard! I thought to myself, I think I was in shock.

“ommygawd!!!!” I heard in a haze from behind me.

I turned around in my haze still trying to figure out what the hell just happened, I must say he had me intrigued and pissed at the same time. I blinked out of my haze in time to see Tayla flouncing towards me while standing like a frozen moment in the science hall, her blonde hair bouncing as she power skipped/ walked.

“Huh?” was all I could say. She was full of questions; who is he?, what’s his name?, where’s he from? and that accent! I told her all I knew I said

“His name is Christian Marr and I pretty sure he’s that new guy you were gushing about earlier.”  I said putting my hands on her shoulders

“Wow” she replied her eyes bright “you’re such a slayer Gemm!!” she continued as we started walking down stairs to the quad.

“And I was not gushing!” she continued glaring slightly at me

 “I am not a slayer!” I replied in fake horror her emotion infecting me shielding my eyes from the assaulting sun as we exited the building; I looked around as we walked onto the quad. Our school was pretty big, coming off from each side of the paved quad were 4 buildings one for each subject, Math’s, science, English and Electives. Yea our school wasn’t that good, subjects wise and it’s so hot!! . you would have though because our families were loaded we would got to a better exclusive preppy school, but our families were posted to the coven here. Bummer, I know. Our house though is pretty flippen awesome!

She was still ranting about how much of a “slayer I was and comparing what happened to some romantic rom com she had recently been obsessed with when we entered the car park.

“You are a slayer and you know it, but I gotta go lub lub, see you tonight, slayer”

she laughed as she got into her car and I couldn’t help it I laughed a proper laugh and climbed into my car. I don’t laugh whole most of the time because there wasn’t, in all truth much here that made me laugh these days I used to laugh all the time.

I backed out making funny faces at Tayla  as I did she flipped me the bird and I flipped it back laughing for the whole drive home. I used to hate Driving when I was on my learners, I was so nervous with my teacher, always looking over my shoulder. But once I finally passed I realized the freedom.

I pulled into our driveway, up to the gate and pressed the button on the speaker box;

“Yo Spillett its Gemma” I said to the speaker

“wuddup Gemm come on in” She replied

As the gates creaked open, and I drove up to the house, I looked at my house, it was like an old Victorian mansion all bricks and class with a huge driveway and a car park at the front. I pulled into my space and sat in the car gathering my courage;

“Here we go” I said to myself as I climbed out of my car and strolled into my giant house. As soon as I was though the door a maid took my bag and pushed me up the stairs and shoved me into my room where my mother was sitting on my bed getting a manicure done by a Pilipino beauty therapist.

As soon as my mother saw me pushed through the door, she snatched her hand away and said

“Leave us.” To the Pilipino lady.

As the lady walked past me out the door I said thank you to the lady, she smiled and brushed past me with a nod.

“you’re late” said my mother as she raised gracefully from the bed, some people said we looked alike but the only thing I get from her is my nose and maybe skin.

The rest of my afternoon consisted of getting ready for the circle tonight, which in truth, hectic. Hence the reason for the courage gathering in the car. Mum wouldn’t quit, ordering maids around dressing and undressing me and putting on makeup, constantly changing her mind as she there on my bed rolling her dragon eyes watching the maids flutter around me.

As I stood there staring at myself in the mirror, I had zoned out of the fuss about my room and my mother’s orders I learned to do it as a kid. You may ask about my dad, I don’t know my dad I never have some people think it’s upsetting but you can’t miss something you never had. No one knows where I get my hair from and I don’t care I love it, long dark auburn hair is in my opinion, awesome because you’re not quite ranger and you’re not brunette your somewhere in between.

After a few hours of watching the maids stress she called a break and sent the maids out in a fuss complaining about their stupidity and bad fashion choices. If you haven’t gotten it by now, I don’t like my mother and I try to spend as much of my time out of the house at Tayla’s or, in the kitchen I discovered the kitchen when I was ten because I realized it was one of the places she never went, and it always smelled nice and warm. I got up and snuck out of my room and into the hall, and looked around for witnesses. The best thing about being in a secret society, old money. No, I’m serious I mean a lot of money, a beautiful house and a kick ass life…mostly if you weren’t “hired by the goddess or gods, to do their bidding you were safe to live a life of luxury and breed more warriors. Any ways. The beautiful house as I said is all class on the outside but all style on the inside, Marble floors, bench tops and a grand staircase leading into the foyer, which is the room leading off from the front doors upstairs it has 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms a huge living area, a huge kitchen all fitted out with everything one could possibly need and awesome staff on hand during the day and night.

 My room is pretty big, big enough to fit a four posted bed and three bookshelves a vanity, a desk and a bathroom. I loved my room with two big windows facing over the front yard towards the gate on either side of my bed. I love windows because they always provide me with a feeling of escape, like doorways to another world. The two windows were framed with heavy cream curtains the same color as my walls, tied up on either side of the frame. My dark oak book shelves on the right and my desk, bathroom and wardrobe on the other. It’s just one of the smaller rooms too; the others are huge, for accommodating other members of the society. It’s quite a waste of house really because a lot of the time it’s just me and mum here, sometimes I wished I had siblings to share all this with so I would be less alone. But only rarely do we have guests to fill the rooms. The other good thing about this huge house is that me and mum were rarely in the same room which was a plus for everyone.

Earlier this afternoon we had been informed by our priestess of a new society family in town, she didn’t specify which society but I got the idea they weren’t witches. She also commanded that we would be required to house them tonight. Great. All I said is that I hope they aren’t annoying and load but deep down just a whisper of me hoped they had a kid I could hang with, being an only child does get to you after a while. People think I should be great full for what I have instead of sad, honestly I hate being alone it is my biggest fear I tend to draw people near to me and use them as shields but ask yourself this question, how can I be grateful when I have never been without?

I was pondering this question as I mooched down the stairs and across the foyer into the kitchen, where I found my favorite person in the house Rhonda, our cook who honestly acts more like my actual mum. I smiled as I walked through the door and smelled the amazing aroma of the kitchen; it just has that amazing smell of food all the time, the smell of home. I loved Rhonda, she was short and in her 50’s her once beautiful brown hair now riddled with streaks of grey. But her face never changed, her eyes never lied and she always looked after me like a mum should.

“What are you doing in my kitchen” I heard Rhonda say from the pantry

“I smelled food” I said with a little smile, heading over to the kitchens island and planting myself on a stool.

“well don’t just sit there, come and help me” she said bustling her way out of the huge pantry her arms full of bits and pieces for making pasta. I jumped up and ran across the other side of the kitchen, grabbing a few of the heavier things and plunked them down on the marble bench.

“Well since you’re here, would you like to help?” she said gesturing to the kitchen.

“Yes, I would love to” a huge smile on my face I got my apron on and started making pasta.

I remembered when I first got this apron was when I was 10 years old and I first met Rhonda and she started to teach me to cook. One day she bought a present home for me and it was this apron, she had made it herself and I decided that year I would secretly call her mama because she was Italian and all the young maids called her mama


Around an hour later, a very flustered looking maid raced into the kitchen she walked up to me and hurriedly told me I needed to start getting dressed. Startled, I checked my watch and sure enough it was 10;  I knew what I looked like, all scruffy and covered and covered in flour I imagined rocking up to the ritual like that and laughed to myself as I raced up stairs. As soon as I opened the door my mother ushered me into the bathroom to shower in a panic. I swear I had just gotten into the shower when my mother started banging on the door

“Hurry up Gemma!!!” she yelled through the door

I jumped out and toweled myself dry quick smart, you don’t argue with my mum ever you just do what she wants, as fast as possible.

 I opened the door and came face to face with the dragon lady herself she threw some underwear and a bra at me naturally, I was horrified,  and as she ran out of my bedroom door , down the hall to her room she yelled;

“Put that underwear on and the maids will dress you, I will be right back!!”

“Yes mother dear!” I yelled back, rolling my eyes. Humilliated I stepped back into the bathroom putting my undies and bra on and stepping into my room only to be surrounded by maids and dressed. Naturally, as always I zoned out.

 The maids finished dressing me and on the way out Mandy one of the younger maids turned around and said

“Stay out of the kitchens for the rest of the night miss, you wouldn’t want to dirty that beautiful dress.”

I gave a slight nod and she took that as her cue to leave.

After she left and shut the door softly behind her I walked into the bathroom and surveyed myself in the full length mirror and actually saw what I was wearing. It wasn’t really my style but the maids had out done themselves so I tried looking at it from Taylas view. The dress was actually amazing, it was strapless and fell to my knees with a corset around the middle and full laces up at the back making me look more witchy than usual. Another thing that surprised me was the shoes, Doc martins I had seen at the store and tried on but mum said no, to see them now though struck an emotion I had not felt towards my mother, well in almost my life, love no that was just the shoes talking. She had actually remembered and tried, that’s not like mum at all. I was still in shock at my out of control emotions when my mother flew (literally) back into my room with a Pilipino beauty therapist, the same lady from earlier. I smiled at the lady as she gestured me over to the dressers vanity and said

“Hello dear you may call me Linda”

“Please, don’t talk to her, just do makeup” interrupted my mother

Love is a funny emotion, because just like that, it was got replaced by anger.

I glared at my mother and said

“Thank you Linda”
With a genuine smile on my face.


I let her fuss around my makeup for half an hour and then finally she stepped back, happy with her work. Not to toot my own horn but Linda did an incredible job. She had put a little foundation, eyeliner and mascara on just enough for me to look nice but not Goth what surprised me is the colour of lipstick, my lips were naturally pink so I didn’t really wear it unless I was going to a costume party, but she picked a deep burgundy red and I must say, I loved it. To complete the look she left my hair down to fall into natural curls.

Mum announced it was here turn to get ready and marched out of the room the whole brigade of maids rushing after her. But before Linda left she whispered to me

“Good luck tonight young one, you look beautiful and many surprises await you tonight.” She gave me butterfly kisses on my cheeks and hurried after the brigade.

I got up and walked to the door shutting it and leaning my back against it and closing my eyes. Great surprises. Oh joy.

I opened one eye to check the time it was 11:10pm.


 “pfft ages”  I said out loud, I pushed myself off the door and walked over to my bed.

I though. Leaning back on my pillows I put my ear buds in and closed my eyes. I love music, just like windows they are like a representation of escape and piece where none of this world was aloud I was just relaxing listening to a good round of Eminem when mum busted through the door with a loud bang cutting through my music telling me

“Gemma sit up now, you will ruin your hair”

I jumped up my ear buds  pulling out of my ears and I was being slammed back into my world quickly I whirled around and checked myself in the mirror, fine and that’s when the nerves kicked in making me shake slightly. The pressure that was about to happen was a witches biggest day in their lives.

My clock red 11:40 when  mum ushered me down stairs, and across the marble foyer to the front door, where Rhonda and the rest of the maids were waiting Rhonda gave me a little wink and slipped me a box (that I almost dropped I was so nervous) then I was all but pushed out of the door.

When I was safely in the car and mum was ranting to the driver about incompetence, I took out the box and opened it and inside was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was a necklace on a delicate silver chain with a tiny black sapphire in the shape of an oval; I immediately put it on and realized it went with my outfit, cheeky, smart maids. As I moved around to stare out the window I realized this was the car with the leather seats and my thighs were going to stick to the seats “great” I thought and I settled to staring out the back of mums seat to the biggest event of my life.

The drive seemed to go on forever but eventually we pulled off the main road and into Fenton cliffs reserve. Fenton cliffs reserve is a place that has been used by our kind for generations it is beautiful, the cliffs back off into the ocean and if you closed your eyes and listen you could hear the sea crashing against the rocks like them were trying to climb up. How you could tell if a place was magical is that although being so close to the ocean big old oak trees grew everywhere. Oaks are a symbol of magic in all societies and they are sacred groves of the goddess and god. Fenton Cliffs is surrounded by tons of old magik and is one of the biggest sacred groves in America. As soon as I got out of the car I knew something was….. off for the first time, I could feel the magik pressing against my skin.

“Weird” I thought

 My mother shot me a dragon lady look and I remembered the cloak. All members of the witch coven were to wear the cloaks until they were to be sworn into the circle of light, it’s more of a tradition really. I reached back into the car and retrieved my cloak. When I turned around my mother was already making her way into the forest, along with the driver. Thanks guys. It took me a bit to get the cloak on which was annoying because you would assume after spending your whole life putting one on, it would be easy well apparently not.

As I made my way in the dark trying to follow my mother through the forest I felt magic pressing into me guiding me letting me see it in the dark.

“Whoa” I said as the magic surrounded me in a huge cloud of muli colored mist.

“What?” my mother said

“Nothing mum, its ok” I replied and smiled, I knew what was happening was weird because my mother couldn’t see it and you weren’t supposed to have magic until the ritual of being sworn to the light is complete.

“What is happening to me?” I whispered to myself in the frigid darkness.

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