the truth about the darkness chapter 2

the truth about the darkness chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



the second chapter of the prophecy.
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the second chapter of the prophecy.

Chapter1 (v.1) - the truth about the darkness chapter 2

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the second chapter of the prophecy.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 27, 2013



Chapter two .


Pushing away the thought and tucking it away I carried on through the forest to the circle. This was my night and nothing was going to ruin it, not even this weird magic that was following me. I ignored it and continued through the forest towards the clearing.

As I came into a small clearing where my cloaked mother was talking to an uncloaked man, Ah I thought, this must be the family, but I could only see the man. As I got closer I could see the man apologizing for the lack of his son.

“it’s fine, my daughter has been having trouble with her cloak so she should be here in a moment.” She said in an annoyed tone as she spotted me

“AH! There she is, Gemma!” my mother called to me I walked towards them and saw a shadow coming from the other side of the clearing behind the man. Before the shadow could reach him the man spun and grabbed the shadow, pinning it to the ground,

“AUSTIN” said my mother in a shocked voice

“Your thoughts are still too loud!” Said the man I now identify as Austin.

Wha, oh thoughts. Nephel. Human fathers angel mothers, raised by both.

“I suck at this” said the shadow, standing and coming into the light. Christian Marr stood right in front of me.

No.Freaking. Way.

Why is this happening to me? I wanted to run and never look back but I wanted to stay equally as much

The emotions blowing out of proportion I tried to squish them back in, unsuccessfully.

“This is my son, Mariel, Christian”  Austin said to my mother

“Pleasantries, Come, or we will be late.” My mother said in a snide tone as she turned sharply and made her way towards the trees. Me for the first time hurrying after her and the Nephel close behind.

We walked through the dark for about ten minutes and then we came out of the trees and neared the grove, I saw why this was an ancient place for the goddess and for rituals to be performed, there was a huge blue dome of moving magik that stretched 200 meters across the clearing and I watched my mother and Austin step through it without hesitation. I walked towards the dome and stopped a few centimeters away from stepping into it.

As I stood there pondering if I stepped through it would I run into it or go through it, I felt Christian standing behind he I turned around to tell him to back off. I didn’t realize, he was RIGHT behind me, I turned and my face was right in his chest. Startled I took a step back and tripped, Christian reached forward and tried to stop me from falling through the barrier but in the panic I tried to grab but my hands swept through empty air. 

My back slammed into the cold,  hard ground. As I tried to pick my head up from the dirt a splitting pain jolted behind my eyes and I winced, I tried to get up, but Christian kneeled down and said

“No don’t you might be hurt.”

“Why are you here Christian?” I said in my best angry voice and shot him a death glare I learned from my mother.

“I’m here for a very important job and announcement…Gemma White I’m also here to help you”  he replied

Now I’m not going to lie, at this point my rational thought train was gone and my stupidness was pretty high, my heart was going to break loose of my body and run off down the forest path any moment. Then my rational train was back on track and I realized what he said confused I asked

“Why do I need help? You’re the one wondering around in the dark, following me” I said getting to my feet, successfully this time.  

Christian rolled his eyes and put his hands up at me as if not to spook me and said

“You won’t understand yet, let me….”

He stepped towards me, panicked; I stepped back and through the domed barrier.

“NO!!” I heard Christian scream before my world changed forever.

Now this next part is hard to remember but I will try to explain it as best as I can.

When I stepped through the barrier the first thing I felt was pain, spine splitting ear popping agonising, pain. I dropped to the ground, tears flowing out of my eyes and I could hear myself screaming but it was like being trapped in your own body I just wanted to die. At first I thought I had been stabbed or attacked but, then I could see shadows, people coming out of the dark through the trees I thought they are coming to save me then I saw their faces.  Their faces would haunt me forever, gaunt, white soulless faces right there walking over me running their fingers, teeth and hair across my skin as I lay helpless on the ground writhing in pain. To be honest I lost my mind nothing was real and my world was fear and pain. Then a face the most beautiful face I had ever seen came in front of me cutting the creatures out of her way as her made his way towards me. Then the beautiful face spoke

“Hello Gemma” that voice eased the pain but I still couldn’t stop screaming or crying, the creatures slowed their movements and started shrinking away from her. I tilted my head up towards the beautiful girls face and nodded. Then she moved closer to me so she was sitting beside me her white dress flowing around her in wind that only she could feel and pulled me into her lap, as she sat on the ground the material of her dress flowing over my skin she whispered into my ear

“It’s almost over, dear its ok it’s almost over” Over and over again.

Then she started singing, I will remember this song forever

“If pain produces harmony, we all have a note.

If Goddess conducts the symphony, no one sings alone.


There’s no easy answer when the question starts with “Why?” but


Where else can we go? Where else can we go?


Where else can we go?


I’ve walked through the valley, I’ve seen enough death


Can anyone hear me? Am I wasting breath?


 There’s help I have prayed for, but relief never comes.


I’ve cursed at the sky ’til I can’t feel my lungs.


Then somewhere in the distance a wave of sound rings.

Melodies I’ve never heard, but somehow I know all the words,

And I can’t help but sing.

If pain produces harmony, we all have a note.

If God conducts the symphony, no one sings alone.

There’s no easy answer when the question starts with “Why?” but

Where else can we go? Where else can we go?

Where else can we go?

The music took most of the pain away but the creatures remained in the darkness around the edges of the light. I can’t remember how long we sat there but what I do remember was when the pain stopped and the magik came. It crept out of the shadows and from the sky and slithered towards me. I know I should have been frightened but something inside me clicked and slowly I climbed out of the woman’s lap and her singing stopped abruptly. My mind was in a haze of pain and fear and my body just, moved, I crawled across the grassy ground towards the gathering pool of magik. I was vaguely aware of the woman walking around me towards the magik my dress becoming dirty and my hair tangling but I could only focus on the magik, calling me.

I stepped into the gathering pool brushing my fingers through the top of the pool caressing me, the magik was both of dark and light but my mind was at piece, none of that mattered.

“Enter my dear and there will be no pain you will bring peace and end the rain of fear.” The woman said as she knelt beside me

 I didn’t understand most of what she said but the no pain sounded good, I stumbled to my feet and stepped in. It was like stepping into water without getting wet, jumping through a window, without smashing the glass, feeling the fall but not the pain and putting my mind to rest in the beautiful silence that surrounded me. Then from my body out, the magic started to turn blue and silver. It did something I never would have guessed it started to get lighter and lighter. Then when I couldn’t see anything outside my ring of light I felt it flowing into me, running through my veins invading my mind and turning me inside out, I could feel myself changing, and the power growing.  It was like being lit up inside like a Christmas tree, on drugs, it was ecstasy.

As the light started to fade and the last of the power ebbed into me, the feeling of power and ecstasy stayed rushing around my veins, clearing my mind. Then I could breathe again What the hell just happened? I asked myself my eyes still closed I didn’t want to open my eyes to the real world yet. So I stood there and listened.  

“I am with you now my daughter you have been chosen by Sawa.” Was the last whisper I heard from the woman before she went silent.

First I felt strong arms come around me and the power reached out to them uncontrolled, sharing the ecstasy I heard the person groan and summon their own magik, I could sense they didn’t want to leave me but they must.  I could feel a red magic fizzling around me, putting walls up but I also felt another fall and a connection form. Weird. My new magik still getting used to its new form it reached out, hungry. I could feel our entire coven had witnessed most of the ordeal, hiding in the trees apparently my screaming had attracted some attention.

I felt the woman move away from me move away from behind me and address the group;

“Do not be afraid, there is much me and my family must explain to your coven, this is why we are here” His voice steady.

“Please let us complete the ritual and rondevu at the Whites house afterwards” an older gentleman said.

 Eyes still closed my magik half moved to the other voice. I can’t explain it but it was kinda like when I started to walk as a child my magic felt natural like an extension of me allowing me to see and move in ways I never have been able too but uncontrollable I couldn’t stop it inside me. I felt a hand slide into mine and cut the magic short switching back to theirs. I felt our magic connect and that barrier that I felt fall was invaded, and they let me, Christian, my magic sharpened and I saw, I don’t know what I saw. It was like me. I saw the magik, no one was there for him, he learned it all by himself it was similar to mine but there was something different about it the color maybe or the fact that they weren’t my creatures at all but all mental pain and lots of mist, a man like my woman and then, I saw me.

 That’s as far as I got when Christian cut the connection and pulled me back to the present my magik reluctantly retracted back into me not wanting to break from Christian.

“Open your eyes” said Christian

I didn’t want to open my eyes and reject the magik;

 This was just as good; I opened my eyes and found myself staring right into his, our faces inches apart. At that moment I realized, his eyes were like windows, doorways to another life away from here, they made me forget, he made me uncomfortable and I shifted away. Then he pulled away, disappointed I looked around to see everyone had gone in shock, apart from Tayla. She was standing there watching us with a shell shocked expression on her face. I knew I was in for it.

“What the hell just happened?!” she asked, walking across the grass to me and Christian. Tonight Tayla had dressed up for the occasion, her hair put in a cute blonde bun and make up also red lipstick she was almost in contrast to me.

I told her the only truth I knew “I don’t know.” I said looking at Christian.

“You will know soon enough” he said

A confused feeling spread through me and a little fear and I was pretty sure Tayla was confused too, well from the look on her face. I looked back at Christian and felt a sinking feeling

 He looked worn and tired, his beautiful eyes dulled. I felt bad for not trusting him but you can’t trust anyone these days. It was weird having magik, it’s like this kind of magik already knew what to do I just had to direct it. Christian looked over his shoulder towards the grove

“We should really go or we are going to miss the ritual.” He said

“Good point” I said grabbing Taylas hand and pulling her into the trees. She gave me a funny look but followed.

We made our way into the Grove; I hesitated fear suddenly ripped through me like wildfire licking at my resolve when Tayla disappeared through the magik letting go of my hand, remembering the pain. Christian also stopped behind me and stepped in front of my, took one look at my face and held his hand out;

“Trust me” he said, and for some reason I did. I slipped my hand into his and he stepped through the dome first never taking his eyes off me.

“It’s ok, come on” he said, he pulled my hands through first and then slowly he pulled the rest of me through. I didn’t realize I had my eyes closed until Christian started laughing

“Open your eyes the ritual is about to begin” he said

When I heard him laughing at me I opened my eyes and shot him a death glare. Then he took off in front of me, I had no choice but to follow chasing him across the grove dodging trees and finding a path that lead to the small clearing where rituals were held. With my new magik coursing through me I felt invincible.

The clearing was small with a dirt ground but was densely surrounded by oaks you actually had to push your way into the clearing. Quite difficult actually. We joined the circle next to our own parents and waited silently. I couldn’t help but realize people giving me odd looks as I stood there, they were scared and I understand that but I just wish they would stop looking. My mother on the other hand completely ignored me, oh joy.

The priestess blessed Christian and me into the circle and began the ritual. In a witches ritual we stand in a circle and the priestess in the center of a pentacle with an altar. The alter has a statue of our goddess and god Diana and Pan and offerings to  them, as well as an atheme (knife sort of thing) and a blessed goblet of wine. One representative of each of the families holds a candle of the element of the family while the rest of us fill the circle, the one rule in the circle once its cast is “don’t break the circle” which means don’t step out of the circle of light after allthe elements are summoned.

“Merry meet” Our Priestess said

“Merry meet Priestess” we replied

With a nod she began walking around the circle saying a prayer;

“She lives in the bodies of all living creatures wherein she is present in the form of energy, even in such lifeless things, such as rocks and stones. There is no place the mother is not.”

Making her way to the center of the circle and stepped up to the altar lit the sage and stepped down. She walked around the circle with the sage casting the spell;

“Air, fire, water, earth elements of astral birth

I call you now; attend to me!!

In the circle rightly cast,

Safe from curse or blast

I call you now attend to me”

She then walked around lighting the element candles from north to west, south then east. Then she stopped walking and completed the ritual;

“From cave and dessert sea and hill,

By wand and pentacle,

I call you now, attend to me,

This is my will so mote it be!”

As she finished the spell a huge cloud of light magik swirled around us shaking the trees like a cyclone then it slowed and absorbed into the people and the dome. Providing us with extra protection and strengthening the ancient seal between the people and the earth. The priestess completed the ritual by walking back the opposite way and blowing out the candles and saying

“merry meet, merry part and merry meet again” 

I could feel the magic dropping around us slowly. Then the circle was broken. Everyone melted off into the trees with their magik, Christian included, but I knew I would see them later.

On the way home in the car, it was dead silent and I could tell my mother was afraid of me. It’s actually really upsetting when your mum is afraid of you it’s a feeling of loneliness and trust me you don’t know lonely until you feel everyone is afraid of you. I leaned back into my seat and cried silently all the way to the house. When we got home I hurried across the foyer, up the stairs into my room, no one tried to stop me and no one tried to comfort me.

About an hour later, someone slipped into my room and laid on the bed next to me;

“I’m not afraid of you Gemma” said Tayla

I shuffled around on my bed so I was facing her and gave her a massive bear hug, I didn’t want to be alone I hate being alone it’s my only fear and that’s exactly how I felt, and I was frightened but she understood me in ways others can’t but not as much as I would have liked. I slipped into a dreamless sleep with my arms wrapped around Tayla, my best friend, my sister. I didn’t realize how much I had relied and cared on Tayla until I thought I lost her. All my fear ended up being just in my head I knew she wouldn’t leave me.

A light knock on the door woke me up, realizing Tayla was asleep I rolled over and checked the time 5:00am. I knew they were here, I could sense them in the living room. I gently shook Tayla awake and we went down stairs together, personally as we walked I pondered my fate, outcast, shipped off (which wouldn’t be so bad, but I would miss Tayla). At the bottom of the stairs she wrapped me in a hug and said

“No matter what, I’m here for you; you’re like my sister Gemma”

A sad and grateful feeling welled up inside me.

“Thank you Tayla, you are the closest thing to a sister I have ever known.” I whispered to her

Before any of us started crying, we turned left through the foyer and headed into the lounge where they all waited for us, for me.

Tayla entered the room first to sit with her family and I felt instantly alone again I looked at the door fearing then the woman’s voice in my head

“Do not be afraid.”

I was confused at first but listened remembering the lady in the woods and pushed the door back open. A hush fell through the room as I entered, only for the whispering started again I glanced around our salmon lounge room looking for my mother, I realized the couches had been pulled into a circle to surround Christians dad. This isn’t awkward at all I thought sarcastically, I spotted my mother and I slunk off to sit with her. She didn’t even look at me as I sat beside here on the huge couch yea, she was still ignoring me.

 Finally Christian’s dad rose from his seat and cutting off the whispers said;

“Now that everybody is here I wish to inform you of some news I have been given from the prophets” Christian’s dad paused letting it sink in, a stunned silence filled the room, I could tell this was not a good announcement the prophets communicating with us, fear settled in my chest. There hadn’t been a prophecy since the wolves. A flash of pain which I ignored echoed through my body.

Then he continued

“It is believed the prophecy includes a witch from this coven, named specifically by the goddess my son and 2 others that have not yet been identified” he paused because people had started whispering and looking at me.

Feeling uncomfortable I started fidgeting, when someone sat down next to me and grabbed my hand. I looked up to see Christian holding my hand, again. What was it with this kid seriously? But he did calm me in a weird way. A grateful feeling swept through me replacing the uncomfortable feeling as Christian’s dad interrupted the whispers.

“The prophecy was told like this;” immediately everyone stopped talking, and he continued

“Hear the words of Diana the moon,

The bright virgin

Changing but unchanging;

My mystery is unanswerable

But solve ye that mystery.

My nature unknowable,

But strive to understand me.

Darkness and light are met within me;

I flee from thee but lure thee on;

I speak for thee but hide my face;

I speak to thee, but my words are silent. “

His voice thundering throughout the room, everyone had gone silent, confused and stunned.

“the last verse;

 Darkness and light are met within me;

I flee from thee but lure thee on;

I speak for thee but hide my face;

I speak to thee, but my words are silent.

Are the children we must find, and the first verse is what we must train them for.”

The room was silent until someone from the other side of the room asked

“Who is the prophecy child from our coven?”

Shut up Karen, we all know now don’t we? I thought a feeling a dread sinking into my bones anchoring me to the seat.

Christians father walked around the room once and repeated

“Darkness and light are met with in me, this is Gemma White”

At first I didn’t register he had said my name but I already knew it anyway though didn’t I? , darkness and light are met within me, through my magik. I felt it spark inside me as if it were excited to have a purpose, Christians hand squeezed tighter and said

“I speak to thee but my words are silent.”  To me in a whisper

It took me a moment to register what he had said but then, it clicked. What I felt in the park, what I saw was real; he’s like me, one of the prophecies. My mouth hung open as I looked at Christian. I snapped out of my surprise when my mother FINALLY looking horrified asked

“What do we have to train them for?”

That was a good question I thought in my mind, Christian looked at me and nodded with a shocked thought I felt him inside my head vaguely like a misty presence THAT BASTERD HAS HE BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT ALL ALONG?! He had the decency to look at me all innocent then I heard his voice in my head

You touched me with your magik first, my turn” I looked over at him and saw his little smile.

From that moment your intrusive magik crushed my wall we were connected” he said a spiteful look on his face

I decided to be the mature one this time and promptly ignored him. I came into the conversation as christens father said,

“They must use their powers to defeat one of the ancient ones.”

Just like that, the joke was forgotten. I felt all the blood drain from my face and I felt Christian’s terror in my head. An ancient one is a fallen god or goddess. The room went deathly silent. And I swear the room dropped 10 degrees. My magik roared in my chest trying to claw its way out but I taped it down and tried to control I closed my eyes and drew a sharp breath in between my teeth in the effort to keep control. I opened my eyes to see my mother looking at me with…. Concern?

My mother stood and broke the deafening silence

“Mr. Marr and Christian please flow me to your rooms the rest of your please leave when you feel ready. “

She walked out of the room followed closely by Christian’s father. Christian stood up still holding my hand and led me out of the room; I couldn’t see anything I couldn’t do anything I was surprised I was even walking. When we stopped walking I realized me we were upstairs in an abandoned part of the house a window at the far end of the hall letting the last rays of the sun of the day illuminate the cream wall paper.

I turned to Christian and said “What are we going to do?”

He just looked at me, not saying a word, in his own state of shock and fear. I leaned back against the wall and slid to the plush white floor; Christian mimicked me and put his arm around me as I started crying. I don’t know why I was crying all I could think was we are going to die we are going to die. Maybe it was because my chest was tight and my magik was verging on painful and uncontrollable, It was also put that my life was kind of being torn apart; That’s also a crappy thing about life, I didn’t realize how much I loved my life until it was taken from me.

We were stuck together sharing the same fated destiny as the hallway grew dark and our old lives torn apart, I remembered,  there were still two other kids to share our fate.



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