Villisca Axe Murders: Stating The Facts

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I have tied up a few pieces of evidence, that is sure to clean out the case and solve the crime. Although not entirely sure, I will let you know that you think about these facts...

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



Story Of The Villisca Axe Murders:
On the night of June 9th, 1912, Ina and Lena Stillinger decided to stay over at the Moore's home, at the request of The moore's daughter, Katherine. During the night, an unknown killer stepped out into the night,a nd murdered all 8 occupants of the house, then dissapeared. Back in 1912, DNA printing was unimagineable, T.V not invented at a such time yet. To this day, no one knows wo really did kill the Moore Family and the two Stillinger Girls.
Victims Of The Villisca Axe Murders:
Josiah Moore, 42 Years old.
Sarah Moore, 39 Years old.
Katherine Moore, 10 Years Old.
Herman Moore, 11 Years Old.
Boyd Moore, 7 Years Old.
Paul Moore, 5 Years Old.
Ina Stillinger, 12 Years Old.
Lena Stillinger, 8 Years Old.
Facts About The Villisca Axe Murder Crime Scene:
  • All of the victims heads were covered with a sheet of cloth, with they're clothes bloodstained, and they're skulls crushed.
  • Every window and mirror was covered with either curtains, or a sheet.
  • There are, to this day, scratches above the ceiling of each room, indicating the swing of the axe scraping against the roof.
  • There was an un-eaten plate of breakfast found on the dinner table, as well as two slabs of bacon in an icebox.
  • Two cigarette buds were found in the attic upstairs, possibly telling where the killer(s) were hiding.
  • The time of they're death was around 12:00-5:00 A.M.
  • The axe used to kill the children and parents was found in the Stillingers room, with an attempt to wipe the blood off, but had failed. The axe had been picked up is J.B's barn shed.
  • Every door in the house was locked from the outside.

Villisca Axe Murder Suspects:

  • Reverned George Kelly: Josiah Moore Worked for Frank Jones at the Jones store untill he opened his ownimplement company in 1908.According to Villisca residents, Jones was extremely upset that Moore had left his employ and managed to take the very lucrative John Deere franchise with him. Rumor was that Moore had an affair with Jones' daughter-in-law, Dona, which further fanned the flames. Detective Wilkerson of the Burns Detective Agency openly accused Frank and his son Albert of hiring William Mansfield to kill Joe Moore. Neither Jones was ever arrested and both denied vehemently any connection to the murders.
  • William Mansfeild:Wilkerson managed to convince a Grand Jury to open an investigation in 1916 and Mansfield was arrested and brought to Montgomery County from Kansas City. Payroll records, however, provided an alibi that placed Mansfield in Illinois at the time of the Villisca murders. He was released for a lack of evidence and later won a lawsuit he brought against Wilkerson and was awarded $2,225.00. Wilkerson believed that pressure from Jones resulted not only in Mansfield's release but also in the subsequent arrest and trial of Reverend Kelly.
  • Henry Lee Moore:In 1900, Henry was living with a family in Franklin County Iowa and working as a farmhand. It is suspected that Henry may have fathered a child with the young daughter of the farmer. Henry was sentenced to the Kansas State Reformatory in in Hutchinson Kansas on a forgery charge and was released on April 11, 1911. The murders in Colorado Springs occurred in Sept of the same year. Testimony during Henry's trial indicated that he had lived with his mother and grandmother during the winter of 1911 and the summer of 1912. He left to take a job on the railroad.
  • Andy Sawyer:Mr. Dyer testified that later that evening when the crew hit Fontenelle Iowa, Mr. Sawyer purchased a newspaper which he went off by himself to read. The newspaper carried a front page account of the Villisca murders and according to Dyer, Sawyer "was much interested in it." Dyers crew complained that Sawyer slept with his clothes on and was anxious to be by himself. They were also uneasy about the fact that Sawyer slept with his axe and often talked of the Villisca murders and whether or not a killer had been apprehended.

    He apparently told Dyer personally that he had been in Villisca that Sunday night and had heard of the murders and was afraid he may be a suspect which was why he left and showed up in Creston. Dyer was suspicious and turned him over to the sheriff on June 18th of 1912.

    Prior to the sheriff arriving, Dyer testified that he walked up behind Sawyer and he was rubbing his head with both hands and all of the sudden jumped up and said to himself "I will cut your god damn heads off" at the same time he made striking motions with the axe and began hitting the piles in front of him.

  • Joe Ricks:Burris is expected to tell his story to the grand jury. He said the confession was made to him in a hotel at Radersburg, Mont., July, 1913, about a year after the crime. "When I arrived at the bedside I saw at a glance he was at death's door. He was in torment and lived only a short time after I arrived. Death was said to have been due to delirium tremens." Mr. Burris said the man began to talk immediately upon his entering the room. "He said he had been guilty of many wrongs," continued the minister, "and wanted to make a clean breast before he died. He seemed to know that he had but a short while to live.

Facts About The Killer(s) of the Villisca Axe Murders:

  • It is possibly that Andy Sawyer could have pulled the murder off, as shown in a Ghost Adventures episode, the killer's name is said to be "Andy". That is the closest information to the killer's identity yet.
  • Andy Sawyer had also creeped out his workers, as, for unknown reasons, murmmed "I'll cut they're damn heads off." And making swinging motions with his hands, as if he were swinging an Axe.
  • I also hesitatingly believe that there is more then one killer, as shown in an EVP taken, THREE DIFFERENT men are heard, revealing there to be more then one man spirit in the house. J.B and the killer were the only MEN, so it is most believed there is more then one killer.
  • TWO cigarette buds were found, possibly saying there were two killers present in the attic, waiting.
  • Another possibly suspect is Henry Lee Moore, and Reverned Kelly, who have topped the list for the suspected murders.

And In Conclsuon...

I Believe there to be more then one killer, as how can a person be murdered, and the next person in the room alerting the entire house? It is also confirmed that the victims haunt the Villisca Axe Murder House, with many tours and overnight trips come into place, as well as paranormal investigators. These victims do not know what has happened to them in 1912, and will not cross over untill the crime is solved, and the murderer brought to justice.

All We Can Do Is Pray For Them...

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