The Horror of Glass

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A life in which mirrors are the most disturbing things in society.

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011





Henry Dillinger, a middle-aged investment banker, zips up a pair of black suit pants.  A spray of manly cologne mists the corrosive air around him.  He grabs a tie, and tightly wraps it around his neck like money suffocates the world.  Henry turns, adjusts his tie, and coldly stares at himself in the mirror.  But what reflects is a distorted, grotesque version of Henry.  Blood drips down his face and blood drenches his suit. 

New York City, a town of all extremes.  Rain patters mercilessly against the concrete as lightning flashes across the dreadful sky.  Within seconds, thunder blasts from the heavens.  Protesters crowd the streets, screaming out such slurs as “Thief!” and “Tyrant!”

In her bedroom, a depressed girl, Mara, views a book comprising of pictures of her with friends and family.  She immediately throws the book at the wall, takes out her makeup, looks into a hand mirror, and sees an emaciated girl with horribly disjointed limbs. 

Henry saunters, an umbrella in one hand, a briefcase in the other.  As he remains dry, the umbrella hovering above his head, Henry ignores the yells.  He walks by a husband and wife, newly wedded, whose rags of clothing drown in the downpour. 

The wealthy businessman bumps into Mara without forgiveness.  She stumbles aside, lifts her sunglasses, and reveals a cascade of tears, which wipe the makeup from her sullen eyes.  While Mara’s headphone-covered ears are filled with loud music, her mind is filled with lost desires, hopelessness, and an ever-present inner blackness.  The girl reaches into her pocket, and slowly withdrawals a tinted orange bottle of pills.  She deeply stares at the bottle, and puts it back into her pocket.

The banker continues through New York City, as the clouds drown the world around him.  Henry walks next to a glass building, to reveal that same disgusting reflection, which walks alongside him.

Inside of a cozy apartment, a new mother bathes her innocent baby in the bathtub.  She scrubs him happily.  Her life restarts with every kiss she plucks upon his forehead.  The mother grabs a towel, lifts the baby from the bath, and takes him within her arms.  She cuddles him, kisses him, and envelopes his youth.  The mother walks in front of the mirror.  What reflects is an image of a young woman, who glowingly holds the pristine child, who looks remain unchanged.

Mara stares down the street, and views Henry from a distance.  She reaches into her purse. 

Now, the father feeds the baby spoonfuls of mushy deliciousness.  The innocent child devours the food, laughs, and smiles at his father.  The father, gray from years of hard work, gives a truly joyous smile as his baby consumes.

Suddenly, a deafening boom!  The baby begins to cry as a loud ringing resonates in his ears.  Mother, concerned, rushes over to her husband and child, as confused and worried as the others.  The family walks towards the front door, past a mirror, which reflects the old man, innocent baby, and young girl. 

Outside, a crowd forms a circle.  People bunch, as yells of concern fill the foggy air.  Police and ambulance sirens scream in the distance.

The family exits the apartment building, and hesitantly walks towards the crowd.  They push their way through the concentration of people.  The mother looks down, and hops back as a puddle of bright red blood, polluted with asphalt and rock, reaches her feet like the waves of a placid ocean runs over a vacationer’s toes.  The mother attempts to cover her baby’s eyes, but fails.  It’s too late.  The child’s life, along with those of his parents, has already been forever transformed.

The sirens grow louder as the emergency vehicles move closer to the scene. 

Mara, a gun in her shaking hand, stands over Henry’s dead body.  The businessman’s bloody, gross face resembles that of his mirror image.

Police officers arrive, point their weapons at Mara, and order her to drop the pistol.  Mara, too caught up in a blissful world, smiles as an officer knocks the weapon from her hand, and throw handcuffs around her wrists.  The officer drags her towards the police car.  As Mara approaches the vehicle, the image of a beautiful, happy girl reflects in the window. 

The family silently turns around, and heads back to the apartment. 

What reflects from the blue glass of the building are a young girl, an old man, and an adolescent boy wearing dark clothes, scars on his wrists and neck.

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