Wrong Turn

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A loner finds a goal for life... But then skeletons come out... It is the story of my life, with some fiction added, some fiction taken out, names changed, places hidden, hearts exposed

Table of Contents

Into the Cold

I drive a truck. I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. I just drive the darn thing. I am also a very adroit carpenter and a f... Read Chapter

Wrong turn

For unexplained reasons I find myself on the 101 west towards the 17 instead eastbound towards the northern 11. I also miss the ... Read Chapter

Bed time

At 3 AM, nerves frayed, I find a pull off. I look towards my passenger lit by the headlights reflecting of the falling snow. ... Read Chapter

The awakening

At nine, I wake up. Only light flakes go by now. The ploughs have passed and we are behind a dike of snow, not to mention the drifts up t... Read Chapter

Christmass Gift

In the evening we arrive in Thunder Bay. Samantha was not really going to Kenora, she’s just running away. She has no one to go to. We ... Read Chapter

Close call

On the 27th I am released. Late next morning we leave Thunder Bay. Samantha grows apprehensive when I turn into Kenora. I get to the stor... Read Chapter

Stark reality

The wide prairies open up ahead of us. We bypass Winnipeg take a break in Headingley where due to the severe weather I fuel the rig. Then... Read Chapter

The separation

We go to a food court, order some fast food and take a table. By then all is on high alert. I could feel a shadow before even seeing it s... Read Chapter

In the can

Being handcuffed was never comfortable, not even in the back of a cruiser. To make matter worst it is as if the driver took pleasure to m... Read Chapter

Unexpected help

-“What in the fucking hell are you trying to do here?!” A burly, of Native extraction officer yells in my face. “You are one hell o... Read Chapter

Helping Angel

I am already up by 6 o’clock in the morning. More chances for a snowball in hell than for me to fall back asleep. I go grab a greasy br... Read Chapter


She starts her car and waves good bye as she gets into the traffic. I walk a bit further to the Taurus get in and start it. It’s gettin... Read Chapter


-“Sir! I have an urgent message for you! Please call Miss Hanson as soon as possible. It is very important!” -“Thank you.” I ... Read Chapter


Natasha asks the cabbies at the terminal. Nothing. We drive around; check few more places, shopping plazas, crash pads, truck stops. Co... Read Chapter

Back to Calgary

“Easy, easy, easy boy.” I think to myself as I sit behind the wheel. “Tune it out! That is an order!” I start the car and proceed... Read Chapter

Sweet Surprise

Dammed hell! The alarm! I overslept! It is dark! Damn! What the hell is that? The cold! The window is smashed! A brick! With a paper atta... Read Chapter


-“Hi! Can I help you sir? -“Hello to you young man! Not really, but I can help if you would first me in. Oh how crude of me, I ... Read Chapter

The Warning

Hold it! I am not going down without a whimper! Can’t leave Samantha just like that! I slowly raise myself and pretending some clumsine... Read Chapter


I am exhausted, I feel bad, and I mean putting a knife under someone’s throat is no exactly my favorite pass time. I am amazed how calm... Read Chapter

The wrestling match

The truck is backed to the door being unloaded. Up on seeing us Bill leans over and opens the passenger’s side door. Normally I would h... Read Chapter