Brother's Call(shorter version)

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This is a shorter version of my novel Brother's Call.

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013




Brother’s Call


“ Alice… Alice…”


That voice was faint but I could still hear it. It sounded desperate. I opened my eyes only to be blinded by a bright light. I shook my head, “Not this dream again,” I said. This dream was my world and his. When I mean ‘his’, I am talking about my late older brother. It’s been two years after his death. When he was alive, we had a connection, like a bond. We can listen to our thoughts; telepathy you call it. We share the same dream but our dreams come to reality.  


I was the cause of my brother’s death. I dreamt something terrifying even my brother and I were scared. But that didn’t stop that ‘dream’ to come to reality. Few months later, he disappeared. Police reported that he was dead, murdered. But I am sure he wasn’t dead.


All of a sudden the lights flashed. I screamed and covered my eyes. Then it all went dark. I was standing in a black abyss.


“ Alice..,”


I turned and saw a figure in the distance. He was wearing a black tux. His hands were spread out wide, beckoning me to come to him. I saw his face clearly and ran towards him.


“ Brother!!!” I shouted.

“ Alice,” my brother said, as he catches me in his arms.


He caught me and lifts me up to the air. We smiled at each. Tears trickled down his eyes.


“ Arthur,” I said.

“ Alice… I missed you,” my brother asked.

“ Please come back,”

“ I…”


His voice cut off when a blinding light enveloped us. Then, a strong wind came. We hugged each other but the wind was too strong and we were blown away. I shouted to my brother. Only a whisper answered, “ Find me, I am not dead,”


I woke up with a start, screaming. I was perspiring and my heart was racing. I sat up on my bed; I realized I was in another realm. Panic and wide-eyed, I quickly got up, opened the door and ran out. As I was running, I heard someone calling me. I turned and saw a little girl. It was my little sister! What was she doing here?


“ Alice, come here quick,” she said as she pulled me to a large room.


I saw my mother and father, their faces looked grim and sullen.


“ Mom? Dad? What are you doing here?” I asked.


They didn’t say a thing instead giving me a battle sword.


“ Its your last chance, child,” my parents said.


I remember. Arthur told me to find him. I quickly got dressed and head off to find my brother. My mother told me that Arthur was hidden in a mansion on a hill. It took me two hours to get there. As I reached the mansion, I got the chills. The atmosphere around the house was dark.


I rushed inside the mansion. The mansion was dark and deadly cold. I heard a scream and rushed to where the scream was heard. It came from a long dark corridor. Along the corridor were rooms. I went into one room to another. Each room had different creatures. From werewolves to vampires to witches to wizards; you name it. All of them I had killed.


Finally, I reached the last room. I grabbed the handle and went in. My heart stopped when I went into the room. My brother was hung on the wall. He was barely breathing, tubes were inserted at parts of his body to facilitate harvesting of his life living fluid, blood. My brother looked up at me. I rushed towards him.


“ Are you alright?” I asked worriedly.


“ Y-yes,” he said, his voice coarse.


I gritted my teeth. The person who did this to him shall be killed. I quickly tried to set him down. A shadow lurked behind me. I turned, lucky enough to dodge an attack. I took a glimpse of my assailant. He was horrifying, taking a form of a wolf but his body was bloody. The wolf attacked me again; his claws nearly missed my face by inches. 


I pulled out my battle sword and go at him. Steel against claws, I fought hard. Suddenly, I was hit. I fall to the ground, vision blurry. I looked up to see a pair of red eyes looking at me. The wolf gave me a smirk and raised his claws. His claws came slashing down. I closed my eyes, I felt a great pain and intercept the attack with a stab to the stomach. The wolf didn’t realize that I had a hidden sword.


The wolf howled in agony and spasm on the ground. I stood above the wolf and beheaded it. The howling stopped instantly. I turned towards my brother and went to save him. By the time I took out all of the tubes, he was barely breathing and weak.


“ Arthur. Don’t do this to me,” I said, in the verge of tears.


“ Alice. You’ve saved me. You are injured, badly,” he said, reaching up to stroke my cheeks.


I doubled over, couldn’t bare the pain, I lay on the ground. Blood slowly seeping through my suit. My vision slowly blurred. Was this the end?


I woke up to find myself again in my old bedroom. Huh? I thought I was dead. Realization came to me that I was dreaming. I sighed and went down for breakfast. Would it be nice if I saved my brother? My mother, father and sister were down at the dining table. But they had a guest. I leaned at the kitchen door. Who was this guest?


“ I had a weird dream last night. I saved Arthur. It was surprisingly real,”


“ Well, your dream came true right?” the guest asked.


That voice. No, it can’t be! The guest turned around and looked at me. Sitting in front of me was a young man, his hair blonde and his eyes blue as the sea. I ran towards him, tears in my eyes. I embraced the guest. I had saved him! The dream was real! Arthur, my brother, you’re back! 

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