Death Note by alyshea

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This story is about Death Notes. This guy in the poem is always belittle himself. He always thinks he is useless and one day darkness engulfs him and he died.
I wrote this as it relates to the world..because a lot of people are committing suicide. What I am trying to say is just be yourself and believe in yourself.

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012



Death Note

Glancing outside my window,

I stared at the moon,

I whisper to myself,

“Why am I like this?”

Everyday I ask this to myself.

Now I am thinking about myself,

Thinking about my life,

I’ve been abandoned,

I had been facing the pain and sorrow around me,

I feel like dying sometimes.

Now on my bed with the moon shining on me,

I wrote my name on the death note,

Death notes surround me,

Taking me to an unknown place,

Now darkness engulfs me,

I am lost,

I am dead,

I am no longer alive,

For the death notes had taken away my life.

In the darkness, I thought to myself,

I am dead. I can't turn back now as the death notes killed me.

I realized my mistakes and so here's my advise

People out there,

Don't follow what I am doing,

Just believe in yourself,

Because you are who you are,

and you are special to The Lord.

By: Alyshea Ahaalya/ Aleyson.

© Copyright 2017 Aleyson. All rights reserved.

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