I am sorry

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It's for my friend (boy) at school.. I did something that I shouldn't do... I really regret doing it.. It felt like it wasn't me anymore.. I feel like a bad girl...

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013




I am Sorry


I walked into my room,

I sat down on the floor,

I began to tremble and shake,

And tears trickled down my cheeks,

I thought about the day.


In class,

I told my friends that you were a gay,

You heard what I said,

And you got angry with me.


Now I became guilty,

For my jokes hurt you,

I didn’t mean to hurt you,

I really didn’t mean to break your heart.


I am sorry,

I know how you feel now,

I do know,

You want to hurl many bad words to me,

As a revenge,

But, you hold it back,

You kept your anger in your burning heart.


But I think it wasn’t fair,

If I were your slave,

I will be begging you to hurt me,

Hurt me with all your sharp words,

Hurt my heart like I did to you.


I am sorry,

I really am,

I know, I know,

I am a loser, a midget,

I am just a loser,

I am sorry,

This poem is for you,

Now go on and fire your sharp words at me,

For, I am sorry,

I am sorry, my friend.



Your friend,


© Copyright 2018 Aleyson. All rights reserved.

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