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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


This is how it all begain Story how love i gain

-The thing started frm unknows School and common tutions made us knows

I always use to ask her for pen Which slowy converted us into friends.......

-Numbers were exhange for the sake of studies..... But resulted into late night gossipes......

-My mobile bill was increasing due to this But did't care cuz she was all what i wish

-She ws fair,intellignet and beautiful I was dark,ugly and Dum!!

-Friends told me she loves you But All I had was no clue

-Gossips were converted into questions about personal life............ Which brought us close and made us to think about our soft sides........

-Then another gal crossed my road Who made everything rock and roll

-I was busy in making simle the new one Fogeting that she was the only one..

-A break of month resluted due to this I too though how can i bee so selfish

-Thinking abt her rpy was the biggest nightmare Because all wht i did was not fare

-Was not able to face her cuz it requrie strengh Cuz after that encounter all i have created was a dent

-One fine day she message me again

Fogeting all i have given her was only pain

-She said its ohk without even listning my sorry I was guilty and felt so morry

-She was with me again from the place where we stop She won my heart and now i count her on top!!

-Time changes but she never But now i was a bit of nice and clever

-An indirect propsal was what i face Which made my heart happy and blaze -I told i dont love you but want you as my girlfriend She thought about it and accepted me as her boyfriend

-Talking about married life and kids were the topics of gossips I was collecting all the things and saving them in my mind floopies

-This relationshp really made us fall We both were like bat and ball

-The status were just changed into \"in relation\" But there is always a dark side in todays \"Genration\"

-Love was there but no one understnd Again the story was ended and life was a barren land

-This time sepration gives us pain Accepting whoever she was she was the main

-The speration gave me time to think Sepration rpyed yeh it was love which made me sink

-Destiny was what i started beliving Want her back was what i started willing

-Same university is where we steped in It was like miracle for me to bring her in

-I told her i want her back But After all that she was scared

-Belive me is what i told to her She told i was waiting for u since years

-Again the journey was started with no ending I told thanks for faith and beliving

I express the feeling of love what i had in my heart

She told

I was waiting to listern this from the day it all start....

Submitted: July 17, 2015

© Copyright 2022 alfaaz. All rights reserved.

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