Behind the Glasses

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A nerdy photographer pounces on a project two women have for him. Little does he know what he is getting himself into...

Submitted: December 24, 2013

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Submitted: December 24, 2013



Ann entered the The Dark Forest Saloon, ordered a White Russian, and awaited her friend Margaret so they may discuss their upcoming photography project. As Ann glanced around the bar, she spotted a rather goofy looking young fellow in glasses, chatting up a bearded middle aged fellow sitting next to him. Ann couldn't recall having seen the stranger in glasses in this tavern before.

"Hey, Ann!" It was Margaret. They sat down at a table near the bar.

"Hello, Margaret. What's the latest?"

"I'm still seeking a local photographer who is not too expensive."

Overhearing this, the stranger in the glasses turned over to the table where the two young women where chatting. Fixing his collar and adjusting his glasses, he walked over to their table.

"Pardon me ladies, but my name is Elmer Kirby." He stuck out his hand, and Ann shook the hand of the strange fellow with the glasses. "I hear you saying you need a photographer?"

"Yes!" Margaret said. "We do, but every photographer we have asked is asking for way too much money."

"Well, don't you fear, I can offer you a real reasonable price. I have been in this here business since I was a teenager, and I know how tough it is to find an affordable picture taker."

"Well, I am glad we are on the same page!" remarked Ann.

Elmer smiled. "I'll charge $11.50 for two hours. Under the condition that one of you fine young ladies can transport me to your desired location, as my truck is currently at the mechanic. Also, my darkroom is in the back of my truck, so it will be a few days before I can develop your photos. I hope that will be alright."

"That is fine," Margaret said.

"Swell." Elmer grinned. "Now we will just get the details written out."

Elmer agreed to do a photo shoot in Ann's living room the following Saturday. They hadn't discussed what the shoot would consist of, but Elmer assumed it would either be portrait shots, or perhaps a family photo.

When Saturday arrived, Margaret met Elmer at The Dark Forest, and drove him to Ann's house. She reached out for Elmer's hand. "Well, Elmer good luck, but I am sure you won't be needing it." She winked at him. "Thanks, ma'am, and thank you for the ride!"

Elmer knocked at Ann's front door, with his camera and tripod, ready for his latest gig. Ann answered the door. He noticed she was wearing a robe. Suddenly he felt uneasy.

"Come right in."

Elmer set up in the living room as instructed by Ann. The sofa was lined with a silk sheet and roses and candles lit the dim room. His uneasiness skyrocketed as Ann dropped her robe, revealing her lace brassiere and underwear. Elmer's breath caught in his throat. As she pulled on the strap of her bra, Ann paused. "Oh, I should have told you, this is a shoot for a men's magazine. Police Gazette. We are submitting our photos." Elmer nodded nervously. "Okay. Well, whenever you are ready." Ann smiled, tossing her wavy brown hair behind her shoulders. She unhooked, and pulled off her bra, revealing her modest, but alluring breasts to Elmer. He absent-mindedly rested his hand on the shutter button, and the flash went off. Ann laughed.

"Sorry about that."

"No worries." Ann slipped her underwear off, exposing her beautiful nude body.

"So where do you want me, Elmer?" She twirled her hair around her finger.

Elmer gulped. "Uh, we could do a nice..." he adjusted his collar, and beads of sweat began to form on his forehead..."shoot over by the sofa."

"Why Elmer," Ann began, "you look so nervous. Haven't you seen a woman's body before?"

"Oh, I have ma'am, just not in a...long...time."

His uneasiness and obvious virginity put Ann in a very aroused state. He was not a bad looking fellow. A dark brown spit curl brushed his forehead, his face was dotted with freckles, dimples were evident whenever he smiled or laughed. Large brown eyes observed Ann in anticipation.

"Oh, Elmer," she caressed his face, and kissed his cheek, feeling the slight stubble growing on his face against her lips. As she kissed him on his freckled lips, Elmer's nerves began to ease, as excitement and pleasure filled his body. His hands roamed down Ann's body as she kissed him. She moaned into his mouth, then pulled away. She yanked off his glasses, meeting his surprised gaze. "You know I am blind without these," he remarked. Ann threw her head back and laughed. "Yeah, but you are much cuter." She went in and kissed him again, sliding her tongue into his mouth as she pulled his jacket off. Elmer unraveled his bow tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Ann kneeled down on the floor in front of him and unbuttoned his trousers, pulling them down to his ankles. As Elmer attempted to step out of his pants, he tripped, and fell backwards onto the floor. "Elmer, you clumsy fool," Ann laughed. Elmer laughed at himself, despite his embarrassment. Regaining his composure, he brought Ann into a passionate kiss. They went over to the sofa, where Ann rested her head on a pillow, as Elmer nuzzled into her neck. She moaned, and he took a nipple into his mouth, his hand grasping her other breast. "Oh God, Elmer."

He moved down to her stomach and kissed her down to her thighs. He moved his hands back up to her face and kissed her lips. "Ann," he said between kisses. "I have...never...seen a woman so...beautiful." Ann pulled away. "And I have never seen a man so damn adorable." She pushed him down on the sofa, and placed herself on his lap. Soon he entered her, and Ann threw her head back in ecstacy as she rode him, slowly, and gradually building up the pace. Elmer sat up, and pushed Ann back down, sliding his tongue into her mouth as he pounded her. Soon their rhythm subsided, and Ann lay her head on Elmer's chest.

"Now how about that photo shoot?" Ann asked.

Elmer laughed, his hand stroking Ann's back. "Alright, Ann."

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Ann glanced at her wristwatch.

"Ah, Margaret." She sat up, fixing her hair.

"Margaret?" Elmer inquired.

"Yes, you are going to be taking photos of her also." She kissed his lips. "Is that okay?"

Elmer smiled. "Sure thing." Ann got up and Elmer's eyes went wide, as he hurriedly threw his clothes back on. Ann fixed the tie to her robe and answered the door. As soon as Elmer was fully dressed, he went back over to his camera and began adjusting the lens.

"Hello, Elmer! I had to take care of some things, but here I am!" Margaret said, toying with the tie on her robe.

"Howdy, Margaret!" Elmer gulped at the thought of yet another naked woman before him.

"Well, we are all set up in the living room," Ann said to Margaret with a smile. "Come on in."

Both women stood in front of Elmer, and he watched as both of their robes fell to the floor in perfect unison. Margaret was a bit more curvy, but still had a body just as pleasing as Ann's, Elmer noticed.

"Well I'm thinking..." Elmer scratched his head "we could do a nice photo of you two over by the window." Elmer followed Ann and Margaret over to the window, where the curtains and blinds were drawn. He directed the women to their places in front of the red flocked curtain. "Ann, you can hold this side of the curtain, Margaret you can hold the curtain over on this side. Yes, that is fine." The camera flashed as Elmer captured the two beauties in front of him. They then moved over to the sofa.

"Okay, Margaret, this one is just going to be of you." Margaret lay on her side, her hand propping her head up, her lovely curves putting Elmer's head in a spin. "Okay, that is nice." The shutter flashed. Margaret sat up in the next one, covering her ample breasts with her hands, and crossing her legs. "Perfect." She swung her high-heeled feet over the arm of the sofa, and looked seductively towards the camera. "Just right, darlin'." When they were finished, Margaret stood up, and slipped her robe back on. "Elmer, would you like some wine?" Ann asked.

"That would be fine, Ann." Ann smiled, and went into the kitchen. She grabbed three glasses, and a bottle of red wine. She paused, and then grabbed a small brown bottle out of the cabinet. She poured it into one of the glasses, before pouring the wine in. She brought the glass into the living room. "Here you are, Elmer." She motioned to Margaret to come into the kitchen, and she followed her in. Elmer watched the ladies depart, then took a small sip of his wine, and placed the glass on the coffee table. He would go slow, as he was well aware of the impact alcohol could have on him.

Ann and Margaret returned to the living room with their glasses of wine, and sat down on the sofa next to Elmer. "How is it, Elmer?" Ann asked.

"Oh," Elmer took another sip. "Very tasty. Kind of...strong?" His voice squeaked.

"Oh nonsense," Margaret said. "It's just red wine."

He nodded, and took another sip. It was highly addictive, too.

"Elmer the Great," Margaret coaxed, "Won't you take a photo with me?"

Ann looked over at her friend, a twinge of jealousy in her blood. She got up and stood over to the side, surveying them.

"Why of course, Maggie." The alcohol had clearly put a damper on his nerves. Margaret dropped her robe again, and began taking Elmer's clothes off. He went over and put the timer on his camera. Then Margaret pushed him down onto the sofa, and placed her head in his lap as the shutter went off. "Alright," he said, giggling. "Now a shot of the three of us." He grabbed Ann's hand and pulled her down on the sofa. She hesitantly took off her robe and posed next to Elmer and Margaret.

Suddenly, Elmer leaned in and began kissing Ann. Margaret cheered, the alcohol clearly having an effect on her as well, as she had drank from Elmer's glass. Elmer let his hand move down between Ann's legs, and began massaging her soft spot. Ann moaned as his strong fingers rubbed her, as Margaret urged Elmer on. His fingers slid easily across her dampened clitoris, his forefinger entering her, and finding her hot spot. Ann was shaking, moaning in ecstasy. Elmer lay back, and slid between Ann's legs, massaging her with his tongue. "Oh, Elmer, oh, God, oh..." she reached her peak, contracting between Elmer's lips, her entire body trembling.

Margaret clapped. "Now that was quite a show." Elmer slid out from between Ann's legs and licked his lips. He reached for his wine glass, but Ann grabbed it from him. "Okay, let's get back to taking photos." Elmer patted Ann's cheek. "Okay, sweetheart."

Drunkenly, Elmer put his clothes back on, and went back over to his camera to capture more shots of Ann and Margaret.

"Ann," Margaret whispered, why don't you tell Elmer the mouthwash is in the bathroom." She cackled, nearly spilling her wine glass.

"Oh shut up, Margaret." Margaret grabbed Ann by the neck and began shaking her. "Who are you telling to shut up, hussy?" Elmer ran over to them. "Ladies, easy! What is going on here?"

Margaret stood up and put her robe back on. "Elmer, you have a little minx on your hands."

Ann slipped her own robe back on and stood up and slapped Margaret. Soon, they were both on the floor.

"Margaret you are just jealous because Elmer wants me!"

"Maybe, but you cannot deny he wants me too! You think I didn't notice the way he was watching me when he was photographing me?" Elmer pulled Margaret off of Ann, and managed to calm both of them down. "See...see that is what some wine will do to you. Let's all just relax."

"Yeah, it's alright Elmer, you are not really my type anyway," Margaret said. He didn't make it evident, but Elmer was relieved to hear her say that. He was pretty sure he was falling in love with Ann.

"Well, thank you Ann for a grand time." Elmer said. Ann reached around him and slipped a piece of paper into his back pocket. "Anytime, Elmer." He smiled at her, and got into Margaret's car for her to drop him off at his house.

The ride was mostly quiet, and Margaret turned to Elmer when they reached his house. "Quite a crazy afternoon, huh?" Margaret said to Elmer. He nodded, wide-eyed. "Yes, it certainly was." He smiled. "Thanks, Margaret. I haven't had that much well...never."

"Well you gotta have a little fun sometimes, Elmer." She winked at him. "And thank you. You did an amazing job today."

"My pleasure, Margaret," he said, smiling. He shook her hand, and got out of the car, walking up to his front door. A final wave goodbye, and Margaret was off.

The following Monday, Ann received a call. "Hello?"
"Hello, Ann, it's Elmer."
"Hi, Elmer! How are you doing?"
"Oh, just fine." He paused. "Say, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a drink tomorrow night, if you are free? I finally got my ride back, and your photos are ready."
"That sounds great, Elmer!"
"Swell. I'll pick you up at eight o'clock?"
"Perfect. Will see you then."

Ann hung up the phone and grinned, falling back onto her sofa. Ah, that sofa had such memories.

The next night, Elmer picked Ann up in his truck that read on the back "ELMER THE GREAT, PHOTOS DEVELOPED WHILE YOU WAIT." As he sat in the front of the car with Ann, he pulled out a small envelope, and out came the photos he took on Saturday. Ann glanced over them, smiling. "Elmer, they are wonderful, thank you." she hugged him. The ones drunkenly taken with him and Margaret would have to go, though.

Elmer brought Ann to a small Western restaurant downtown, where they had dinner.
"This here is the type of food I grew up with," Elmer said in between bites of his steak burger.

Afterward, they went back at Ann's house, where they sat on the sofa as they looked over the photos from Saturday together. Ann knew the ones she wanted to submit of herself. She would show the rest of the photos to Margaret tomorrow and discuss it with her. " know...I really like you," Elmer said softly. Ann smiled. "I like you, too Elmer." Which was surprising to her, since she rarely went for his type. She was more like Margaret, attracted to the bad boys. But there was something about Elmer's innocence and unworldly manner that drew her to him. "Some white wine?" Ann asked. Elmer smiled. "Sure, Ann."


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