A Baby's Words

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I wrote this for my wife on mother's day to be from our 6 month old daughter.

Submitted: May 12, 2009

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Submitted: May 12, 2009



For nine months you've carried me in your belly

There I learned the sound of your voice

and the rythem of your heart

I felt the warmth of your womb keeping me safe

I grew and grew as my body developed and I prepared

to show myself to the world

I couldn't wait to see your face...To feel your embrace

I pushed and I kicked to let you know I was here

Everyday growing more and more impatient

I wanted to see you...I wanted to know you

Then the day finally came, I was here, I was in the world

I could hear voices...A lot of them

But none were your's

I felt hands but could not see

I was confused and afraid...I cried

Then I felt something familiar...Could it be...

Yes! It was you! It was my mom!

I finally get to see you, to feel you, to be in your arms!

And there I learned your love

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