The Devil's Way

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This is true.

Submitted: February 10, 2007

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Submitted: February 10, 2007



If you could see the way my soul looks

You would see the ugly darkness that lurks

Down deep in the shadows of my mind

I sometimes believe I am the Devil in disguise

The way I wish for death for myself

The way I believe it would bring pleasure to everyone else

Only the Devil could think such things

Only the Devil could I be

No one knows the pain I hold

No one knows how I've grown so cold

For if they did that would surely be the end of me

For I know they would make me get the help I so desperately need

For the one reason to live is no longer present

Though right before me, my only choice is to end it

For if I stay the pain will only grow greater

Greater than my small heart can bear

In my mind every day the Devil speaks

Today is the day you will join me

All at once all the ways race through my mind

Wanting to find the perfect way to die

The thought of the one settles in

As I prepare my mind to begin

And as the process is almost through

I hear my heart say " wait one more day "

For that is the Devils way

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