Dead Russian Youth

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The loss of life is always a tragedy,even more so when he who has lost a life is but a fledgling.A whole life gone as soon as it came to be.

Hey Guys, Me again I hope you take the time to read this as I
put a lot of effort into this, also my inspiration for the way the majors are portrayed in this story came from the poem Base Details :)

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



The loss of life is always a tragedy,even more so when he who has lost a life is but a fledgling.A whole life gone as soon as it came to be. The Majors would protest "It is a needed measure to protect our country". Why then do they just sit there at their base? With not a care in the world. The sickening look of fake grief on their faces, as they hear how many more have fallen. Yet it is not the young lives lost, nor the poor families that have lot a treasured, loved one, they are worried about. No far more important to them is their reputation.  If their squadron should be so unlucky as to fall to defeat, the majors lose their status. Maybe if they had half the courage many of these young men had they would get up and dare I say, leave the security of their base they could take these matters into their own hands. 
These were just some of the sickening thoughts flowing through the head of Pavel Krgbnyak as the majors arrived at his door and plucked him from his tender, young family. The look of horror on the face of his young wife, the screams of his two children as he was forcefully dragged out the door by the  majors.
There was no training to be done, he was not even shown how to use a gun. No Pavel was just thrown straight in at the deep end. Like a calf for slaughter, he was ruthlessly shoved down the line to what was surely imminent death. No Pavel would not think of this. To him the thought of his wife and two chidren being left alone, without a husband or father, was far worse than the thought of death.
Armed only with a sniper rifle and a handgun, he was sent along on his first objective. Kill the main protagonist on the side of the Germans, not Adolf Hitler but Andre Scmidt. Widely regarded as one of the toughest, most respected Generals of Hitler's regime. Kill him and the rest would be easy, according to the majors. Was their knowledge of war so terrible, or were they just completely ignorant ? If they knew half of the terrible things that have happened young men maybe then it would change their views, or so one would think.
Pavel rushed to the top of a cold, damp building. It had a forlorn look about it and you could almost smell the danger from it. Up the stairs and onto the roof went Pavel accompanied by two other men, roughly the same age as him. He did not know these men nor they him, but he could just tell by the looks on their faces that their decision to be  here, was no more of a choice than his own. Now was not the time to be feeling sorry for anybody. Shots were being fired at them from all angles. Pavel could scarcely wait any longer. He raised the rifle, looked down the scope, steadied his aim, his hand began to tremble. He was not prepared to take the life of another young man, the same as him. That man could also have a wife and young children. No thought Pavel this was not the time to start feeling sorry for people again. He pulled the trigger and with a deafening roar, the bullet hurled towards the young German at an immense speed. He was dead.
  Nothing could be done about it now. Pavel felt ashamed of himself. He thought to himself that he was now only as good as the men who started the war. The thought whoever of his beloved family, convinced him he was only doing this so that one day, he may arrive home safely to them. He could only hope that this would not force him to become one of the veterans and join their ranks of savagery.
He could see his reflection in a  piece of broken glass that lay on the floor. A young man with hazel eyes and tight cut hair stared back at him. His facial expressions were soft, Then came the roar take up your position you worthless piece of shit. It had came from a General. Pavel didn't think twice, he knew all too wel what would happen if he had disobeyed. 
All the snipers were informed that Scmidt was headed their way,but was heavily guarded by his charges. Pavel sat upright once more and looked over the black, metal railng in front of him. He could see them.  All clad in their Nazi uniforms and at the back of the pack, Schmidt. This really was his chance, his chance to get home. Just kill this man and maybe I'll get home he thought. Maybe this will end the madness. If I just........ then it hit him right in the middle of his stomach. With devestating force. A bullet had ripped him open. He was the least of the concerns as far as the rest of the squad were concerned. A sickly red volcano of blood was erupting onto the ground. There was nothing he could do to stop it and the rest were caught up in a battle of their own. 
He thought of his wife and two children. How they'd react when the heard he was dead and then, then nothing, he was gone, dead. Some 50 miles away a Major with that sickening look once more worn on his face, knocked on the door to tell Pavel's family of the news he had just received. His wife answered the door and it didn't warrant the Major to say anything for she knew he was dead. She fell to the floor screaming insults at the major, asking "Why did you take him"  "You bastard"   "You're nothing but a coward"   "A coward". "At least my husband died in honor and bravery". "But you won't be so lucky", she barked at the major. In a swift movement she had drawn a large kitchen knife from her pocket and thrust it through the soft, underbelly of the very same major who took away her husband. She had just taken a small revenge for the greatest, most caring, most loviing and undoubtedly in her opinion, the bravest man she ever knew.

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