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I was homeless back in april 19, 2012
I have been homeless for 7month and im only 25yr old and it's not a good thing to homeless and one day i really hope to get out of being homeless and make a better life for me..

Submitted: March 20, 2016

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Submitted: March 20, 2016



When you have no home, everywhere you go you’re a stranger and nothing is your own
See, it’s because of these trees and the paper they produce, without money, you’ll go hungry and be of no use.
Pay the fee or your of no more worth then a flea and are liable to become deceased as you lay there in the street
Some people have money and some want more and more, but just ask that person who has nothing, what life’s really for
Would you care to sleep under a stairwell or anywhere abandonded you can find?
Mouldy houses will give you more then a sore throat and park benches are dangerous at night
Apparently though, that’s ok, you’re value left when that money fluttered away
Yeah, lots of people will say that homelessness is fine, it doesn’t affect them, you aren’t a part of their life
But just don’t ask that man waiting in the line, for his Wednesday meal at the shelter, when he’s done they will rush him out in no time
When you have no home, people stare, once they become aware that you have popped out of this mould we all share
They look at you from head to toe and whisper to each other, ‘Eww, she’s dirty, hopefully she leaves us alone’
You don’t stay anywhere long because you are offensive and always in the wrong
Summertime is easier though, it’s not as cold at night
You panhandle in the subway, then get hot dogs and load the toppings on high
You drink away your sorrow, in the park late at night
Life is so hard when there is no other comfort in sight
Sleeping under bridges and going through dumpsters
You find some pizza in a box and it still looks alright
You take your bags in a cart and again begin your rounds
Churches give vouchers, free meals and sometimes don’t frown
Summertime goes by too fast and then the world again turns white
Beg for change with all your might, your stomach hurts and there is no food in sight
It is cold when you don’t have a home, walking around all day with your feet always soaked
Look in their eyes and you will see, a person God loves just as much as that rich V.P
You sometimes sneak into bank entrances to sleep away the cold night
That is until they made the card entry feature to keep you off the site
You crawl into clothing bins to toss the bags out to your friends
That is your shopping and you pull on some clean new threads
Where to go? I don’t know... Just keep wandering around, growing old
I want to tell you a secret, that homeless person was me
The next time you see a weather worn face, remember that they were once a small child full of glee
Who you are is deep inside and not what you own
No matter where you live, with Jesus you always have a home and are never alone

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