a love letter to a mother from a down to earth kid

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love is all there is

Submitted: February 26, 2009

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Submitted: February 26, 2009



Mom, I do not know why I'm always atire to you, tonight but I want to tell you something. lately i have been sensing an immeasurable peace that is above me, after the tribulation of long, I feel as if I was over my body, which is why I now refere to myself as alhain as you know............. after reviewing all the suffering, I've moved to come back in your hands as the child to which you gave birth and I swear from here that I can feel your pain pain, that's why I am humbling myself and repent before thee for every evil I did to you in my ignorance. I did not know who I am ....... let it not be a surprise that ALHAIN will end up as your savior ........ I seek God and now he reveals himself to me in all its magnitude, I do not go to make you believe that I am perfect but I know who has nothing has it all. those who try to stop me knew that day would come and they did everything they could but I would still stand, I know I do not deserve your love dear mother, let me tell you that I would go beyond the mountains to go through the cites of the gods just to get you a little happiness ........ there are too much flowing in me right now but remember you make me speechless, if one day you seek a proof of love just say nothing at all and watcht my route this time, the universal love is like a magical world, words are not enough to say how i feel about you so I retire in silence and confess the evil that I did to you, i praise and glorify thee my creator ........

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