are they alone?

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Submitted: February 28, 2009

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Submitted: February 28, 2009



When they die we say nothing

When we lie we receive everything

Yet those are the true heroes

And we are the true zeroes

They despise you not

They simply call you out

They envy not you but I ask you

The bin has a mouth but no stomach

They cry at times not to give you headache



If truth was the universal love we would all listen to it.

See those dying kids fighting for bugs to feel their stomach and hear their pain whispering in your ears. Isn’t the emptiness we feel the presence of god? She god never comes to offer us flowers and a warm bed in a world like ours for she knows even her isn’t at peace at the sight of a dying world. Truth is what you see; it is what happening in you. In the murky places of our mind we are sure to find slaves and masters, monsters and saints, rapists and lovers. What then do we do? We simply bring the world within at peace and we let the world know the way trough parables.

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