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Submitted: July 02, 2009

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Submitted: July 02, 2009





Listen you might have come here looking for answers like we all do. But I am not about to give you answer, I am about to even make it harder for you. You are born in a make believe world where they have told you that there is a god you must worship, that women must give birth and men must work their socks off to eat something. This is only a little facet of the matrix. Your parents, your priests and rabbis have all been doing this to you for so long. Even the people you think like you a lot have been pushing you to die for something that in truth isn’t there. They tell you how you must dress and how they want to see you, when you move out of their frame of view they will think this guy or girl or lady call it how you want is crazy. This is the matrix, there is nothing wrong with whatever we see in it, and the only problem is that they are losing the grip on the meaning of all this damn business.


This is how the story started, when the great alchemist or the creator lacked something to do, he created a being like himself who would enjoy life as a creator, so he created a child and he divided it in many little particle, as soon as they came out they wanted to be made also alchemist or creator, this is plausible because they came from him and they have exactly the same desire as him, they are love and aw at the power at hand, the thing that they are cannot sleep neither eat and in itself it doesn’t desire anything at all. So he took them and made a screen trough which they would look and see another dimension where they would play the role of the creator. He reminded them that they mustn’t eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. What does it mean for us, nothing is bad it is fine just the way it is, in short he says don’t get lost in the matrix, it is to you to subdue what you find there and never for it to make you slave: the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. Now we have come to the point where the children who think they are in the matrix have fallen asleep and they have lost the sense of their true nature and the matrix has taken over them, they are drunk and tribulation is their fate in the matrix. Now you might think neo is only the person in that movie or that a savior is coming along, but you might just be wrong and right: the savior is you who have understood that there is nothing worth keeping for oneself and nothing one must die for because this is all a game made just for us. You are neo, the Christ and so on but only when you understand that even what you are is nothing true but in the matrix it might be true. Your friends in the matrix appear yours but they aren’t because they are you even your children and parents. When you know that you stop racing with death, it is not even death it just appears that way, now it is to you to see it or you will never wake up from the sleep in the sleep itself.

Listen not to those who think there are things you must do if you don’t want to do it. Pride, anger, fear and fame are things of those who are sleeping in the sleep itself. When god took the man to make the woman he sent him in a deep sleep from which there is no mention that he ever wake up. This is it with you, to wake up is to stand above it all, what you call love in the matrix is simply a faint shadow of true love that you already are. Now there is no point to try to take advantage of anyone or try to hold on unto what you seem to have because withholding it from anyone is to withhold it from yourself. You are the son and the logos of god, the creative principal. You are the miracle, the question and the answer. Now you see from which point true love can be born in the matrix. There shall be no blacks and white, no Jews and Christians and Moslem and stuff. Go in peace for NEO you have just started to wake up. But the way will become hazardous with the machines in the matrix, they have been programmed for so long to kill and have no remorse, their time is short and they will kill anyone to get what they think they should have when in reality no one has anything.

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