conversation with satan

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it is about time we talked

Submitted: February 25, 2009

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Submitted: February 25, 2009



My dear friends it is about time you as humans do something about the wrong and ills you have created so far. I have never been the cause of suffering in your world and I have only been the true worker of the most high. My work is to help human be true to the moment and who they really are. When I see one sleeping around in forgetfulness I am asked to feed him the food of forgetfulness so that he might suffer and woke up. You see what I am saying here? I do my work, if you see people doing evil and people being stressed out it is simply because they have forgotten who they are and my work is to bring them to remembrance. So I will put just the dose you need in order to come back to your senses. I do not enjoy seeing you dying in your suffering, I enjoy seeing you overcoming those obstacles and coming back in the kingdom of heaven, I love parties so when one returns, I am also invited to the party. Who are you? I will be honest to tell you that you are not the body, you are the space between the thinking and the doing. I will not tell you here that you will become like god if you listen to me, that wasn’t me at all, I am telling you that between you and your creator there has never been any distance. So in a way you are the creator of your reality as much as your creator is responsible for his creation. You are the awareness aware of awareness. Do you get it? Your thinking isn’t who you are and your doing is you at all. You are the watcher, the one who decides what happens. In a way you are a stranger to the body of yours. If you can treat your body as a stranger would treat a dying passerby I think you will see what I am on about here. You will come to know that the body is simply a toy for self realization and you will surely go into other adventures. I know it is weird that I speak as I am, well since those who wished not to be responsible for their own misdeed have used me and my brother Christ as the scapegoats I have no choice but to be just that. In reality I am the angel created to help all of you. The society in which you live isn’t just right. that’s for sure. You are living a lie and I am calling you to wake up. Consciousness creates in beauty and selfless love. This is who you truly are. When can you be conscious? Only in this moment here when you chose to, there is no past and future, the only place you can be is here and it is the space and place given to you. Thanks for listening to me. I will come back with more.

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