gos is simply truth

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i think we still have religious wars going on because we do not know something about us....this is what i have found out

Submitted: February 16, 2009

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Submitted: February 16, 2009



in reality we are the no-thing, to say we are the source of all that we see in this world. we are god to mean we are the small ring within the bigger one. when the bible talks about god, in reality it is not talking about a being who is suspended somewhere into some magical sphere but it is talking about the truth of all things. so we are also this truth, whatever you find in this world is a truth you have found about yourself, but do not make the mistake to hold on to it as the ultimate truth. the purpose of truth you have found is to create another truth and it goes on like this until i dont know when. do i then say that you are meant to be a criminal and stuff? i dont know how to answer to this question but i believe you are called to be the truth examining the others little truth coming to you as the truth. in reality you are nothing more but the space between the thinking and the doing. you decide in that moment what your experience is going to be. people say that you can control the mind, but in reality you cant. the only way you can control the mind is by letting it be whatever it is going to be. the same goes for feelings and emotions. so you see now why you are created in the image of god. you are the one to derive some order out of this self made desorder. it is like god took a perfect picture and cut it into small piece and scatered them all over the place for him to be able to put it together again, but this time the pieces are so numerous that god has even divised himself into small pieces and those peices as they got smaller lost their memory of the conectdeness with god but they have not so lost , they have simply forgoten and this god did it purposely for him to have to know his own true potential. see now why some say that god created the world to behold god? you are that part of god itself, now you are conscious of the mess god has created to find itself. now as you become aware of this there is only you who can put in order the puzzle trough what you have found. so we have doctors finding the cause of deseases, we find people realising their dark nature, we have poets creating fine arts and so on. we also have criminals finding that they have not put the pieces just at the right place. god isnt playing us for fools, she is enjoying herself in our findings of the perfect moment or the pefect picture. you are that perfectness trying to realise the perfect, can you do just that? who do you think you are? you are the space between the reading and the thinking. what then do you say about this?

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