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love again

Submitted: February 20, 2009

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Submitted: February 20, 2009



From the start she knew he was no good
But she wanted to be like his god
To change a man’s heart that is not a woman is meant to do
Helping him awake to his true self, this is why woman came to the world
Yes I too love you, but I refuse to be a mirror on which you see him
The past is left behind the mask of time
He left a scar in your soft heart
But just because he did doesn’t mean I am lying
Don’t you know that man is like diamond in the dirt?
Paying for his mistakes, it is something I am refusing to believe in
Woman is god, so let your light shine forth
Only then will you find the truth about me being better than your ex and greater than your next
If love is hunger, woman’s love is the food to eradicate it
The wise one say that as it heals it hurt
Don’t protect yourself from somebody else
Watch behind you, he is walking hand in hand with another girl
I will do anything to prove you that we ant the same
If he was after same
I am after refinement
If he did it out of experiment
I am choosing to live with you trough experience
If his way of saying I love you is giving you a kiss
You should have been clever enough to know that a kiss don’t make so much sense
Especially when it is done in darkness
What he could have brought to you is consciousness
This will have shown both of you the darkness within
Lovers walk down the by-ways of life, where their love can be shared without the danger of discovery. They would rather cry in the wilderness of their own longing than in the desolation of the marketplace
No one can be converted to love. It is too free to be packaged, too potent to be forced.

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