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Submitted: October 08, 2009

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Submitted: October 08, 2009



Don’t we allow ourselves not to suffer? Then have no opinions…don’t take the work to save planet heart because it is ok just the way it is with all its prostitutes and drug dealers….let everyone be. Don’t become a criminal by trying to tell others truth...the truth is what you are and what they are. A chosen path is not a truth in itself but only a cherished opinion. You know why the creator must have been good? He has created you in his image….don’t you know that he has created you male and female? You are the key and the door…the question and the answer. What more is it that we can say to you. You create your heaven and your hell…..there is no truth in this facet of things…..Jesus is the truth and not the truth……let your children be what they want to be…..what tells you that they are not feeling good about what they are doing? See how we die for things which don’t have in themselves the power to hold us back from truth…..let us learn to live with others who do not think like us…..let us understand that within us there is a creator of a certain reality we do not know at all. I have come to put a sword between nations…….simply let people be…….don’t confuse the land for the creator but know that the land is a faint shadow of him that is in control…..your compassion shouldn’t arise from the fact that they suffer unless they have told you so. Say things but do not let them control you… have created them and you can do away with them……we have all been there….ant we not been there? After 15 years of marriage they want to live…let them take the way to their next destination...let them do what they want…..let them and I say let them just do that…….,… doesn’t come from marriage at all but from the thought that you think it will bring you joy……joy is a word and not the feeling itself. Everywhere there is joy but how we contact it differs a lot…….if she has found it in being a prostitute let her be that……..the grass is grass and the water is wet and this is a fact. Don’t tell another how to contact joy of being like the preachers and the sheik and the rabbis……anyway let them do what they want to do……..if you see people listening to them let them listen to them….but be a constant reminder that life is lived from the inside out and not from the outside in.






It wasn’t your words but my thoughts about them

It wasn’t your beauty but my thoughts about it

As I watch you live

I rejoice

One has found another way

I never wanted to hold you here

Being in control is not what drives me on

Sometimes just sitting and watching it all

The sun

Yes the sun is the sun

Your reality is yours to do as you want

It is a picture you paint at will

My hell is my hell

I cannot cry any longer

I cannot sing to please you

I rise like a star and I say nothing

I walk and I say nothing

What asking me to prove love

If I proved it it is to get you on my bed

I said it not at all

Because in times all is revealed

So go and go

I have found another land

A passion different than yours

For this we can not become enemies

For this I can not be a judge

The greatest fear is being oneself

Simply because everyone else will become oneself

And we will not be in control

© Copyright 2016 alhain. All rights reserved.


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



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