love and only it

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love is the whole and all

Submitted: May 22, 2009

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Submitted: May 22, 2009



When they say that the world was created by god it is to mean that out of love god created one lesser than he so that he might experience the love he was, he is and shall be, think for a moment that water knows that it is good but it is ocean water, what do you think it would do, it would simply create another who would thirst and come to drink of its water. Thus god created the son or the Christ or the soul. when you lose touch with the soul which is the first man you fall into a trap thinking that you are the body and being the body you can see your end wherever you turn and you become an ego kind of person, but when man knows about his god being called the soul he understands that evil is born from this false knowledge and he sets himself against it even if those perpetuating it will bring him down. Jesus called himself the son of god and the son of man. Why was that? He understood that being the son of god he has no birth and no death and only trough his existence in that sphere can the son of man be born. The son of god is the word of god, the soul filled with love and joy infinite. But the son of man is the son of eve, the ego part of man with all its incredulity, with hatred and envy, maker of a religion asking man to separate themselves from each other and making them enemies and so on. Yet I am the way the soul says, the very first knowledge I am and only in knowing me can we move toward a better now and a better tomorrow for forever we shall live in god even in these bodies as Christ Jesus did. If a man thinks that he is more than his brother let him not enter the holy of holy, do not give unto them the food of heaven for they shall trample on it and abuse it to manipulate their brothers and sisters. In god we are all one, for life is a single whole whatever her multiplicity trough its creation, look for god not in heaven nor in there but here and everywhere for all is alive trough spirit and spirit is of god and the father and the son are one. The men of god do not fight for they ask:  what’s the point of holding tie to this tool of ours, they lay it for you to take if you pleased. When man is in accordance with his true part which is his being or the first idea of god life flows trough him and he becomes a living light, whatever he does is for the whole and the whole becomes the reason for his living on earth. Thus you understand the sacrifice of Jesus not as a bloody thing but as an exemplary life for all of us to lead. He Jesus didn’t believe in hell, but he knew hell was the forgetfulness of the first knowledge given to man and that’s why although people were scared of being the messiah he took over and led the way for the selfish and ungrateful fallen sons of the most high. Hell and heaven are two ideas standing side to side but within both the hands of god is working to help man live life better.

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