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love is all there is

Submitted: February 20, 2009

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Submitted: February 20, 2009



You cannot love her because you are trying to find a reason to

Well put yourself in her hills and hear how people try to find a reason to love you

Is this not like putting you in a cell and asking you to wait for judgment day?

It is about time we humans change, we can bring about a better way

It is called the Christ day

Let me love you and ask me for no reasons to

I love you because you are love itself

I love the blondes and the brunettes, yeah I do love the dark skinned as well as the light skinned

See there is no reason for life apart from the fact that it is for us to cherish

So much fucked up emphasis put on this notion of love have had us fighting our own brothers

I am the way as much as you are the way to heaven

Yeah we are the world and the one.




This goes out to the world, to those who love me as much as those who think they do not love me at all, I am the way as much as you are, let us then speak one language, love has no beginning and no end, no horizon and no place of birth, love is the distance between the stars and us, but love is also the joy we feel looking at them. See how much I love you, but in return I ask you not to be grateful for this, love is not special kinda thang, love is the natural walk of everything in this world. So let us eat and sleep love.

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