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Submitted: July 20, 2009

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Submitted: July 20, 2009



He had come at night and he whispered in my hears…, he said in the darkness of the night: stand up and take your son and bring him unto the mountain as a sacrifice unto the Elohim….his light was so blinding that I was kept away from him…yet if I was close I would have strangled the bastard…this child was the child of the destiny..the one I was promised…Sarah was there laying on the ground….to wake her up and to tell her about this was to bring death to the woman who patiently waited hundreds of years by my side…I was the one who wasn’t able to give birth…I was impotent….this only I the Elohim new …but now what was he one about…my son.? Would I dare to live the rest of my life with Sarah’s wrath or the incessant pleas of the Elohim to birth the great father of the savior of the world…..I wake up in the morning trying not to look into Sarah’s face. she would have noticed my anguish and my red eyes……I wrapped my turban around my face and I ask the child to come with me to the mountain…he liked me so much that he was excited by the process of walking the mountain with this so loved father…we took the road…he had not yet noticed that there was no animal for sacrifice yet we had wood and fire with us…..I saw how he took some steps back as if he was realizing the plan….he walked faster and held my hand hard and he with his voice of angles asked me where was the lamb for sacrifice….my heart was torn apart for a moment…a tear dropped FROM my face and I was getting tired….but just when I stopped my walk I realized we were already on the mountain top…..I held him in my hands and he saw the fury in my face and he kept quiet ..he realized I was disturbed and he said nothing…..I took the child and I tied him on the wood…I took my knife and just when I was about to do it…. the Elohim came down and shouted in my heart: you son of perdition , you had not followed the clues………….because of you an entire nation shall go unto Egypt and because of your great sin the world to come trough you shall perish before they are saved…….now take the ram caught in the thicket by its horns…..there is the sacrifice required to enter the eternal presence of the Elohim…..those who have made a light unto darkness……that light is love.




I had written this right before my death … A man always holds within his mind and heart those things that are most important to him.  In the case of carnal man, it is his own unholy and vain creations rather than the things of God.These are the metaphorical "only son" (the most important creation) of fallen man that must be laid upon the altar in sacrifice before the temple is purified.

And what is the most important creation (only son) in the mind and heart of carnal man? It is his own beastly nature, his own carnal and vain self, his own outward ego, the "man of sin" that sits in the temple of God (the body) showing forth (usurping) that he is God.This "man of sin" is "now revealed" (to Abraham's understanding)(cf.  2Thessalonians 2:3-4) by the angel who calls forth from heaven ("… the kingdom of heaven is within you" -- Luke 17:21).And the angel who spoke to Abraham from heaven is no other than the Christ himself.

In the Genesis story of Abraham, this "only son" is represented by the ram (the vain an proud mind) caught in the thicket (frustration) by the horns (of so-called power).Abraham, having been tested to his limits in being asked to sacrifice his "only son", his most important creation, finally realizes what is happening.He is stripped of his pride and vanity and recognizes this ram as his own carnal self.  But, he now sees (recognizes) it behind him.  When it was in front of him (ie. his carnal self was placed first), he couldn't see it.The ram (Abraham's carnal being) is slain on the altar in acceptable sacrifice.In one sense of meaning, Abraham follows through to slay his "only son" (not Isaac) in sacrifice in perfect obedience to the command by God.The usurper of the temple is cast down, the (unholy) temple is now cleansed, and the true and rightful ruler (Christ) sits once more on the throne (the heart).That which was placed first has become last and that which was last is now occupying the rightful place.

Abraham has become a holy (whole) man, having made the acceptable sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit.He has finally come to understand (comprehend) what God had been saying to him for so long, that the enemy is within you, that the House of the Lord to be cleansed is synonymous with the Temple of God, that the Lord will come quickly to His Temple.And it is all about you (the House/Temple of God) in the present time and present place.


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