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Submitted: February 20, 2009

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Submitted: February 20, 2009



 he was ..
Born A heavy set boy with dark skin
A heart full of gold
Still it won't change the world
Though he could never understand why
Some underhanded plans, witnessed his mother cry
Was only 15
Should have been the next jordan
Still he is here crying by the hoop when his parents were arguing and fighting
Little boy dont cry
'Coz even though they are unfair
You can best believe angel are watching over thee from the sky
Never asked for this misery
But look at what you gettin'
It's a blessing in disguise
When you find out your pregnant with truth
No money, no home
And even though you all alone
You'se got to do this on your own
So baby go on
we wish you luck
And if you need us, call
Just come to us and let us feed you all
I can understand
The way it feels when you fighting the world
Facing all this drama
When you just a little boy
At 16 what a beautiful thing
The very essence of a jet black ebony king
And who could tell he would get pregnant at an early age
he didn't listen, had sex
Watch his belly raise (hey)
Got violated by someone religion he dated
If this is fate I hate to see the seed she created
So we wait, though it takes time to build the body and the mind
he reclines 9 months
Then finally its time
What do we find?
a truth which makes them feel unsafe
Grown within
Blessed with life trough tears
Would he remain in the same spot?
The gunshots rang, they came from the cane spot
Now look here
I see him clutching his son
In his arms he hurt
His heart bleeding as he watched his seed die in the dirt
Fulfill prophecy
But who could stop the grief?
I walk around trying to hold the world up on top me
Probably be an innocent man
But still I'm the victim of a curse
What could be worse?
Nothing but pain
Since my birth, taught me functions at the pen
Cause everybody's in paying back society
I'm guilty of a life of sin
I watched the drama occur
My eyes blurred 'fore I jet it
I wonder why we all have to die for we get it
Though we shed tears
So many peers I done buried
Worried and scared
Knowing I'ma see the cemetery
Must be prepared in this cold world
No-one cares
No it ain't fair
But we all there
And do our share
In this land of underhanded schemes and plans
You see you wouldn't ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals
On the contrary
We would all celebrate its tenacity
We would all love its will to reach the sun
Well , We are the roses
This is the concrete
And these are my damaged petals
Don't ask me why
Thank god
Ask me how

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