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Submitted: April 15, 2009

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Submitted: April 15, 2009



Why does she stay if she knows I don’t clean the dishes?
I never made one come true, I mean her wishes
She can’t sleep until I am home after 3 o’clock in the morning; she surely knows how and where I have spent my hours
I can’t even remember the last time I gave her a kiss
How am I suppose to act like this
After all this mess I am crazy enough to let her know that there is no need to fuss
How is she suppose to feel when Saturday night in the pouring rain she waited for you at the cinema
Somehow there was no door from which I came
She sends a text saying she is waiting for you at home
I arrived and heard no drama
Cowardly as I am I kiss her on the neck and tell her in the ear that I’ll be there next time
As if she received no blows, she cries in the heart
Womanly strong enough she knows that an event never comes with its own meaning
There is more than meet the eyes
She knows I have time for my playmates but not her
She also knows about the girl next door
Why did she have to beg for my presence?
I am to her like a curse
She is so much better than me
But please tell me why she stays
It don’t look like getting better another day
Please tell her to find her way
I am not just the one
Tree years have passed since that day we said goodbye
Her silence then, now speaks louder than words
Coming back to you baby won’t do us any good
Living a life you wished for me is what puts you in a better set of mind
You was right when you said that virtues doesn’t know itself
As you close your eyes, what you see is what I have become
I carry with me a bottle within which there is the smell of a perfume I had never used
I carry with me the true image of god; I know god is that woman who stood by me even in my foolishness
I know this is so hard to say, but you are my Christ
Now I understand why you said that I will have to find your footsteps in the stand
You know from now on when I see a rose that grew from the concrete I will not ask a question, I will pray for its will to reach the sun
I will not ask why it has damaged petals
But I will thank God and ask him how

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