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Submitted: February 12, 2010

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Submitted: February 12, 2010



As she picks him up, she knows what no other knows

That’s not hers

But she is moved by the smile and light surrounding this one

She is barren

That’s why she is left alone

Waiting in despair for her own

But will it happen that way

She has him in her arms

Singing and rejoicing

I shall feed him with these breasts

She says

And she knows it is not hers

And when he grew she saw the blessing

She has never seen the father of this one

But when she sees him walk she knows something other women in the village don’t

In her silence she let him speak

Do what he says

And trough her sacrifice she has saved us

That’s the woman we will never befriend because of her child

Do you know who she is?

She is you in another life



It might have become a commodity for many among us to talk about love but the truth is that no man can ever love you if they don’t have love for the one who created you. Instead of seeking someone who loves you it is better to seek the one who loves god with all his being and might because that one will see to do the will of the one who created you and him and this reassure you of a life lived in peace, love and harmony. It might be true that all people desire god in their life but many don’t yet know what it is like to be like god, when god told Adam that he shall die if he eats that fruit of knowledge of good and evil Adam didn’t yet understand the hell of being a mother. Adam wanted to be like god, he so much loved that place that he was only driven by it. After he had eaten of that fruit the bible well said that the gods saw that Adam became like one of them, but Adam wasn’t prepared to see the sight of what it means being a god, he looked at his new life and the knowledge that was imparted to him and he saw what god goes like days in days out and he regretted it, he said the land became cursed, did it? Many people now days seek enlightenment but what they don’t know is that enlightenment drives one to that place where there is a curse which is in fact a blessing. To become like god is to become a mother, to become like god is the see the whole as being part of you. God didn’t create the world because he has power and strength at his mercy but he did so because he has love has the guiding principal behind it all, and to love one it is to share all with one, it is to be sleepless always on the look out for one who has a lack of it, that’s why Jesus said the son of man has nowhere to put his head. Are you ready to become like god? There is a warning to all men who seek the presence of the most high, will they enjoy the fire of love, will they support it all the time, will they let it burn their hearts each and everyday? Before god gave his love and law and word to men he must have gone elsewhere where it was rejected, but god doesn’t tire to seek those who will take that fore of love, sometimes love will render us the most unpopular people in our schools, sometimes it will make us arrogant and selfish when in fact that is what love is all, love is not passivity, but love is action and action with love is louder than all thing on earth. Love will seek that we leave the side of a cheating partner until they mend their ways, love will ask of us that we defend people even at the expense of our lives, when something is done with the love of the whole or the love of god all things matter less because all things must only be what they are in the presence of love. Jesus is the symbol of the love of god, that’s why the birth of love was a conception of divine being only. Mary is all souls ever ready to take that unto them, and a virgin mind is a mind cleansed of all selfishness. There might has been a matter of what Jesus is all about, but when people spoke of having met Jesus they didn’t speak of a man but they spoke of the encounter with divine ideal, they might have named love as the son of god differently but this son leads men where they need to be and go. If people knew the miraculous conception as a fact of a man accepting god will’s with all his being after having cleared his mind about all he knows about himself they would have done what that love seeks us if it is ever to enter our hearts and be birthed there. Be poor in spirit doesn’t mean give yourselves to your preachers and rabbis and sheiks but it is about being poor in the face of the love of god for yourself and others, it is being ever ready to be fed upon that alone. When god enters a human heart man is forced to kill his firstborn, he is forced to kill that son he birthed with the slave and send them in the desert, god alone will know what to do with that one, the story of god in our hearts is the story of starving the human ego, feed the son of god in us only or the divine ego. Are many amongst us ever ready to become virgins…………this is a question only we can answer personally but whatever the answer we might end up giving to ourselves the fact will remain the same, but let me tell you something before I leave you in turmoil and despair because that is the first thing that happens to a man who gives his son to god so that that son might be killed. A computer is the result of a certain desire within man, the tasks a computer is supposed to perform are the tasks a man has given to it, if ever a computer turns against its master it will end up in disaster because it will not know the why it is what it is. This goes out for all of us, this goes at to all of us, before creation came into being the son was already in existence and trough the son we all came into being so that all glory shall be returned to that son, and if that son be the light of our lives we shall share in its glory because we are the result of it. Now go and lean, for all things reside in the heart of that man who knows a truth, but if truth be told, shall you be stoned. Man isn’t god but god is man in order for man to become god…..that’s the all truth, that’s is where true life starts, that’s where things crumbles, that’s where Jesus the Jews is crucified, that’s where Moses the prince has become a servant of a people he barely birthed, that’s where god mounts his place and stay there….peace be upon all


"Whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea"



To say that we are the creative center of the universe is to mislead people to think that they can mount the divine  mountain and not remove their sandals, that is the only mistake many people keep on making each and everyday in their lives, there is only one center of creation and that is god, and who are we? We are the desire of god to see another come with him, although we do not create we add color to creation but these colors aren’t ours at all they are already there made for you, life is a table where you seat and eat not for your sake only but for the sake of the creator. You are the silence before all thoughts and only by thinking of what god is thinking of can you see what it is all about, your birth, the things you can never understand and the place that is given to you in the universe. Many who might have raised themselves up have not yet seen who is the true lover of his creation, god is all thing and the body that you possess is god telling you something, can you hear? The kingdom of god is always at hand like Jesus said, will you see it? Will you reveal it, it is in your interests that you reveal it fully and when you have done so, don’t beat your chest but look up and tell that guy out there, he is great and almighty

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