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Submitted: March 24, 2009

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Submitted: March 24, 2009



Where does the world start? The world start where you are, the universe seeks to know itself from the place and the time you become conscious of what you have around you. If you find yourself in a messy situation do you really think that there is a someone who seeks you out more than yourself? We as human have found ourselves in these bodies and there is nothing more we can do about it. We are human with limitations, with fears and with ideals. The only way for all of us to come together is to understand that we are all humans first and when we understand this we also understand that as the fish come together we are also called to be one. This is the very first reasons why the religions of old were created. They were created not to explain the origins of the cosmos but to help people live in that cosmos. We are intelligent and we all share the need to feel safe and secure in this place and this very moment. But as we grow up to become conscious we also realize that we know what we are only when contrasted to another. There must be another for me to be a husband and a wife; there must be another for me to be a king and a subject. As we understand this we come to seek the ideal for each of us. When one is left behind we might think that forever shall he be, but what we do not understand is the fact that we are the one missing a lot. Everyone has something to offer for the well being of this planet. The wise as much as the young and the old all have something to give. So far we have failed because we have refused to acknowledge the presence of another. The old thinks he knows it all and the young thinks he can do anything by himself. The man who is wise is the man who knows that even from the fool he has something to learn. The doctor thinks his job is far better than the street’s cleaner. It has become rare to even see someone going to buy a car so that he might take his children and the next door neighbor’s children to school. We have been so selfish that we even destrust those who would love to adopt children when they can’t have any of theirs. Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing how to function in such a beautiful world. We have gone as far as creating words such as freedom. But in reality there is a hidden truth behind this word…freedom is free-doom. It is in the name of freedom that men beat their wives in Africa; it is in the name of freedom that the Jews can not come to realize that the presence of another doesn’t allow them to do as they are pleased. In society where there is another even a tree I am called to rethink what I call freedom. We are all called to think hard on this subject. Fathers smoke themselves to death, leaving haunted children behind with helpless mothers. Without love freedom will be. But with love we will all understand that we can’t do as we are pleased. So there is no need for freedom or free-doom. This life is a gift for every single moment, but how does it become a gift? Let me tell you that it becomes one only when the joy we find in it we can share with the thing, the person or the animal next to us. How can I enjoy my food when I can’t see how my sister too enjoys it? We all pray to god for blessings yet we hardly trust life to tell ourselves that the next door neighbor might just turn out to be the blessing we are all looking for. We pray for fame and money yet we forget that we can see ourselves famous and rich only when there are people to see us that way, how many stars do protest agaisnt the injustice of the world they live in? yet are we not the ones who buy those movies? Who is rich anyway? The rich is one who sees the whole of creation as his own. He fears none for he knows that you belong to him as much as he belongs to you. This is the heart of the master, he walks the streets, roaming like a dog he asks, he begs if he has to, he teaches if needed, he inspires without feeling as if what he is giving is his. He is the perfect man whether his blemish. Ask yourself; is my love mine unless I have given it away? Nothing belongs to anybody because everything belongs to everyone.
We have become so selfish that we go to spiritual classes to refuse to face the dying face of our planet, we feel good when we are told that our spirit will come back sometimes soon. Is this not a sign of fear? Those who have seen life know this. They might believe in an after life but they do not think about it. They bring change where change is needed. They feed and they protect the oppressed. They listen to the river and they watch the lion’s cub playing around. They look in the sky and realize the distance between them and the future and they build it with slow pace. Those are the pioneers. Those are the cleaners who just want the city to look better, those are the naturalists who seek to call us back to rethink our way of life into all of this mess, those are the wise man that despise not the world but seek that young men find proper joy. Is it not time for a change in directions and perspectives? How will it feel if everyone’s door was always open? How would it feel if my wife was also a mother to my nephews and the starving kids in Africa and the rejected girls of India? How would it feel to know that when I lack I can call Andrew from England so that he might give us a helping hand. Where is the god of the universe who saves his children from pain and misery? Is it not the rabbi, the preacher who gives us guidelines to avoid us immeasurable sorrow? I am not talking about those fanatics who talk about a god they do not even see. Jesus might have just said a lie to get people to listen to him, but will we have to reject him for that? At least he has empowered many to seek the kingdom of heaven that is within all us, to get in touch with the universal love that is in all of us. The day Obama will take off his million dollars shoes and clothes to go and practice break dancing in the ghettos of Harlem is the day the world will know truth. The day the black brothers will be courageous enough to forgive members of the klu klux klan we will see a change for it is the choice we make which feed the two children at our feet: PAST and PRESENT. Why pretend that we can’t solve our problems? Why play the victim stance for so long? Everyone wants to be president but nobody ever first give just a little material comfort to those they wish to get support from, yet millions are spent for advert and interviews on TV. It is against men like me that I am prophesizing and I will not stop. When they will have put my body to decay, I will forever live within them, as they see the ecstasy with which they have brought me down they will also be remembered of my every words and deeds. People who have once rejected the universal Christ are in fact the people who have the Christ ever ready to burst out from their core. I was one of them until I was burst open with the Christ mind. I didn’t know how to love and I am sorry for that. So retire and repent my sins.

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